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Spirit of Tu Lives On!

Posted by te2ataria on June 28, 2009

sent by a reader

Ngapuhi’s Tass is OUR Uncle!

“Successive governments had conspired to rob Maori of their birthright, leaving many feeling disconnected, poverty-stricken and disadvantaged,” Ngapuhi’s Tass Davis

Maori elders  are staging a month-long civil disobedience campaign, by way of occupation-style sit-ins, targeting courthouses, courtrooms and judges’ homes around Auckland.

Maori activists led by MP Hone Harawira’s uncle plan a month-long civil disobedience campaign, it was reported today. (June 28, 2009). Photo: NZPA, may be subject to copyright.

“The Sunday News report said the campaign would involve targeting the homes of high-profile judges and occupying courtrooms to draw attention to calls for a Maori sovereign nation.” NZPA reported.

The events coordinator Tass Davis, who is coordinating up to 500 elders from several iwi, is the uncle of  Hone Harawira, the Te Tai Tokerau MP.

“I am not surprised at all he is behind this,” Mr Harawira said.

“I will not tell my uncle not to do this. If he feels passionate about it then I say, more power to him.”

“People should be entitled to do things that are true to their hearts,” Harawira said.

Maori Party spokesman Derek Fox said his party does “not support any illegal activity.”

“We prefer to leave matters to the court to be sorted,” Fox was reported as telling Sunday News.

Mr Davis, 75, a former Auckland police constable, expects 500 Maori elders to attend the non-violent campaign.

“Successive governments conspired to rob Maori of their birthright, leaving many feeling disconnected, poverty-stricken and disadvantaged,” he said.

According to various reports, the Diplomatic Protection Squad, the SAS and other police-army paramilitary squads were put on alert last night.

Prime Minister John Key was reported as “doing kaka in his trousers.” He summoned courage to say that an MP should not be encouraging “illegal behaviour.”

“It is not good form to encourage anyone to break the law,” he keyed in.

However, he forgot to mention in what way peaceful protests by dispossessed elderly could even be remotely regarded as breaking the law, especially the repressive New Zealand laws.

Understandably Maori justice issues are highly emotional ones.

Earlier this month, John Junior Popata, 33, and Wikatana Popata, 19, were convicted of assaulting John Key outside Te Tii Marae in February.

“Kaikohe District Court was told the brothers assaulted the prime minister ‘in a rush of blood’ because of their concern over land being confiscated from Maori.” A report said.

It remains to be seen whether Key will stay in New Zealand or seek protection in the Middle East!

As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience, you are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem…. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government … —Howard Zinn, U.S. Historian

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New Zealand Kills Two More Germans

Posted by te2ataria on June 28, 2009

Two more female tourists believed to be German Nationals were killed in New Zealand

The two victims were reportedly driving on West Coast Road, Kohukohu, about 50km southeast of Kaitaia, when their rental car, most likely a defective vehicle, went out of control and landed in a stream this morning.

No further details have been released.

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