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New Zealand Visitor Headlines

Posted by te2ataria on June 30, 2009

Multiple reports of rape, serious assault, and armed robbery have been excluded from this bulletin

Post mortem due on paraplegic ‘gunman’ killed by New Zealand Police Farce

Yes folks! No one is safe from New Zealand polices farce, not even the paraplegic. The police shooters  are licensed to kill!

“A post mortem will be carried out today on the body of a paraplegic gunman shot dead by Christchurch police following a two-hour siege on Sunday night.”

Hypothetical conversation that could have taken place after the police shooter shot the paraplegic man 9 times:

–  Outraged bystander: “That was a paraplegic man you just shot, you EVIL F*CKING MORON.”

–  Police Shooter: “What did you expect me to do, shoot him in the arms?”

–  Other members of the police shooter squad: “Ha… ha… ha….”



Severe weather watch

MetService posted a severe weather watch Friday. Strong winds and heavy rain from Northland is forecast and this weather is expected to spread to the tip of the South Island. The rain and gales are expected to last into this week.



Coroner criticizes police for negligent homicide of three young people

The evil police constable Lincoln McCrea pursued a “drunk driver” Raymond Hansen in an 180kmh unsuccessful chase,which resulted in the killing of Aaron Hurley, 22, Paul Donald Cowper, 21, and Rochelle Lee Meads, 22, in Normanby 2005.



Running out of road

Huge waves have destroyed large chunks of the road leading into Hawke’s Bay camping ground.



Evacuations planned in Gisborne

Civil Defence begins evacuations in the Gisborne region as river levels rise.



Lake Taupo no-go zone declared

After a swarm of earthquakes  struck the area on the southwest edge of Lake Taupo,  Civil Defense feared  a major landslide above the small Waihi Village, declaring a no=go zone.

“About 50 residents of the village were evacuated from their homes last night, as fears grew of a landslide at the Hipaua Thermal Area above the village following a series of earthquakes and heavy rain in the area.”



Catholic primary school pupils made to pick up condoms

Five six-year-old children at an Otaki Catholic primary school were forced to pick up used condoms without protective gloves during a playground cleanup.



It’s NOT as if it’s your dad’s semen

New Zealand’s “Ethics Committee for Assisted Reproductive Technology (Ecart)” has given approval to a New Zealand woman to act as a surrogate for her mother. The daughter will carry and give birth to her own sibling. She is one of four siblings and has two non-surrogate children of her own. (Source: NZPA)


Tourists could easily have been killed in nightmare cruise


Pacific Sun. Source: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Passengers and crew are extremely luck to escape death on a cruise ship rocked by a severe storm north of New Zealand last year, according to an official report.

“The Pacific Sun rolled up to 31 degrees, injuring 77 of the more than 2000 people on board the P&O cruise ship bound for Auckland on July 30.”

“The report, by British maritime officials, obtained by The Herald on Sunday but not yet shown to passengers, concluded it was “pure good fortune” that no one was more seriously injured or even killed by unsecured equipment and furnishings.”

A major disaster in Ne Zealand could occur ANYTIME killing hundreds of tourists! Play safe, stay away from New Zealand!

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Flying Beijing roast duck and wishful kiwi

Posted by te2ataria on June 30, 2009

sent by an Australian reader [Edited by TEAA]

Another kiwi company goes under!

‘Line 7’ goes into receivership

Line 7, a kiwi company which produced outdoor gear and, casual wear and a line of other items has gone into receivership, blaming the economy and the kiwi dollar.

Line 7 runs 11 stores, employing 110 staff locally and reportedly exports its Chinese manufactured products to Australia, Britain, the US and the Caribbean.

“It’s just bloody sad, to be fair, but it’s my fault, it’s nobody else’s.” Owner director Ross Munro said.

“Fundamentally I just think the business model over the last few months hasn’t worked,” Munro said.

The business model? You mean the colonial business model of manufacturing in China, selling in Australia … and scooping the cream off in New Zealand?

Did you hear the Chinese proverb about the flying Beijing roast duck and the wishful kiwi standing with his mouth open?

What happens now?

The receiver is looking for a buyer raped in the brain by a wombat

The business might be sold as a going concern [to someone raped in the brain by a wombat.]  Receiver Grant Graham, of KordaMentha, said.

“We’ll look at the prospect of that. It’s an iconic brand, and I would suspect there’ll be real interest in that. Whether it would continue with the retail footprint, I’m not so sure.”

Line 7 was said to have been involved in numerous major sporting events yesteryears, when General Motors was making a profit.

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