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Pollution? What Pollution?

Posted by te2ataria on July 31, 2009

How could our beaches and harbors be polluted, when they’re brimming with anti-fouling chemicals?

If you thought New Zealand Coastal waters are among the dirtiest in the world, brimming with farm runoffs, toxic chemicals, industrial and household waste, raw sewage…, you’d be right!

Harbour a ‘chemical cocktail’

By BLAIRE ENSOR – The Marlborough Express

Last updated 13:00 31/07/2009

A corner of Picton Harbour contains some of the highest levels of anti-fouling chemical pollutants recorded in New Zealand, a council report released today states.

The 2008 Marlborough District Council State of the Environment Report says 3100 square metres of the sea bed in Picton Harbour has some of the highest levels of copper, mercury and tributyltin in the country.

Products used to combat fouling on the hulls of ships are to blame, the report says.

Some of the contamination will be removed when the sea bottom is dredged to make room for foundations in the redevelopment of the Picton waterfront, and the remainder is expected to dissipate naturally.

Marlborough District Council environmental scientist Colin Gray said health risks of the contaminants to humans had not been considered because it was an operational port.

“It’s not an area where the public are going to swim in and collect shellfish.”

cyanobacteria in NZ lakes
State of New Zealand lakes. NZ govt photo.

The problem was identified in a 2003 council survey as part of evaluations of the distribution of antifouling chemicals and sediments in harbours around New Zealand.

The report said the area affected was adjacent to the old Carey’s boatyard site, but the boatyard had been removed so continued fouling was no longer an issue. Monitoring is being carried out to assess how best to clean up the mess.

However, the boatyard’s Ailsa Carey said at a hearing for the Picton foreshore redevelopment plans last month that the Cawthron Institute report, which blamed Carey’s boat yard for the pollution, was unfair.

As well as Carey’s, there had been at least four other boat building and engineering businesses in the immediate area and all would have contributed to the contamination, Ms Carey said.

The boatyard had not always belonged to Carey’s and was even owned by the harbour board for some time, she said.

Marlborough District Council executive projects manager Jamie Lyall told Ms Carey the redevelopment file would be changed to “set the record straight”.

Mr Lyall said a study by the Cawthron Institute showed the contaminant was in the top 150mm of the sea bed. As part of the redevelopment of the Picton waterfront about 12 cubic metres of the contaminants would be removed by dredging, he said.

The dredged material would be tested onsite to check its risk before it could be accepted by the land fill in Blenheim.

Mr Lyall said the contaminated area that remained would continue to be monitored, but studies had shown it was likely to dissipate naturally.

A council spokeswoman said it was necessary to obtain a resource consent to discharge antifouling chemicals, and chemicals used by operators had changed in recent years.

The state of the environment report also showed that cases of illegal dumping in Marlborough have spiked.

Illegal dumping of rubbish increased from 119 instances for the year ended June 2006, to 188 for the year ended June 2008.

Litter infringement notices increased from 60 to 68 over the same period.

Reserves ranger and litter control officer Kevin Hawkins said instances of littering to June 2009 had decreased slightly to 181 with only 40 infringement notices handed down.

He attributed the small decrease to increased frequency of patrols and an increase in the maximum fine from $100 to $400 at the beginning of 2008 which may have deterred people from dumping rubbish.

“If we don’t have a more responsible attitude our reserves will turn into rubbish dumps,” he said.

Mr Hawkins also pointed out a sharp increase in the illegal dumping of garden waste: 101 instances in June 2008 to 315 in June 2009.

“It’s unsightly, people need to dispose of it in a lawful manner.”

Mr Hawkins said council patrols did not just operate during the daylight hours.

“We operate in hours of darkness,” which was a time people like to dispose of rubbish and garden waste.

He appreciated the co-operation from the public reporting offending vehicles.

“The police can’t operate without public support and neither can we. I’m happy to take calls 24/7.”  © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited

A study of New Zealand’s most popular swimming spots has found that a third of them are unsafe because high levels of sewage and dairy effluent at beaches and in rivers are making swimmers sick. Pollution study lifts lid on New Zealand’s ‘green’ beaches

New Zealand industrial farming produces at least 5 times as much effluents than the land can absorb!

New Zealand is the size of Colorado yet it hosts up to 94 million farm animals (livestock excluding poultry), which discharge an estimated 300 million tons of effluent to the environment each year. New Zealand’s intensive animal industries produce about 4 times more manure than they could safely use as fertilizer. [The leftover is discharged or washed off into NZ coastal waters.]

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Murder Case Gone Cold?

Posted by te2ataria on July 31, 2009

sent by Aussie Ace01

Unsolved Murder, Missing Case?

Look for the kiwi connection and you’ll probably find your murderer!

Aussie police want to talk to a New Zealander in connection with a barman who went missing on his 21st birthday 30 years ago.

Just hours before his party, Marcus Wayne Allcornan, an assistant manager at The Imperial Hotel, who was also studying hospitality, went missing.  He has not been seen for almost 30 years.

Marcus Allcorn
Marcus Wayne Allcorn was last seen around 1am on January 29, 1980, when he finished a night shift at the Imperial Hotel on Oxford Street in Paddington, Sydney, Australia, the ABC reported.

Karol Blackley of Sydney police said they now want to talk to a New Zealander, John Brown, who was also working at the hotel bar 30 years ago.

“We believe he moved on to other hotels working,” she said. “Obviously, the name, John Brown, is fairly common and at the time it was difficult to track down Mr Brown.”

“We are seeking again to locate Mr Brown and allow him to give some evidence about the background of Marcus … and the circumstances at the time.”

Police have appealed for John Brown to come forward. They said Mr Brown was not a suspect, however, he was someone who had valuable information

‘‘At the time [of Mr Allcorn’s disappearance] it was difficult to track down Mr Brown … he’s a witness we haven’t had an opportunity to speak to in 30 years.

‘‘He may have missed prior media releases and we are seeking again to locate Mr Brown and allow him to give some evidence about the background of Marcus … and the circumstances at the time.’’

Officers who suspect Mr Allcorn was a victim of foul play have returned to the bar to use technology that was not available at the time of the disappearance to look for traces of blood.

“Police believe he met foul play, and today asked for Mr Brown to come forward and help them solve the case, to provide closure to Mr Allcorn’s family who they say are ‘’living in darkness’’.

“This week, police used modern forensic technology at The Imperial – where Mr Allcorn lived and worked – to shed light on his last movements.” ABC reported.

Police is applying Luminol examination, forensic technology unavailable in 1980s when Mr Allcorn went missing, ABC said.

‘‘We used Luminol examination, which can be used in identifying where DNA and blood might be located,’’ Detective Sergeant Blackley said.

However, she did not say if traces of Mr Allcorn’s blood had been found during the examination.

“Police also made a 3D video recording of the hotel layout using its Interactive Scene Recording and Presentation System (ISRAPS) to help an investigation for the coroner.” ABC said.

‘‘The evidence is in a visual format that can be presented to the Coroner’s Court.

‘‘It also allows witnesses at the Coroner’s Court to go to areas within the hotel captured on the footage and describe in more intricate detail where they were or how things were.’’

The case was reportedly reopened in 2007, when police formed Strike Force Christine to investigate the missing.

“He was a happy go-lucky young man, with everything to live for,” Ms Blackley said.

“He expressed no unhappiness at all and just disappeared without a trace.”

“About 11,000 people are missing reported each year in NSW, but 95 per cent of those people were found within a week, police said.”

“Cases unsolved for as many years as Mr Allcorn’s represented only 2 per cent of cases, police said.” ABC reported.

Note: Comare the above statistics with the number of people missing in New Zealand, bearing in mind the difference in the size and population of the two countries.

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Vietnam stops kiwi women spreading swine flu virus

Posted by te2ataria on July 30, 2009

Two pakeha women who attempted to spread the swine flu virus in Vietnam were quarantined

The women are now bitching that they were “confronted with batons,” instead of beaches, and were sent to a hospital instead of a hotel.

Serves you right! Don’t spread swine flu virus in Vietnam!

“Margaret and Alana Jackson left New Zealand at the end of June to celebrate Alana’s 21st birthday, but ended up spending a week in Vietnamese hospitals after being pulled aside at Ho Chi Minh airport when heat sensors indicated they had high temperatures.” A report said.

The two women and a dozen other passengers were taken to a hospital for quarantine, as is the norm with the quarantine procedures.

“None of us knew where we were, I just assumed they would release us soon.” [You should have used your imagination.]

“She managed to contact her other daughter Michelle, who was already in Vietnam and waiting for them at a hotel, but lost touch again after the pair were transferred to another hospital they nicknamed ‘the prison’ complete with bars on the windows and baton-wielding security guards, but no food, water, toilet paper or soap.

Later on, Mrs Jackson tested positive for the virus and was transferred to yet another hospital, where she was given a camp chair to sleep on in an outdoor corridor.” Reports said.

“I was carted off just as a group of protesting Australians arrived,” she said.

“With no Vietnamese money, no change of clothes and one cellphone between us, it was scary and Alana was freaking out because she was being left behind.”

“After a week in quarantine, Mrs Jackson and Alana were released, but said the experience had left them shell-shocked and exhausted.”

New Zealand’s spy agency, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry, said they knew that 60 New Zealanders had been quarantined abroad since the beginning of the swine flu outbreak.

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Extreme weather in South Island

Posted by te2ataria on July 30, 2009

Traveling to New Zealand? You are committing a double act of eco-terrorism.

Extreme weather is about to pummel the West Coast and eastern Canterbury and Otago during the next 48 hours, the wise guys at MetService said.

“The higher suburbs of Dunedin, Otago’s eastern hills and the Canterbury foothills and plains could experience northwest winds, gusting up to 130kmh in exposed areas, said forecaster Allister Gorman.” It was reported.

“These gusts have the potential to damage trees and power lines and will make driving conditions difficult for high-sided vehicles and motorcycles.”

“Up to 130mm of rain could fall over an 18 hour period in Fiordland and the mountain ranges of Westland and Buller from tonight, causing rivers and streams to rise rapidly and flood.”

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    Traveling to New Zealand? You are committing a double act of eco-terrorism.

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    NZ Police Licensed to Kill

    Posted by te2ataria on July 29, 2009

    sent by a reader in Brazil [edited by TEAA]

    This entry replaces The B*stards Have Killed Yet Again!

    NZ police is the only one in the world, save for the UK, that can kill ordinary people with absolute impunity

    If one tenth as many people were killed by the police in any other country as they are in New Zealand, there would be bloody riots, even a revolution.

    If the police force in any other country were as vicious as the motherf*ckers are in New Zealand, they’d have their heads removed and impaled on 10-foot long sticks and displayed outside the town halls to teach the next generation of the bast*rds an unforgettable lesson!

    In space of less than 24 hours, the vicious, brain dead bast*rds have killed at least one person, near-fatally injured another by shooting him in the chest, and seriously injured a dozen more.

    At worst the average criminal police officer [partially-trained, psychopathic, brownhead assassin] gets 100 hours of community service for murder.

    Even here, in Brazil, people wouldn’t put up with such criminal police force.

    [Even in Myanmar, North Korea, China… the police force are more accountable. TEAA]

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    The shooting of Rob Mokaraka was an assassination job, which was authorized by someone very high up in the system, and conveniently carried out by NZ police assassins. TEAA

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    The Kind of Scumbag Judge pakeha Deserve

    Posted by te2ataria on July 28, 2009

    I was ashamed of being struck off; now reinstate me because I’m no different to the others.

    Michael Guest, a Dunedin city councilor a former district court judge who was struck off in 2001 for two counts of professional misconduct, ha now applied to be reinstated as a barrister and solicitor.

    Guest said he had represented 10,000 clients in his nearly 30-year legal career but only three of them had written letters opposing his reinstatement, The Otago Daily Times reported.

    Mr Guest reportedly represented David Bain at his first trial in 1995.

    The Dunedin Mayor and former president of the Otago District Law Society, Peter Chin, also wrote in his support saying he had “no objection” to Mr Guest’s reinstatement.

    Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10587068

    Only one other legal system is more corrupt than the Nastyland’s: The British Legal Robbery.

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    NZ SIS Agent Hacks Wikipedia

    Posted by te2ataria on July 27, 2009

    NZ SIS Wages Cyberwar Against Public

    Sodium fluoroacetate [1080]

    FEWW wrote:

    A New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) employee deleted anti-1080 information from a Wikipedia page.

    Clearly, removing important public safety information from an international site is not the kind of action normally associated with an ‘ordinary’ government employee, unless s/he had a direct, personal stake in the issue.  http://feww.wordpress.com/ten-80/#comment-3705

    FEWW is correct because only a [third grade, incompetent, though ruthless] govt agent ‘trained’ in cyberwarfare, most probably a NZ SIS  agent, would attempt so clumsily to destroy vital public health information on deadly poison.

    See below for excerpts from a report published by Yahoo News

    DOC staff member deleted info from 1080 Wikipedia

    The Department of Conservation (DOC) is working to track down a staff member who deleted anti-1080 information from a Wikipedia page while at work.

    The staffer deleted a reference to films against the poison on Friday from the online encyclopaedia’s “1080 usage in New Zealand” page, The Press reported.

    A link to the Stop 1080 Poison lobby group was also removed.

    The amendments were traced to DOC through its internet protocol address.

    DOC spokesman Rory Newsam told NZPA that IT staff were working to track down where on the department’s 1800-computer network the deletion was made, before steps were taken to find out which staff member was involved.

    It was hoped the computer used would be identified within the next 48 hours.

    The action was a breach of DOC’s internet-use policy, Mr Newsam said.

    He was unable to say what sort of action would be taken against the employee.

    The removed sentences read: “Steve and Clyde Graf have produced two DVDs about the effects of 1080 on New Zealand wildlife.

    “The first, A Shadow of Doubt, released in 2006 and rated Adults Only (AO), is a 90-minute feature film. The second film, Paradise Poisoned, was released in July 2009.”

    Christchurch man Alan Liefting, who set up the “1080 usage in New Zealand” page last September, resurrected the information within 30 minutes.

    He told The Press debate was being “stifled” by “bad-faith editing” by public servants wasting their time.

    “It’s not up to DOC employees to do this sort of thing.”  http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/latest/5754172/doc-staff-member-deleted-info-from-1080-wikipedia/
    copyright NZPA.

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    German woman stabbed at New Zealand Flea Motel

    Posted by te2ataria on July 27, 2009

    Female German tourist stabbed at a flea motel in Blenheim, New Zealand

    A female German tourist was stabbed at a backpacker accommodation in Blenheim, New Zealand on Sunday.

    The tourist, 25, was stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a large kitchen knife, while she was asleep on Sunday morning. The victim was reported to be in serious but stable condition at Wairau Hospital.

    A 29-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and will appear in court.

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    Aron Baynes: Aussie of the Week!

    Posted by te2ataria on July 27, 2009

    sent by Aussie ace-01

    I’m NOT a F**king kiwi

    NZ-born basketballer Aron Baynes says he is not a kiwi.

    Aron Baynes
    Basketballer Aron Baynes. I’m an Aussie, NOT a f**king kiwi. Photo: Photosport. This image nay be subject to copyright.

    Having grown up in Australia, Baynes has turned his back on New Zealand and decided to play for Australia.

    “Aron is an Australian — he was born in New Zealand but Aron regards himself as an Australian because he has grown up there (in Cairns) and played all his life there”.  Said Tall Blacks coach Nenad Vucinic.

    “We went in on the fact they have got a lot of depth in the forward line and we thought he might decide not to commit to Australia just yet. Now he has committed it is a little disappointing.

    “I feel it is the wrong decision, and that he would have had much more opportunity to play for us. But in the end he’s got to go the way he feels. Good on him, he’s made a decision, and we’ll just try to keep building around the players we have.”

    Baynes is one of the few [ex-]kiwis, who unlike the rest of them, hasn’t got his head stuck up his rear!

    But seriously, what sort of frigging name is Tall Blacks?

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    The B*stards Have Killed Yet Again!

    Posted by te2ataria on July 26, 2009

    Coming soon!

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    So Much Collective Bad Karma in New Zealand?

    Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

    The impact of collective bad karma isn’t regulated by the Geneva Conventions, either!

    pakeha are the lowest form of life … their cowardly soldiers are the maggots that come out of …

    Had just replied to a reader on

    It’s Your Collective Bad Karma!

    See: Let’s say I’m convinced about the impact of bad karma, but why is it so severe in New Zealand?

    When a reader sent in the following:

    NZ soldiers slaughtered Bedouin

    Anzac scumbags
    “The ANZAC Mounted Division.”  These murderous maggots and worms specialized in the murder of unarmed, defenseless civilians. This is a known fact, as their disastrous performance in Gallipoli showed, the murderous cowards were not men enough to face an enemy that were even minimally armed!

    Hundreds of Bedouin were massacred by lowlife ANZAC scumbags when scumbag Trooper Leslie Lowry — of the New Zealand Machine Gun Squadron lines — was allegedly killed on December 9, 1918, by a local thief whom he had chased out of the tent camp.

    “It was always thought that New Zealanders were mainly responsible for the massacre,” Paul Daley, author of Beersheeba told The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

    Paul Daley said: “The Australians’ participation was assumed but never really proven.”

    Whatever the role of the Australians in the killings, the fact remains that the massacre was initiated by the runts of British empire, the maggots from the feces, who have always gone out of their tiny, murderous heads to be regarded as one of “the boys.”

    The men on garrison duty at the time were from the ANZAC Mounted Division: the Canterbury Mounted Rifles and 7th Light Horse Regiment.

    Daley’s  discovery of  a tape recording of a former trooper in the Australian Light Horse, Ted O’Brien, is revealing. Ted O’Brien reportedly “described in graphic detail how he and his comrades had ‘had a good issue of rum’ and ‘done their blocks’  in Surafend, and how they ‘went through (the village) with a bayonet.’

    What will they blame the massacres in Afghanistan on? Opium, morphine, heroine or the yet more  exotic derivatives of the local produce?

    The Bedouin, Mr O’Brien said, were “wicked…You’d shoot them on sight.” Of the massacre at Surafend, he said “it was a real bad thing…It was ungodly.”

    The massacre wasn’t technically a war crime. So that’s alright. [The collective bad karma isn’t regulated by the Geneva Convention, either. TEAA]

    Daley said that, while some people would no doubt define Surafend as a “war crime”, technically it was not covered by the Geneva Conventions, and it actually happened after the war ended on November 11.

    What did the occupying British Army say? Surely even they must have been far less evil than the ANZAC maggots.

    The British commander-in-chief, General Sir Edmund Allenby, is said to have called the soldiers “cowards and murderers” at a parade the next day. All leave was stopped, all men on leave recalled and all recommendations for honours were withdrawn.

    Junior officers closed ranks and no one was charged but in 1921 New Zealand paid compensation of 858 pounds and Australia paid 515 pounds, to the British, who then ruled Palestine, for the reconstruction of the village. The British Army paid 686 pounds because a small number of Scottish soldiers had participated. No witness actually saw the New Zealander shot, or saw the killer run into the nearby village of Surafend.

    But tracks led in that direction and the men of Lowry’s unit threw a cordon around the village to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. They did not enter the village that night and the next day were ordered by officers to lift the cordon.

    But that night about 200 Anzac troops surrounded the village, expelled the women and children and old men, and using pick handles and bayonets murdered between 40 and 120 men before torching their huts. The flames lit up the countryside for miles around. They then moved on to a neighbouring nomad camp, which they also burned to the ground.

    The above is of course the romanticized version of the events that forgets “the boys” had “had a good issue of rum,” who also raped fair number of local women before bayoneting and mutilating them to death. The actual figures were probably closer to 1,250 villagers, men, women and children who were massacred indiscriminately

    One New Zealand witness claimed that Scottish artillerymen from the Ayrshire Battery took part using horse traces (heavy harness chains encased in leather.

    Another Australian author, Patsy Adam-Smith, said in her book The Anzacs that one report stated that the men threw villagers down a well and rolled a large grindstone down on top of them.

    “Their excuse was that they were sick of the natives stealing; for five years they’d put up with their small private possessions from home being stolen as well as their uniforms and gear, were weary of their men being ambushed and killed while the authorities did nothing”.


    Most of the genocide techniques used by pakeha petes against Maori remain the same whether they are applied in this country, Egypt, Vietnam… Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Let’s hope this answers Bev’s question why the impact of collective bad karma is so severe in New Zealand. TEAA

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    UK’s Waitrose: NO NZ Hoki

    Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

    For the original story click on the below link:

    UK’s Waitrose refuses to stock NZ-caught hoki

    NZ hoki - nz gov photo
    Waitrose supermarkets say “NO” to NZ-caught hoki. Image NZ govt.


    Fishing for hoki – The deep-sea fish hoki, also known as blue hake or blue grenadier, is one of New Zealand’s biggest fish exports. Hoki fishing began in the Tasman Sea, but has expanded to include Cook Strait, the Chatham Rise and subantarctic waters. In the decade to 2002 the annual quota for the catch was 200,000 tonnes. In 2004 the Tasman Sea stock was estimated to be down to about 13% of the biomass before fishing developed in 1972, with a warming trend in the Tasman likely to be a contributing factor. The quota was reduced to 180,000, then to 100,000 tonnes in 2004. Caption: NZ govt.

    “There are some MSC fisheries that we don’t stock, such as the MSC New Zealand hoki fishery, which conducts bottom trawling,” Jeremy Langley, specialist fish buyer for Waitrose said in a report by Seafoodsource.com.

    At least a dozen other supermarket chains in Europe and North America have also removed New Zealand caught orange roughy from their shelves because it goes against their sustainability policies. “Orange roughy is also caught by bottom trawling, dragging large, weighted nets across the ocean floor which lays waste to seabed communities, particularly on the seamounts where some fish species gather to feed and reproduce, and is considered one of the most destructive forms of fishing.” A report said.

    “Waitrose has also pledged to buy only pole-and-line caught canned tuna.” Seafood News said.

    Interestingly, NZ Govt has admitted that Waitrose hoki ban was not widely reported in UK’s Big Brother media.

    Must Read [Link added Sept 12, 2009]

    Why Do People Still Buy New Zealand Lamb, Pork and Other Bio-Chemically Altered Food products from Nastyland?

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    New Zealand Kills another Aussie

    Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

    sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

    Welcome to the ‘Third World’ Realities

    There are probably 25 Aussies killed in New Zealand for every NZer snuffed out in Australia!

    The complete stats are hard to come by because New Zealand govt doesn’t release any stats concerning the number of foreignors killed in New Zealand, so you’ll have to keep your ears close to the ground and add the numbers up one by one.

    The latest life claimed by New Zealand was that of an “experienced alpine skier” who was killed after  buried in an avalanche in Southern Alps in Canterbury yesterday.

    “The man, believed to be about 60, was one of a group of five, including three tourists and two guides from Alpine Guides, skiing in the Ragged Range, near Methven, despite a high risk of avalanche in the area.” Media said.

    “Police have not released the man’s identity but reports said he was from Australia. The two other tourists, believed to be father and son, were also buried, but not injured.”

    “The guide has skied down and stopped and waited then the three clients have skied towards him and an avalanche has been triggered, burying all three clients,” police said.

    That’s what the guides normally do in New Zealand.  They go first, and too bad if you can’t follow them because of some stupid reason like being buried in an avalanche. They are trained in the art of making you part with your money and charge an arm and a leg, but aren’t trained to provide adequate protection  to ensure your  safety! [Hell, they can’t even tell you which area is ‘safe,’ and which isn’t.]

    Alpine skiing [and most other outdoor sports in NZ] is like playing Russian Roulette with a [5-bullet] revolver. Statistically, each skier faces a 1 in 5 probability of not making it back [alive!]

    Do YOU Feel  LUCKY?

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    Acting on pakeha Instinct

    Posted by te2ataria on July 24, 2009

    Meet pakeha justin: Top pakeha of the Week!

    sent by a reader in the UK [Edited by TEAA]

    Plonker pakeha ‘stripped and groped woman who had passed out after pub drinking session’

    What’s the Big Fuss? Top pakeha of the Week Acted on pakeha  Instinct!

    New Zealander charged with what they do best, but one: Rape

    justin tunzealman

    Justin Tuzealman acted on animal instinct—the only way pakeha know! Photo may be subject to copyright.

    “Justin Tunzelman, 37, a client manager with the asset management firm P-solve [wondered what the ‘p’ stand for?], was seen touching the breasts of the woman whose top had been pushed up, as they sat in an alcove of a pub after a conference.

    “The court heard that free drinks were being served at the Warwick pub in Soho and that the woman had probably drunk four champagne cocktails and ten shots of a cocktail called “Slippery Nipples,” made from sambuca and Bailey’s.

    Justin von Tunzelman: The court heard that free drinks were being served at the Warwick pub in Soho and that the woman had probably drunk four champagne cocktails Photo: CENTRAL. Image may be subject to copyright.

    “Her colleagues had tried to persuade her to go home but she refused so they propped her up in a corner, where she was seen with von Tunzelman.

    “At the end of the function her colleagues decided she was too drunk to get home so they took her in a rickshaw back to von Tunzelman’s office in Jermyn Street, Piccadilly.

    “There she was put to sleep under a duvet in a “sofa room” but when they went back to check on her they allegedly found von Tunzelman with her on the sofa and both the businessman and his alleged victim naked.”


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    New Zealand Wild Weather Update

    Posted by te2ataria on July 23, 2009

    sent by a reader

    Stay Out of New Zealand

    UPDATE – 24/07/2009 0:12:01 [by TEAA]

    Storm causes North Island disruption


    Wild weather is wrecking havoc around Wellington tonight with one slip closing State Highway 1 in the middle of peak hour traffic and another derailing a train.

    A tree had come down causing the slip at Pukerua Bay, 35km northeast of Wellington, about 5.30pm, Inspector Mike Coleman, of Central police communications, said.

    Large earth moving machinery had been brought in, and one lane had been opened about 8pm, which was alternating clearing the backlog of north and southbound traffic, he told NZPA. The nearest alternate route, Paekakariki hill road, was also closed about 6.30pm due to a large amount of gravel washed onto the road.

    Sewage City [Wellington] pummeled by Wild weather
    UPDATE: July 23, 2009, 8:37 pm

    Wild weather [wreaking] havoc around Wellington


    Wild weather is wrecking havoc around Wellington tonight with one slip closing State Highway 1 in the middle of peak hour traffic and another derailing a train.

    A tree had come down causing the slip at Pukerua Bay, 35km northeast of Wellington, about 5.30pm, Inspector Mike Coleman, of Central police communications, said.

    Large earth moving machinery had been brought in, and one lane had been opened about 8pm, which was alternating clearing the backlog of north and southbound traffic, he told NZPA. The nearest alternate route, Paekakariki hill road, was also closed about 6.30pm due to a large amount of gravel washed onto the road.

    Strong winds gusting up to 130kmh were forecast for Wellington and Wairarapa.

    Winds up to 120kmh were forecast for Canterbury, Marlborough, Gisborne, high ground of the central North Island, the Kaimai and Coromandel Ranges and Great Barrier Island.

    Wild weather pounding most parts of the country

    Wild weather on the way

    Severe winds have begun to lash the lower North Island, with the worst expected to bring down trees and powerlines later today.

    The biggest gust recorded in the region this morning was 109 kmh on the Rimutaka Hill, but forecasters are warning that the worst weather will arrive this afternoon.

    MetService said gusts of 130kmh will hit Wellington, Wairarapa and parts of the Hawke’s Bay from midday and continue throughout the day.

    The winds are also expected to affect parts of the central North Island plateau, the Kaimai Range, Coromandel Peninsula and Great Barrier Island.

    Severe norwesterly gales gusting up to 120kmh were expected to hit inland parts of Canterbury.


    Lightening strikes are here. Time now for “Brimstone and Fire?”

    Lightning strikes zap Invercargill

    A cluster of lightning strikes struck Invercargill yesterday, blowing phone jacks out of walls, damaging electrical equipment and cutting electricity in part of the city.

    Wet and wild weather that began in the early hours of yesterday morning culminated in a series of lightning strikes in north Invercargill about 9am.

    Several houses in Talbot St were struck by bolts, described by one resident as a “fireball”.


    Environmental Safety News

    Russian roulette 1080 challenge to mayor


    The carrot may or may not have been laced with 1080, the mayor was told when Mr Livingston pulled the stunt at a council special orders meeting in Taupo.

    David Livingstone, a Turangi man opposed to the use of 1080 poison, challenged Mr Cooper to drink a glass of water containing the carrot.

    Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper and his councillors were challenged to play Russian roulette today with a carrot that could have been laced with 1080 poison.

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