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Evil pakeha DO!

Posted by te2ataria on July 5, 2009

Once again, Korean parents must thank the staff at their embassy and consulate in Wellington for allowing so much harm to come to their families!

Previously a reader wrote:

Thanks to the con artists at the Korean embassy and consulate in this country, there`re ample supplies of Korean students and tourists waiting their turn to have their heads chopped off, killed on the road, raped, kidnapped, assaulted…

The following is about an Auckland school principal who “imported” young Korean schoolchildren to study at New Zealand state schools while charging their parents hundreds of thousands of dollars in school fees and pocketing their money.

Claim principal ‘imported’ students

By CATHERINE WOULFE – Sunday Star Times  [Last updated 05:00 05/07/2009]

“Peter Grant Fountain, 58, was investigated by Ministry of Education auditors and is now facing 14 charges of forgery and improper use of documents, each carrying a maximum sentence of between seven and 10 years in jail. The charges date back to 2005 and early 2006 when Fountain was principal of Orewa Primary School, a decile eight state school north of Auckland.

“Fountain’s ‘carefully orchestrated’ scam, sources said, involved dozens of Korean children aged 10 and younger whose families are understood to have paid $2000 per term in school fees and a further $200 per week for homestays.

“It is believed Fountain kept at least part of this cash, along with the $900 levy schools are required to pay to the ministry for each international student.

“One source said wads of cash would change hands in the school office and Fountain had made “six figures” from his scam. “An awful lot of money has been involved,” the source said. “It’s not very pleasant.

“The children were too young to be allowed to enter New Zealand alone as international students, but it is understood Fountain dodged this rule by using an immigration consultant to bring them in and claim she was their legal guardian. This woman would keep the children for a few weeks “until they get past that stage of crying for their parents”, then they were placed with Kiwi families.”  More …

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