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New Zealand is Crap

Posted by te2ataria on July 6, 2009

sent by a reader

You want to live a good life? Forget about New Zealand or Australia

The following is a summary of a report by  A British think-tank,  The New Economics Foundation. Their full report is available at The Unhappy Planet Index 2.0

If you want to live a good life, don’t live in New Zealand or Australia — you’re better off moving to Costa Rica or Vietnam.

A British think-tank has ranked countries based on the environmental impact, happiness and life span of their people.

New Zealand fared poorly, coming in at number 103.

Australia even beat us with their rank at 102.

Our Tasman neighbours were let down by their large ecological footprint — one of the worst of the 143 countries surveyed.

South and Central America are home to the happiest, greenest people, the survey found; nine of the top 10 countries were from that region. Costa Rica topped the poll.

The top five countries in order were; Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica [They must be kidding!] Guatemala and Vietnam. —NZPA

TEAA says: The NEF report doesn’t seem to include the plight of minorities and the indigenous peoples in their listed index. Nor does it take into account the rates of murder, rape, road kills, extreme violence, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying—the reality of living in a police state …

Blog’s own report, Worst Cities, would be available soon [hopefully!]

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