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How the Brits are Deceived by their Media

Posted by te2ataria on July 7, 2009

sent by a reader in the UK [edited by TEAA]

Fiction # 1 -4

Hotter, cheaper and no traffic jams: Why New Zealand is paradise for British expats

By Arthur Martin [aka ourfer the dodger]
date: 17th June 2009

Last updated at 9:28 AM on 17th June 2009

New Zealand is a long way to go to start a new life, but workers who make the 11,500-mile journey are said to be Britain’s happiest expats.

Of the thousands who emigrate each year, those moving there have the most to crow about, a report has revealed.

Britons living in New Zealand rated the country highly in all areas. It has one of the lowest average property prices in the developed world.

Fiction # 5 – 7

New Zealand has lower taxes, cheaper property and better weather

The mail article offered the following picture as proof:

Relaxed: Chris and Janice Gorman with their dog, Jess emigrated to New Zealand to get away from Britain’s miserable winters (!). Image may be subject to copyright.

[Note: Depending on where you live, New Zealand winters are worse to much worse than Britain’s. See weather warnings on this blog!]

We will write about Chris and Janice soon. They, too, are bound to meet with their unfortunate fate, sooner or later.

Mail also published the following dodgy statistics which they must have pulled out of  a hat:

Of all the expatriates surveyed, 86 per cent believed their lives were better than before they emigrated and 92 per cent said they were happier. Despite the global recession, Eighty seven per cent were better off. The emigres included engineers, teachers, economists, accountants, IT professionals and those working in financial services and marketing.

Any source for those unbelievable figures? Can you offer any proof you lying b*stard?  Is Arthur Martin a new Zealander? Is there an ounce of credibility left in the Daily Mail?

Readers are recommended to search contents of this blog and links for a true picture of [poxy] New Zealand.


Enter Exit the Kemp Family!

Expats’ paradise lost in New Zealand’s jobs crisis – just weeks after it was named best place to make a fresh start

By Richard Shears
06th July 2009 [less than 3 weeks later!]

Only a few weeks ago, New Zealand was identified as the best place for British expats to make a fresh start.

It didn’t take long for the accolade to wear thin.

The dreams of hundreds who left for a better life on the other side of the world are now turning into nightmares. [Thanks to Big Brother Media in Britain and New Zealand!]

The expats face losing their jobs and being kicked out of the country because of the credit crunch and what is said to be a major shift in policy by the New Zealand government.

With unemployment at a six-year high of 5 per cent of the population of 4,300,000, tough economic times have led to jobs going to native New Zealanders first.

One reason is the decision by Kiwis who have lost jobs overseas to return and seek work at home.

Employment minister Paula Bennett says more than 3,000 of the 26,000 who returned last year ended up on benefits.

Jobless foreigners risk losing their work visas and having to return to Britain, with some accusing the New Zealand government of pursuing a ‘jobs for Kiwis’ policy.

A migrant assistance group, created by two Britons who emigrated nine years ago, has infuriated the government by issuing a pamphlet that claims the attitude of officials is: ‘We’ve taken your money, used your skills, now bugger off!’ Mike Bell, of the Move2NZ group, said: ‘We are seeing families who have worked here years being effectively kicked out in two weeks. [See comments section at the bottom of this page. TEAA]

‘Many have existing jobs or offers of work in areas listed by immigration as being in dire shortage. Employers are tearing their hair out as there’s nothing they can do.’

Some 20,000 skilled Britons went to New Zealand to work in 2008. They were given visas allowing them to take jobs and apply for permanent residency after two years.

But the ‘Essential Skills’ policy of bringing in experts from abroad appears to be in tatters. This follows a report last month from the New Zealand auditor general that highlighted bad decision-making in the immigration department.

Mr Bell said New Zealand lured skilled foreigners who filled gaps in the jobs market and added more than £3billion a year to the economy.

He said: ‘The government now appears to be working hard to sabotage this lucrative source of income by effectively kicking out staff that employers badly need.

‘These workers have been invited. But they are effectively being told New Zealand doesn’t want them any more. Many have applications for new or renewed permits declined, even if their occupations are on the ‘Essential Skills’ list. Desperate employers are denied permission to keep skilled staff.’

Mr Bell said one European family had ended up separated and living on charity, adding: ‘We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The Kemp Family told to “Bugger Off!”

Source of the above images: The perfidious Daily Mail. Copyright Associated Newspapers Limited

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Propeller falls off New Zealand plane

Posted by te2ataria on July 7, 2009

sent by a reader

The propeller blade spun off, struck the fuselage, tore thru the side, and fell to the ground

Great Barrier flight loses propeller blade

Hauraki Gulf commuters got the shock of their lives on Sunday when a propeller spun off their small plane and dropped to the ground.

The three-engine Britten-Norman Trilander, with 11 passengers and pilot Sean Deeney, had just taken off from Claris Airport on Great Barrier Island bound for Auckland when the incident happened.

The propeller blade spun off and struck the fuselage, “sending aluminium shards into the cabin, then fell to the ground.”

new zealand prop falls off the engine
A passenger’s photographs show the damage done when a propeller came off New Zealand’s Great Barrier Airlines aircraft’s engine in mid-flight. Photo / Supplied

The pilot shut the engine down and returned to Claris Airport.

It was a “normal approach and landing” on two of the three engines and the plane taxied back to the terminal, he said. [Presumably, the third engine is really an accessory, and is not needed.]

Great Barrier Islands Airways operations manager Mike Maguire said passengers were not at risk but had been concerned.

How could passengers be at risk when something like a clumsy propeller spins off, hits the fuselage, tears through the side of the plane and then falls to the ground?

“Any time you are in flight and something goes wrong there is reason to be concerned,” he told the Dominion Post.

“He did an exceptional job getting the plane on to the ground,” Mr Maguire said.

Say, what caused the propeller to fall off?

He would not comment on what may have caused the accident.

Meanwhile, the hunt is on to find the propeller in swampy ground near Claris as the Traffic Accident Investigation Commission investigates what went wrong.

Happy propeller-hunting, folks! Would you like to take a few Easter eggs along to the swamp to save the hunters from boredom?

An Eye-Witness Account of a “six-minute nightmare …”

“The impact of the propeller, which came from the engine on the right wing, was terrifying.”

[At least one female passenger is known to have defecated in her pants.]

Passengers said the palne engine was wobbling during takeoff. [Clearly the pilot was used to that standard of maintenance.]

“It was like an explosion going off inside the plane,” a passenger told the Herald.

“The propeller came off and hit the side of the plane …

“Both propeller blades came off – the whole thing just destroyed itself. It just completely self-destructed.

“A door got ripped off and the side of the plane got smashed in – we all got covered in glass.

“There was a huge amount of debris that we were just covered in. There were chunks the size of golfballs that came back and hit you.”

“It was just lucky there was one seat spare – that was where it hit and pushed the side of the aircraft in.

“If someone had been sitting there they would have been injured quite severely.

“The guy I was sitting beside, he had the initiative to grab his camera out, but he was shaking so much he had some trouble taking pictures so I did it.”

“Two passengers needed medical treatment to remove debris from their eyes, and the man decided to catch a ferry back to Auckland rather than fly.” Herald reported.

“It appears to me there was a problem there with it or whether the problem had been created by the work carried out on who knows, but it just seems a coincidence that an engine they were working on explodes two days later.” A passenger said.

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Tormented kiwis Stuck in Purgatory

Posted by te2ataria on July 7, 2009

sent by an Aussie reader [edited by TEAA]

At least 21,000 kiwis have lost their jobs in Australia in the past 12 months—The Australian

Aussie employers are laying off New Zealanders in droves. “Migrants who claimed most of the jobs at the top of the boom when there were acute skills shortages were now in the firing line suggesting skilled New Zealand workers who arrived recently might now be out of a job.” The Dominion Post said.

Consequently, the number of New Zealanders leaving for Australia has also slowed by about 1000 migrants arriving from New Zealand each month than a year ago.

Here are some figures:

  • As of June 30, 2008, about 550,000 New Zealanders lived in Australia.
  • No of New Zealanders employed in Australia have dropped by 20,800 to 304,100 in the year to May.
  • Full-time New Zealand-born workers in Australia dropped by 11,000 to 236,700; part-time workers dropped by 9800 to 67,400.
  • New Zealanders’ unemployment rate (in Australia) had jumped to 7 per cent.  [The more recent figures could be as high as 10 percent or more.]
  • The Australian newspaper says  New Zealanders are most likely to lose their jobs even though Australia is not in a recession.

TEAA Says: Could it be Australians have finally realized that pakeha are:

1. pakeha are Bad News

2. Incompetent pakeha, though a bunch of morons, are dangerous mutants suffering from pakeha pete syndrome.”

3. They are taking the curse of  Hinenui-te-pō seriously

Don’t let pakeha settle in Australia. Their evil karma WILL ruin everything!

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