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Mazel tov, John Key

Posted by te2ataria on July 13, 2009

sent by a teacher in Auckland [edited by TEAA]

The whole point of being in power is to enrich yourself, your family and rest of the gang!

Rules are not the same for everyone. They never have been. How could they be when you deny the poor what the wealthy takes? The government gang have awarded a $406 million contract to build a 444-meter long tunnel at a time when 50 – 100,000 people are unemployed.

victoria park

Victoria Park. Source: NZ Transport agency. Photo: Herald graphic. Image may be subject to copyright.


The contract for New Zealand’s most expensive bypass,  Auckland’s $406 million Victoria Park tunnel, has been awarded to “V-Formation” a consortium set up by the usual gang.

[Moderator’s Note: the “V” in “V-Formation” must be the two-finger salute to the unemployed.]

“It is led by Fletcher Construction and includes Palmerston North headquartered Higgins Contractors as well as Beca Engineering and Australian consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff.” It was reported.

The tunnel won’t be big enough to bury all of the unemployed New Zealanders, but it has room for John Key and his entire corrupt government, as well as all the rest of New Zealand politicians, corrupt judges, military brass, police and NZ SIS assassins…

Assuming they won’t come back for more money [and that’s a hugely unsafe assumption to make,] the lucky contractors are receiving almost one million dollars for each  meter of tunnel beneath Victoria Park.

“It is estimated that 120 people will be working on the project within six months. This will rise to about 300 by the middle of next year, and will be maintained until the project is finished,” Mr Key said.

“We believe more investment in good quality infrastructure can boost productivity, unlock economic potential, lift non-inflationary growth, and of course create and maintain employment.

“The new government policy statement on land transport funding will deliver an extra $1 billion investment in state highways, bringing the total investment in the next three years to $3 billion.”

Every little bit counts, Mr Key; 300 jobs this year, 300 jobs next year, and soon the 350 – 500,000 people on the dole [“rely on the government for their income”] would be jumping in National Unity.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce was said to be “particularly pleased” because the project would be ready in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. [Dream on!]

“Victoria Park was identified as a road of national significance in March because it is a key bottleneck on State Highway 1 and is of great importance to the Auckland [zero-sum] economy,” Mr Joyce said.

Are YOU wondering why the unemployed figure is posted as 350 – 500,000? The truth is that none of the government agencies in this country EVER tells the truth about anything!

[Moderator’s Note: The perfidious pakeha in Statistics New Zealand were recently caught, again, massaging the Aussie tourist figures.]

Let’s hope that the tunnel won’t collapse shortly after completion, or halfway through it, due to an earthquake, or something basic like that!

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