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New Zealand Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2009

sent by a reader in Glasgow [edited by TEAA]

How Life in Blackball, New Zealand, Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Meet Peter Lamont, the Butcher of Blackball.

Peter Lamont
Peter Lamont, driven to insanity, butchered his wife. Photo: Greymouth Star. Image may be subject to copyright.

Peter was an ordinary Scotsman, that’s until he arrived in the poxy, coalmining town of Blackball, New Zealand—population: 370 – 1.

That’s right. 370 – 1 tormented ‘ghosts.’ The missing one is Peter’s 49-year-old wife Lindsay Jane Lamont. Peter mutilated her body with a butcher’s efficiency!

Peter Lamont, 47, a Scottish butcher arrived in Blackball with his family in 2005 to work at the Blackball Salami Company. He had found the job on Internet. He had no idea how violently Blackball would shatter his “dream” job into a diabolical nightmare.

A coalmining town before its pit was finally closed in 1964, Blackball is a poxy little place about 30km northeast of Greymouth, west of New Zealand’s South Island. The godforsaken town is a dark, damp and suicidal sh*tpit.

Formerly known as Joliffetown and Moonlight Gully, Blackball took its name from Black Ball Shipping Line, which had leased land in the region to mine for coal.

In an interview with Cuisine magazine in 2007, peter describing his first impression of Blackball said:  “I expected an airport, not a hangar!”

As the family drove into Blackball that first time, past a couple of dodgy houses and up the broad main street past the hotel with its wide verandas, “the banjo music started ringing in my ears”.

Places like Blackball are not conducive to mental and physical health. Unless you are born there and with nowhere to go, you have no business being there. The New Zealand death clocks tick twice as fast in Blackball-like places than they do in the rest of the country.

Though Peter Lamont insisted to the magazine that his family loved the town, they seem to have found the change of lifestyle difficult, to say the least. After only four months – and to the annoyance of his boss – Lamont had left Blackball Salami to work as a butcher at the Fresh Choice supermarket in nearby Greymouth.

Peter bought Blackball Salami from its owner Pat Kennedy in November 2006 and “threw himself wholeheartedly into his new business,” from 5am to 5pm seven days a week.

His wife, Lindsay, worked both as a receptionist at the High St Medical Center, and as an administrator at Grey Base Hospital, as well as doing the salami company’s books. According to NZherald, “despite the company’s success, the couple seemed to have struggled with their personal finances, especially when cashflow dropped away in the wintry off-season.”

“To be honest, you don’t get a lot of business here,” says Detective Sergeant Andrew Oliver. “There are still some miners but it depends on who you speak to as to the image you will get.”

But how could that be? Pat Kennedy, the former owner of the Salami Company, who founded the company and operated the business for 14 years, didn’t seem to have any financial problem. He employed even more people at the comapny, and worked less hours than did Peter Lamont.

Pat Kennedy, who just returned to Blackball to run the company after the incident, said: “I don’t think they quite settled here – that’s the best way of putting it. I think it was a bit of a cultural shock to them.”

On Saturday night last week, Peter attacked his wife and killed her.  The following morning, he met with his daughter, Falon, who had not been at home, and spoke with  her for about an hour before going to the police station to hand himself in.

RIP. Lindsay Jane Lamont, 49. The Scots mum slaughtered by her butcher husband in the poxy, coalmining town of Blackball, New Zealand. Source: Victim’s family/ via dailyrecord.co.uk

The biggest victim? Falon, the couple’s daughter. She lost both parents to the silent, suicidal melancholy of life in Blackball, New Zealand.

There can be little doubt, despite the various allegations about finances, that it was the cultural shock of living in New Zealand that drove the Scotsman to insanity.

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American Tourist Beaten, Robbed & Urinated On

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2009

sent by a reader in sewage city [Wellington]

US tourist viciously beaten, robbed and urinated on in New Zealand

A foreign visitor, believed to be a US citizen, was viciously attacked, robbed and then urinated on by a gang of 4 males and one female in Wellington.

The 24 year old man is in a serious condition in the Wellington Hospital intensive care unit with serious facial injuries.

The assault occurred at about 20:30 last night near the Waitangi Park skate ramp in Cable St, Wellington, New Zealand, police said.

“This is a particularly vicious and callous attack. The victim was left with serious facial injuries and the group of offenders urinated on him when he was possibly unconscious.” A policeman said.

The attackers stole cash and other property from the victim, who “has no recollection of what happened,” due to the severity of his injuries, a report said.

When the chief justice of the country is openly anti-American, should the average pakeha thug be expected to show respect for the Americans?

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Waitangi Skate Park, Cable St, Wellington
July 14, 2009, 3:24 pm
Police Appeal for Witnesses to Vicious Attack at Skate Park

Wellington Police are appealing for witnesses to a group who seriously assaulted a male near the Waitangi Park skate ramp in Cable Street, Wellington. The incident occurred on Monday 13 July 2009 at around 8.30pm.

Detective Sergeant Martin Todd said, “This is a particularly vicious and callous attack. The victim was left with serious facial injuries and the group of offenders urinated on him when he was possibly unconscious.”

A witness to part of the assault saw a group of up to five offenders surrounding the male as he lay on the ground. One offender was overheard one talking about urinating on the victim.

After the assault, the man was admitted to Wellington Hospital Intensive Care Unit. He is due to undergo surgery to serious facial injuries he sustained.

“The male had cash and other items of his property taken from him but due to the nature of his injuries, he has no recollection of what happened to him and where this occurred. We’d like to hear from members of the public who can help with our investigation,” says Detective Sergeant Todd.

The group is described as:

  • Wearing black hooded sweatshirts.
  • A female was probably part of this group.

Anyone who saw the attack or anything suspicious in the area at the time should contact Wellington CIB on Tel: (04) 496 3468 or in confidence on 027 248 5861.


Media inquiries:
Detective Sergeant Martin Todd
Tel: 027 688 7542

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Assault victim undergoes surgery
By MICHAEL FOX11:45, Jul 20 2009

The man who was urinated on after being severely beaten in a central Wellington pack-attack has been released from hospital following reconstructive surgery on his face.

The 24-year-old was attacked by five assailants at about 8.30pm on Monday night in what police called “a particularly vicious and callous attack”.

The attack was believed to have been carried out by the skate ramp at Waitangi Park.

Detective Sergeant Mark Todd said the man had suffered particularly nasty injuries.

“He’s been discharged from hospital remarkably, but he needs to see his doctor every day and there’ll be follow-up plastic surgery out in the Hutt.”

The man has undergone initial reconstructive surgery around his eye-socket and nose yesterday, with plastic-surgery to follow. More…

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pakeha mothers, we know this is your son!

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2009

Will the mother of this rapist come forward?

Your boy raped and robbed a Dutch tourist!

Okay, you don’t get any prizes for failing to teach your son that raping and robbing people are wrong! But you could avoid being an accessory to a violent crime because you know he did it!

The incompetent police have finally released a Photofit/sketch  of  a rapist who raped a female tourist in Auckland’s Victoria Park last month and then demanded money for his “services.”

rapist fotofit
A police sketch of pakeha who raped and robbed female tourist believed to be Dutch national in central Auckland in June.

The police has not yet released the nationality of the victim because it’s bad for tourism business. However, the Moderator believes the rape victim was a Dutchwoman.

By what right should the “stupid tourists” know how many of them are raped [and robbed] in New Zealand each year?

“The 30-year-old tourist was walking alone on Victoria St, towards the intersection of Halsey and Wellesley streets about 2.35am on June 28, when she was attacked from behind, dragged to an area of bush in the park and raped.”

For background story see One More Woman Dragged & Raped in New Zealand

“He is described as Caucasian, aged in his late 20s, with wavy blonde or brown collar-length hair, is about 1.72 metres (5’8″) and 1.77 metres (5’10”) tall and of slight to medium build. He wore blue jeans and a dark coloured jacket.”

“Anyone with information about the attack, or who might know who the offender is should contact Detective Joanne Old of the Adult Sexual Assault Team on (09) 3026410.”

New Zealand government and its police farce truly believe the tourists have no right to know the tourist rape statistics—the unacceptably high probability of being raped in New Zealand.

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