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New Zealand Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2009

sent by a reader in Glasgow [edited by TEAA]

How Life in Blackball, New Zealand, Drove Scotsman to Insanity

Meet Peter Lamont, the Butcher of Blackball.

Peter Lamont
Peter Lamont, driven to insanity, butchered his wife. Photo: Greymouth Star. Image may be subject to copyright.

Peter was an ordinary Scotsman, that’s until he arrived in the poxy, coalmining town of Blackball, New Zealand—population: 370 – 1.

That’s right. 370 – 1 tormented ‘ghosts.’ The missing one is Peter’s 49-year-old wife Lindsay Jane Lamont. Peter mutilated her body with a butcher’s efficiency!

Peter Lamont, 47, a Scottish butcher arrived in Blackball with his family in 2005 to work at the Blackball Salami Company. He had found the job on Internet. He had no idea how violently Blackball would shatter his “dream” job into a diabolical nightmare.

A coalmining town before its pit was finally closed in 1964, Blackball is a poxy little place about 30km northeast of Greymouth, west of New Zealand’s South Island. The godforsaken town is a dark, damp and suicidal sh*tpit.

Formerly known as Joliffetown and Moonlight Gully, Blackball took its name from Black Ball Shipping Line, which had leased land in the region to mine for coal.

In an interview with Cuisine magazine in 2007, peter describing his first impression of Blackball said:  “I expected an airport, not a hangar!”

As the family drove into Blackball that first time, past a couple of dodgy houses and up the broad main street past the hotel with its wide verandas, “the banjo music started ringing in my ears”.

Places like Blackball are not conducive to mental and physical health. Unless you are born there and with nowhere to go, you have no business being there. The New Zealand death clocks tick twice as fast in Blackball-like places than they do in the rest of the country.

Though Peter Lamont insisted to the magazine that his family loved the town, they seem to have found the change of lifestyle difficult, to say the least. After only four months – and to the annoyance of his boss – Lamont had left Blackball Salami to work as a butcher at the Fresh Choice supermarket in nearby Greymouth.

Peter bought Blackball Salami from its owner Pat Kennedy in November 2006 and “threw himself wholeheartedly into his new business,” from 5am to 5pm seven days a week.

His wife, Lindsay, worked both as a receptionist at the High St Medical Center, and as an administrator at Grey Base Hospital, as well as doing the salami company’s books. According to NZherald, “despite the company’s success, the couple seemed to have struggled with their personal finances, especially when cashflow dropped away in the wintry off-season.”

“To be honest, you don’t get a lot of business here,” says Detective Sergeant Andrew Oliver. “There are still some miners but it depends on who you speak to as to the image you will get.”

But how could that be? Pat Kennedy, the former owner of the Salami Company, who founded the company and operated the business for 14 years, didn’t seem to have any financial problem. He employed even more people at the comapny, and worked less hours than did Peter Lamont.

Pat Kennedy, who just returned to Blackball to run the company after the incident, said: “I don’t think they quite settled here – that’s the best way of putting it. I think it was a bit of a cultural shock to them.”

On Saturday night last week, Peter attacked his wife and killed her.  The following morning, he met with his daughter, Falon, who had not been at home, and spoke with  her for about an hour before going to the police station to hand himself in.

RIP. Lindsay Jane Lamont, 49. The Scots mum slaughtered by her butcher husband in the poxy, coalmining town of Blackball, New Zealand. Source: Victim’s family/ via dailyrecord.co.uk

The biggest victim? Falon, the couple’s daughter. She lost both parents to the silent, suicidal melancholy of life in Blackball, New Zealand.

There can be little doubt, despite the various allegations about finances, that it was the cultural shock of living in New Zealand that drove the Scotsman to insanity.

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118 Responses to “New Zealand Drove Scotsman to Insanity”

  1. M G Bell said

    This git was well f##ked before he got to NZ.
    Want to stuff a good business, sell it to an arrogant Scotsman who’s only interested in getting to the bottom of his glass!!

  2. SC said

    Who gives a fuck about the stupid business!!!!!!!!
    Have you no sympathy for the poor woman who was murdered?

  3. FL said

    It was the culture shock that drove him to insanity??? [Edited.]

  4. FL said

    How do u know that? u didnt know him “Te2ataria.” New Zealand is a beautiful country and blakball isnt that bad and for you’s to make out it was “BLACKBALL” that drove him to insanity is just wrong! stop making excuse up for the evil C*UNT! It was purly HIM! not aa TOWN not a JOB just HIM!

    • te2ataria said

      This Maori may have spent a few years in Australia and the US…
      But I sure as B’ball didn’t parachute in yesterday!

      You say you know everything about the case, but you haven’t said a word about the ‘WHY!’

  5. SC said

    Its funny how u print what u like on here.

    • te2ataria said

      Tootsy – you’re from the UK, judging by your email address. I don’t blame you for not having the foggiest what freedom of expression is all about.

  6. FL said

    [Uncivil remarks. Edited by Moderator.]

  7. FL said

    [Uncivil remarks. Edited by Moderator.]

  8. SC said

    [Whinging, bickering and bitching about nothing! Edited by moderator.]

  9. FL said

    I have plenty points to make! and you wont even post what ive posted! yet you can post what you want? Im saying it wasnt Blackball that drove him to insanity! how is that not making a point?

  10. SC said

    [Edited. Make your point, or say good bye! Editor.]

  11. obamayeswecan said

    I Really hate new zealand and its people, the most racist people i have ever heard of OMG this website is really popular in the states shame on you pakeha.

  12. David said

    I knew Peter, He seemed very normal and happy before this terrible thing. You can never defend what he has done but there has to be more to it then that it was the place (Blackball) or that he was from Scotland. He loved his house and had big plains for it. Something happend to trigger this, he has now f..ked his life up and he now has to pay for his crime. Lay off Blackball its in a tranquil part of the world were people are people living life how they want to live. And good on them to for it.

  13. glasgow man said

    [glasgow man, I appreciate your taking the time to contact this blog. I do NOT challenge the veracity of information you have provided. However, I cannot allow your comment because it’s about a living person who’s incarcerated and cannot defend himself against any accusation. Moderator]

  14. mmcd said

    i too knew mr lamont very well, i worked for him in scotland.he was a simple ,kind man and a great manager to work for.he even brought falon into work occasionally at weekends. Ok he had a temper,even i was on the end of his rants occaionally, but i agree with others, something must have caused him to snap and do something so terrible.

  15. jj said

    I imagine he had problems socially integrating in a remote rural town like that. He may have taken out one of those famous 15-ton mortgages for a freezing coal miner’s shack, and did not have the financial problems of the previous owner for that reason. Kiwis have a different work ethic. It would be easy to understand how the Scots people did not settle. Very sad. So many migrants are lured down here by irresponsible public relations campaigns. The casualties will no doubt continue until they front up about what Godzone is really like. Kiwis are gormless about how good life is outside of this island.


  16. X Salami Manager said

    [Disallowed. Please see reply. Moderator.]

  17. X Salami Manager said

    [Disallowed. Please see reply. Moderator.]

  18. te2ataria said

    X Salami Manager

    I appreciate your taking the time writing to the blog. However, in all fairness I cannot allow your comment because it would be one-sided. Peter Lamont, as evil an act as he committed, will never be able to respond.

    BTW, if Lamont did have a police record in Scotland, New Zealand Immigration Service [sic] should not have allowed him to live in this country.

  19. FL said

    [Unable to decipher your comment. Moderator]

  20. FL said

    [No silly games on this blog. Edited by Moderator]

  21. X salami manager said

    [No silly games on this blog. Edited by Moderator]

  22. X salami manager said

  23. X salami manager said

  24. X salami manager said

  25. Blackball said

    [Edited. Moderator]

  26. ben said

    i hate to say but when peter killed his wife he was not in blackball he moved to ikimatua about 30kms away from blackball

  27. Charlie said

    Whats the latest situation on the murder trial?

  28. falon said

    [Start your own blog, if you really are who you claim to be. Moderator D.H.]

  29. falon said

    why would i start my own blog? the trials months away. get a grip and get on with ur own life! the trial wont affect any of yous soo why do u want to know about it? its just yous been nosey!

  30. falon said

    why would i need to confirm my identity?

  31. Bozo said

    [Can you provide any proof? Moderator]

  32. julie said

    i can vouch for who falon is …

  33. marie mc donald said

    falon if this really is you then , i would appreciate it if you could let me know how things are going, as i said before i worked for your father in scotbeef in glasgow and had a lot of time for him, i am truly sorry for your loss

  34. Falon said

  35. Craig Foylan said

    Well I don`t know Blackball so cannot comment on the town …[edited]

    • te2ataria said

      @ Craig Foylan
      Thanks for the comment. I edited most of it because Peter Lamont cannot defend himself. Hope you’ll understand.

  36. XBBALL said

    I worked with Peter Lamont at Blackball Salami before he left and went to work for Fresh Choice Greymouth. Yes Blackball is a different type of place [edited] He was one fiery person but in saying that so was Lindsay. But personally I didn’t like either of them. He caused alot of trouble at Blackball Salami when he arrived and also made some very bad decisions when he bought the company which did come back and bite him in the bum later on financially. [edited] I’m a true believer of innocent until proven guitly. Falon has gone back to Glasglow to live with her Mum’s (Linsday’s) family as Falon is Peter’s Stepdaughter. The trial when I last heard was to start on June 28 2010. He had entered a no plea from the last that I heard and was going on the grounds of insanity.

  37. Stacy said

    [Comment withheld. Don’t know who you are. Moderator]

  38. harvey said

    Did he put his missus in the salami mite taste a bit like haggis scotch whiskey and thistles hahahahaha

    [Bet you would put your “missus,” or in your case your husband in the salami. Moderator]

  39. Stacy said

    [edited] Lindsay Lamont is my mother and was brutally murdered [edited] my sister and I have to deal with the loss of our mother [edited.]

    [This blog has not written anything derogatory about the victim Lindsay Lamont. Further, the Moderators have no way of confirming your ID. But will allow the above because it’s a statement of facts. Moderator: KB]

  40. James Todd said

    Hi, I grew up with Peter in Carnwadric Glasgow, we were best mates, i was his best man at his first marriage and he was my best man at mine,if i can help in any way please dont hesitate to get in touch at my e-mail address

    • te2ataria said

      @ James Todd
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Please visit this page again, where your input might be needed.
      Any chance you could share a wedding photo with our readers?

  41. craig foylan said

    pissed off hearing poor peter can`t relpy to anything people say the bottom line is hes a murderer and killed a poor onosent human being to plead insanity is a load of salami as he phones the step daughter and confess`s how sick is that let the salami haggis git get all he deserves may he rot in jail and don`t use scottish tax payers money to send him back here give him the electric charge

  42. te2ataria said

    @ craig foylan

    Peter Lamont has indeed committed a brutal murder. The evidence of insanity, however, seems to be a strong factor.

    The fact remains when Mr Lamont moved to Blackball he wasn’t a murderer.

  43. M.Kane said

    [This is not a private message board for the readers. Moderator]

  44. morecynicalthanever said

    Let us be fair. New Zealand would drive Mother Teresa over a cliff. They’d sell her some land for a hospice for the dying, make it impossible for her to run it with too much red tape, taxation, miscellaneous acts of larceny and passive-aggression, repossess the property with her equity in it, make it available at a reasonable price to a friend of the agent, then deny her permanent residency because she was too old and boot her back out to Calcutta, minus her habit and any spare coins she may have had jingling in the pockets thereof.

    And it’s not even their land. Ha!

    [Brilliantly put, Bro! Moderator KB]

  45. craig foylan said

    [DO your family and community a favour, mate. FLY TO AUSTRALIA and SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST TODAY! Moderator.]

  46. Teri said

    [Teri, eat Manuka Honey! Moderator.]

  47. Teri C said

    [IF you can substantiate your allegations, I’ll allow your comment. Moderator]

  48. craig foylan said


  49. Falon said

    [You haven’t yet proved who you are, so the blog can’t print your comments under “Falon.” Moderator]

  50. Charlie said

    Just wanted to get an update on the trial if it has started yet and so on.

  51. corey said

    I worked for Peter and always found him to be straight ,no nonsence bloke ,, i,m am proud to call him a good mate and people seem to only hear 1 side of the story,,[edited by Moderator] what he did was wrong but people are quick to pass comment before they here the whole story!!

    • te2ataria said

      @ corey
      He committed a gruesome murder!
      But, this blog believes that he was driven to insanity by a number of factors, the worst of which was living in Blackball.

  52. Falon said

    How can i prove who I am? [edited]

  53. Where is the love? said

    Seriously where is the compassion for the family here?
    This woman’s 2 girls are struggling to cope and move on with normal life and all you’s can do is sit and talk about how great a man he was and about how no one can say anything against him because he can’t stand up for himself?!?
    He admitted to this brutal murder and handed himself in to the police so really what are you’s going on about, lets have some sympathy for the survivors of this brutal act and stop all this nonsense! I personally know Lindsay’s daughter and know what it has don’t to her and really think more people should think about the family left behind rather than the evil that put them through all of this!

    • te2ataria said

      @ Where is the love?

      We have every sympathy for the survivors of this evil, brutal act and our heart goes to them.
      Peter isn’t a “great a man” and what he did was evil.
      The point is he was an ordinary man NOT a murderer before coming to settle down here in New Zealand.
      Furthermore, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of Peters out there in every township and city among us waiting for the “call” to their final act of insanity.
      Living in New Zealand is NOT conducive to mental health, especially for foreigners!

  54. Teri said

    [Get your facts #1 through #4 right, and you might get a chance of having your comment published. Moderator]

  55. cf said

    [Are you a nephew of Dick V. Dyke? Moderator.]

  56. corey said

    Some times people cant see the bush for the trees,, Blackball is a […]

    [Save your breath! No amount of whitewash would work on Blackball. Moderator]

  57. cf said

    [Your comment was full of spelling errors, and I couldn’t be bothered to read it. Have you heard of spell checks? Moderator]

  58. cf said

    [your little comment unintelligent. Moderator]

  59. corey said

    [NINESERNSE!! Moderator]

  60. corey said

    whay dont you stop editing messages that tell the truth and only desplaying what you choose!!!! so much for freedom of spech

    [WHO, other than yourself says what YOU are saying is the truth? There’s no such a thing as freedom of “spech”. Moderator]

  61. cf said

    [Write in again when the effects of ‘P’ has worn out. Moderator]

  62. tawhaowhao said


  63. corey said

    Myself and many others who will support Peter and be there for him ,,, he is a honest and humble man and i will be there for him as a mate and a bloke as i know he would do the same for me

  64. cf said

  65. cf said

    aye its true

  66. Falon said

    Aye Whats True “CF”

  67. francie gallagher said

    i was a good friend of peters and grew up with him in glasgow i also worked with him in mcguires butchers, he did not have a police record as far as i know, i have spoken to many people about this terrible incident and needless to say they are as shocked as me,and everyone who knew him in glasgow only has good to say of him !i have the greatest sympathy for lyndsay and her family and realise that they may never forgive peter and who can blame them? [no matter how it happened they have still lost their lyndsay]we must also have sympathy for peters mum {who will be wondering if she will ever see him again,due to her advancing years}i know as a church goer she will be praying for peter and especially lyndsay and her family.

  68. Teri said

    [You may not insult other readers on this blog. Moderator]

  69. Falon said

  70. Falon said

  71. Vixan Magnet said

    [Can you please say something intelligent, so that your comments would be published? Please? Moderator K]

  72. cf said

    falon anything i`m writing its being blocked a lot was missed out so can`t say and it will be wipped of

    [“falon” whoever she/he may be can easily start off her own blog. Moderator]

  73. NeverLeavingNZnLovinIt. said


  74. Vixan Magnet said

    Well, well, well, well I’m the idiot!

  75. thecoaster said


  76. Doll said

    I think you must all pay a thought to the fact that your debate and gossip stems from the very real events which occured and are still occuring in peoples lives.

  77. thecoaster said

    [Spamming! Moderator]

  78. Teri said

    Glad to see That the [man] Has pleeded guilty! R.I.P Lindsay XXXX


    [Moderators note your expression of sympathy toward all victims of this horrible, but avoidable, tragedy. The fact remain that had the family NOT moved to that awful place, Blackball, Lindsay would probably be still alive. D.H. ]

  80. corey said

    [Get real Corey, even the rats have abandoned the poxy town. Moderator]

  81. corey said

    [Stick to the point cOREY, especially because you don’t even know which Moderator you are addressing. Moderator]

  82. earlybird said

    The vibe of New Zealand is eerie. It seems dead when you first try to tune into it. That is just the surface though. So many repressed and wound-up angry stressed people not expressing anything or putting anything out into the air, and if you can’t zip your lip, toughen up and stop yourself from bursting you will go over the edge. I was not surprised to have a few medical personnel tell me a lot of migrants who could not leave ended up taking anti-depressants to cope. It takes all your effort to fit in, if you have not been brought up to it. I have found they all march to some kind of common script I could never follow or learn in which there is only one thing to say in any given situation, and if you don’t say “exactly that”, you are immediately identified as a dangerous outsider because they don’t understand how to relate to you. It is too much effort. I’d have to shove every bit of personality I have down into my shoes, and I still couldn’t do it. I would rather be alone! And I live in a place where there is a wee bit more diversity than usual, too. New Zealand is…Rhoda Penmark!

  83. Teri said

    [HOW do YOU know that? Moderator]

  84. corey said

    [Stick your reward, matey. Judging by your spelling mistakes, you couldn’t possibly own a pot for your number one. Moderator K.]

  85. corey said

    [corey, your mom has written to us complaining about your tantrums at home again. Moderator.]

  86. Teri said

    I think you are really wrong to think he should be let off with this. He did it in cold blood.. i think he should die in prison. he noes that.

    [Too speculative. Where’s your evidence? Only an insane person would commit such horrific act. He was momentarily insane. Moderator K.]

  87. chucky said

    OMG, sympathy for a cold hearted murderer!!! Put yourself in Lindsays familys position, and pray to god you never get a phone call like the one they got last year.

    [Kick a man down when he’s on the ground in the good ol’ pakeha tradition, hey? Moderator]

    [Lest we forget Lindsay was the love of his life. HE WAS Lindsay’s family and the closest person in the world to her. R.I.P. Lindsay. Moderator K.]

  88. craig foylan said

    all I can say thank God he has came to his senses and done the right thing pleading guilty and now may some normality if you can call it that be back in the poor peoples lives that are left with the pain that PETER LAMOUNT caused and hope to God people has a near normal life now and hope that someone enjoy`s a 6 x 4 room for the rest of his life and gets plenty of vitamins from the cockroaches and spiders that may keep him company and last but not least may his poor wife rest in peace .


    [Bet you call yourself a good Christian! Moderator DH]

  89. craig foylan said

    No I don`t call myself a good Christian just a good Scotsman than has`nt been to Blackball yet and does have feelings and kind thoughts for people were they count and PS Merry Xmas to you as well ..

    [Scotsman or wot not, and despite the evil he has done, albeit in a moment of insanity, PL is still a human being. Merry Xmas. Moderator K.]

  90. Teri said

    [Bye Bye! Moderator]

  91. craig foylan said

    [Bye Bye! Moderator]


    [IF you don’t like it, ** **** ***. Moderator K.]

  93. atb said

    [Fat chance! Moderator]

  94. gal said

    none of you knew who peter really was and i don’t care if i’m commenting years later reading this today still makes me sick that you all are arguing over something like this, quit bashing someone you barley knew he was a good person. of course even until this day it’s still sad for lindsays family he did something bad and that’s it he can’t defend himself so what do you get out of b*tching about it on here

  95. craig said

    Gal on reading your reply I HAVE TO SAY I WORKED WITH PETER AS A FELLOW butcher in Safeway supermarket then years later at the factory of Scotbeef he had issues then so I can comment as I did know him so to try and say no one knew PETER is slightly misleading , yes he did do something terrible taking a life may not have been himself but end of the day he’s paying for his terrible ordeal and may Lindsays family remember her the way she was so kindly you stop b*tching and get a life .

  96. FM said

    “GOOD PERSON” ?? “GOOD” people don’t murder other people. Lindsay didn’t get to defend herself from him did she? He doesn’t deserve to “defend” himself!! Still sad for Lindsay’s family? EVERYDAY and it doesn’t get easier!

  97. Beverly said

    You aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

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