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Police Brotherhood Corruption at Breaking Point

Posted by te2ataria on July 19, 2009

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]

If you are a New Zealand cop, you may murder, rape, sodomize, assault, rob … the public with impunity.

The C*cksucker in the following report, attempted to kill his wife. He assaulted “his wife by rendering her unconscious using a police choke hold…” and was only sentenced to “100 hours’ community work,” the brotherhood’s code for “he is one of the boys, and he stays on full pay!”

As for the police comfort woman, the so-called police minister, she has kept her fat face shut during the whole sordid affair, of course.

[NOTE: It’s rumored that at least two senior police officers cuckolded the Constable; however, that’s no defense for attempting to kill his wife. TEAA]

Convicted cop still on payroll

7:29PM Friday Jul 17, 2009
A convicted Rotorua policeman is still a sworn officer receiving full pay, despite being found guilty of choking his wife unconscious.

Constable Ian Harrod is one of six eastern Bay of Plenty police staff members currently suspended on full pay as a result of criminal charges being laid, Rotorua’s Daily Post reported.

cuckolded ian harrod

"Cuckolded" Rotorua police officer Ian Harrod leaves court after being sentenced on a charge of assaulting his wife. Kelvin Teixeira 230409kt1 Source: rotoruadailypost.co.nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

Ian Harrod was found guilty in February of assaulting his wife by rendering her unconscious using a police choke hold and sentenced to 100 hours’ community work.

He has been stood down from his role in the Rotorua police since the assault in July 2007 and received full pay for two years.

Newly graduated constables earn $56,137, rising to $81,356 for an extremely experienced constable.

Harrod wasn’t immediately dismissed following his conviction but was suspended from duties pending an employment investigation, said Rotorua police area commander Inspector Bruce Horne.

He could not comment about Harrod’s future in the police as it was an employment matter.

The issue should be dealt with “in weeks, rather than months”, he said.

His wife of 18 years and victim of the assault, Bridget Harrod, said she no longer spoke to her husband and wasn’t aware he was still on full police pay.

Bay of Plenty police district commander Superintendent Gary Smith said the six suspended officers in his district had all been charged with criminal offences.

Bay of Plenty had a workforce of 700 staff and such instances were a small issue, he said.

Mr Smith said police had to ensure staff behaved in a manner that was expected of them. “But when it falls below the stand expected and required, that calls for employment matters to be investigated and dealt with.” —NZPA

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[NOTE: It’s rumored that at least two senior police officers cuckolded the Constable; however, that’s no defense for attempting to kill his wife. TEAA]

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2 Responses to “Police Brotherhood Corruption at Breaking Point”

  1. Just another NZ Shithead said

    I would help any policeman/Woman giving you a blowjob …

  2. iris said

    enjoyed visiting yr site.

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