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New Zealand Abuses Indians With Animal Cruelty

Posted by te2ataria on July 22, 2009

sent be KCM in Auckland

Shateel Chand, an Indian schoolgirl hit by a bus remains in critical condition

Shateel Chand, a 15-year-old Indian schoolgirl who was hit by a bus in Auckland yesterday remains in critical condition.

shateel chand

Shateel Chand

This is yet another sad account of the plight of Indians [and other “colored” people] in New Zealand. They suffer the same levels of cruelty in the hands of pakeha as animals.

Shateel, an Auckland Girls Grammar School student, was struck at the intersection of Barrack Rd and Penrose Rd in Mt Wellington at 7:30am yesterday. She sustained extensive head injuries.

chand sisters

HOPE AND PRAYER: Shweta and Sharleen Chand, aged 10 and 5, want their big sister Sheetal home as soon as possible. Sheetal is in hospital after being hit by a bus on Tuesday morning. Photo: AMELIA JACOBSEN. Image may be subject to copyright.

It was reported that the bus driver initially stopped the bus [presumably to make sure that his target was indeed a “colored” person] and then drove off.

Waka Pacific operations general manager Zane Fullpjames said the bus driver had been suspended from duty while the incident was investigated.

Police spokesperson said, the  police were keeping an open mind about the driver’s actions. [Bet they are!]


If YOU are as outraged as we are, email Dr Manmohan Singh, the PM of India, and let him know how you feel.



Speaking from Auckland Hospital yesterday morning, her father Rakesh Chand said she was still on life support and starting to show improvement.

“They’re just monitoring her and taking it each step at a time. She’s not getting worse. That’s the main thing.”

As she came out of the induced coma, doctors began checking what she could do. She was able to squeeze a hand when she was asked to do so.

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      8 Responses to “New Zealand Abuses Indians With Animal Cruelty”

      1. john said

        [Edited. Wrong or right, you’re entitled to your opinion, but not on this blog. Moderator]

      2. Safe squre said

        [You’ve been circled out! Moderator]

      3. earlybird said

        I do not know what sort of bus it was, but the schoolbuses in New Zealand are privately owned. They race around in a way you would never see anywhere else, as if they think they are in some kind of rally race. They drive less responsibly than the tour buses.

      4. Sue said

        Hahahahahahahahahahaha… good one.

      5. Vyas Senthil said

        Any person who is even a little bit kind at heart would subconsciously stop to check if he has hit and injured somebody with his vehicle. But then his concious mind takes over and he knows that he would get into serious trouble even if he helped her to a hospital. This is where the difference in personality comes in,a few people(myself included) would take the injured person to the hospital irrespective of whether they would get into trouble or not, while a majority of people would just try to escape from that place as quickly as possible. Read the Indian Newspapers, you will find that this happens pretty frequently irrespective of the nationality . Please don’t make this a racist issue. I find that people over here are extremely friendly towards Indians.

        • te2ataria said

          Vyas Senthil said:
          “Please don’t make this a racist issue.”

          Given the number of Indians murdered in NZ, are you in denial, or just uninformed?

      6. Berta said

        This is really bad news for the racist kiwis.

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