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So Much Collective Bad Karma in New Zealand?

Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

The impact of collective bad karma isn’t regulated by the Geneva Conventions, either!

pakeha are the lowest form of life … their cowardly soldiers are the maggots that come out of …

Had just replied to a reader on

It’s Your Collective Bad Karma!

See: Let’s say I’m convinced about the impact of bad karma, but why is it so severe in New Zealand?

When a reader sent in the following:

NZ soldiers slaughtered Bedouin

Anzac scumbags
“The ANZAC Mounted Division.”  These murderous maggots and worms specialized in the murder of unarmed, defenseless civilians. This is a known fact, as their disastrous performance in Gallipoli showed, the murderous cowards were not men enough to face an enemy that were even minimally armed!

Hundreds of Bedouin were massacred by lowlife ANZAC scumbags when scumbag Trooper Leslie Lowry — of the New Zealand Machine Gun Squadron lines — was allegedly killed on December 9, 1918, by a local thief whom he had chased out of the tent camp.

“It was always thought that New Zealanders were mainly responsible for the massacre,” Paul Daley, author of Beersheeba told The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

Paul Daley said: “The Australians’ participation was assumed but never really proven.”

Whatever the role of the Australians in the killings, the fact remains that the massacre was initiated by the runts of British empire, the maggots from the feces, who have always gone out of their tiny, murderous heads to be regarded as one of “the boys.”

The men on garrison duty at the time were from the ANZAC Mounted Division: the Canterbury Mounted Rifles and 7th Light Horse Regiment.

Daley’s  discovery of  a tape recording of a former trooper in the Australian Light Horse, Ted O’Brien, is revealing. Ted O’Brien reportedly “described in graphic detail how he and his comrades had ‘had a good issue of rum’ and ‘done their blocks’  in Surafend, and how they ‘went through (the village) with a bayonet.’

What will they blame the massacres in Afghanistan on? Opium, morphine, heroine or the yet more  exotic derivatives of the local produce?

The Bedouin, Mr O’Brien said, were “wicked…You’d shoot them on sight.” Of the massacre at Surafend, he said “it was a real bad thing…It was ungodly.”

The massacre wasn’t technically a war crime. So that’s alright. [The collective bad karma isn’t regulated by the Geneva Convention, either. TEAA]

Daley said that, while some people would no doubt define Surafend as a “war crime”, technically it was not covered by the Geneva Conventions, and it actually happened after the war ended on November 11.

What did the occupying British Army say? Surely even they must have been far less evil than the ANZAC maggots.

The British commander-in-chief, General Sir Edmund Allenby, is said to have called the soldiers “cowards and murderers” at a parade the next day. All leave was stopped, all men on leave recalled and all recommendations for honours were withdrawn.

Junior officers closed ranks and no one was charged but in 1921 New Zealand paid compensation of 858 pounds and Australia paid 515 pounds, to the British, who then ruled Palestine, for the reconstruction of the village. The British Army paid 686 pounds because a small number of Scottish soldiers had participated. No witness actually saw the New Zealander shot, or saw the killer run into the nearby village of Surafend.

But tracks led in that direction and the men of Lowry’s unit threw a cordon around the village to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. They did not enter the village that night and the next day were ordered by officers to lift the cordon.

But that night about 200 Anzac troops surrounded the village, expelled the women and children and old men, and using pick handles and bayonets murdered between 40 and 120 men before torching their huts. The flames lit up the countryside for miles around. They then moved on to a neighbouring nomad camp, which they also burned to the ground.

The above is of course the romanticized version of the events that forgets “the boys” had “had a good issue of rum,” who also raped fair number of local women before bayoneting and mutilating them to death. The actual figures were probably closer to 1,250 villagers, men, women and children who were massacred indiscriminately

One New Zealand witness claimed that Scottish artillerymen from the Ayrshire Battery took part using horse traces (heavy harness chains encased in leather.

Another Australian author, Patsy Adam-Smith, said in her book The Anzacs that one report stated that the men threw villagers down a well and rolled a large grindstone down on top of them.

“Their excuse was that they were sick of the natives stealing; for five years they’d put up with their small private possessions from home being stolen as well as their uniforms and gear, were weary of their men being ambushed and killed while the authorities did nothing”.


Most of the genocide techniques used by pakeha petes against Maori remain the same whether they are applied in this country, Egypt, Vietnam… Iraq or Afghanistan.

Let’s hope this answers Bev’s question why the impact of collective bad karma is so severe in New Zealand. TEAA

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UK’s Waitrose: NO NZ Hoki

Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

For the original story click on the below link:

UK’s Waitrose refuses to stock NZ-caught hoki

NZ hoki - nz gov photo
Waitrose supermarkets say “NO” to NZ-caught hoki. Image NZ govt.


Fishing for hoki – The deep-sea fish hoki, also known as blue hake or blue grenadier, is one of New Zealand’s biggest fish exports. Hoki fishing began in the Tasman Sea, but has expanded to include Cook Strait, the Chatham Rise and subantarctic waters. In the decade to 2002 the annual quota for the catch was 200,000 tonnes. In 2004 the Tasman Sea stock was estimated to be down to about 13% of the biomass before fishing developed in 1972, with a warming trend in the Tasman likely to be a contributing factor. The quota was reduced to 180,000, then to 100,000 tonnes in 2004. Caption: NZ govt.

“There are some MSC fisheries that we don’t stock, such as the MSC New Zealand hoki fishery, which conducts bottom trawling,” Jeremy Langley, specialist fish buyer for Waitrose said in a report by Seafoodsource.com.

At least a dozen other supermarket chains in Europe and North America have also removed New Zealand caught orange roughy from their shelves because it goes against their sustainability policies. “Orange roughy is also caught by bottom trawling, dragging large, weighted nets across the ocean floor which lays waste to seabed communities, particularly on the seamounts where some fish species gather to feed and reproduce, and is considered one of the most destructive forms of fishing.” A report said.

“Waitrose has also pledged to buy only pole-and-line caught canned tuna.” Seafood News said.

Interestingly, NZ Govt has admitted that Waitrose hoki ban was not widely reported in UK’s Big Brother media.

Must Read [Link added Sept 12, 2009]

Why Do People Still Buy New Zealand Lamb, Pork and Other Bio-Chemically Altered Food products from Nastyland?

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    New Zealand Kills another Aussie

    Posted by te2ataria on July 25, 2009

    sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

    Welcome to the ‘Third World’ Realities

    There are probably 25 Aussies killed in New Zealand for every NZer snuffed out in Australia!

    The complete stats are hard to come by because New Zealand govt doesn’t release any stats concerning the number of foreignors killed in New Zealand, so you’ll have to keep your ears close to the ground and add the numbers up one by one.

    The latest life claimed by New Zealand was that of an “experienced alpine skier” who was killed after  buried in an avalanche in Southern Alps in Canterbury yesterday.

    “The man, believed to be about 60, was one of a group of five, including three tourists and two guides from Alpine Guides, skiing in the Ragged Range, near Methven, despite a high risk of avalanche in the area.” Media said.

    “Police have not released the man’s identity but reports said he was from Australia. The two other tourists, believed to be father and son, were also buried, but not injured.”

    “The guide has skied down and stopped and waited then the three clients have skied towards him and an avalanche has been triggered, burying all three clients,” police said.

    That’s what the guides normally do in New Zealand.  They go first, and too bad if you can’t follow them because of some stupid reason like being buried in an avalanche. They are trained in the art of making you part with your money and charge an arm and a leg, but aren’t trained to provide adequate protection  to ensure your  safety! [Hell, they can’t even tell you which area is ‘safe,’ and which isn’t.]

    Alpine skiing [and most other outdoor sports in NZ] is like playing Russian Roulette with a [5-bullet] revolver. Statistically, each skier faces a 1 in 5 probability of not making it back [alive!]

    Do YOU Feel  LUCKY?

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