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Aron Baynes: Aussie of the Week!

Posted by te2ataria on July 27, 2009

sent by Aussie ace-01

I’m NOT a F**king kiwi

NZ-born basketballer Aron Baynes says he is not a kiwi.

Aron Baynes
Basketballer Aron Baynes. I’m an Aussie, NOT a f**king kiwi. Photo: Photosport. This image nay be subject to copyright.

Having grown up in Australia, Baynes has turned his back on New Zealand and decided to play for Australia.

“Aron is an Australian — he was born in New Zealand but Aron regards himself as an Australian because he has grown up there (in Cairns) and played all his life there”.  Said Tall Blacks coach Nenad Vucinic.

“We went in on the fact they have got a lot of depth in the forward line and we thought he might decide not to commit to Australia just yet. Now he has committed it is a little disappointing.

“I feel it is the wrong decision, and that he would have had much more opportunity to play for us. But in the end he’s got to go the way he feels. Good on him, he’s made a decision, and we’ll just try to keep building around the players we have.”

Baynes is one of the few [ex-]kiwis, who unlike the rest of them, hasn’t got his head stuck up his rear!

But seriously, what sort of frigging name is Tall Blacks?

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