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NZ Police Licensed to Kill

Posted by te2ataria on July 29, 2009

sent by a reader in Brazil [edited by TEAA]

This entry replaces The B*stards Have Killed Yet Again!

NZ police is the only one in the world, save for the UK, that can kill ordinary people with absolute impunity

If one tenth as many people were killed by the police in any other country as they are in New Zealand, there would be bloody riots, even a revolution.

If the police force in any other country were as vicious as the motherf*ckers are in New Zealand, they’d have their heads removed and impaled on 10-foot long sticks and displayed outside the town halls to teach the next generation of the bast*rds an unforgettable lesson!

In space of less than 24 hours, the vicious, brain dead bast*rds have killed at least one person, near-fatally injured another by shooting him in the chest, and seriously injured a dozen more.

At worst the average criminal police officer [partially-trained, psychopathic, brownhead assassin] gets 100 hours of community service for murder.

Even here, in Brazil, people wouldn’t put up with such criminal police force.

[Even in Myanmar, North Korea, China… the police force are more accountable. TEAA]

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The shooting of Rob Mokaraka was an assassination job, which was authorized by someone very high up in the system, and conveniently carried out by NZ police assassins. TEAA

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