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Aussie of the Week: John Finnin

Posted by te2ataria on August 3, 2009

sent by a reader in Sydney

The Sodomy Face

Senior diplomat was tipped off by Aussie officials against German and Dutch police investigation for child sex offenses

aussie of the week - john finnin
John Finnin, a senior Aussie spook, was found guilty of sodomizing boys as young as 13. Photo: Wade Laube. Image may be subject to copyright.

John Finnin, a senior Aussie spook, who worked for the Australian Trade Commission [cover agency for Aussies secret service and spy network,] was found guilty last month of 23 child sex charges after a 3-week trial at a Victorian county court.

Austrade later took the unusual step of recalling Finnin from Germany – where he was deputy consul-general and head of trade for Europe, the Middle East and Africa – and informed him that he was under investigation. Finnin, who denied the allegations, was then allowed to leave Austrade with his reputation intact, quietly joining the fraudulent fuel technology company Firepower and returning to Melbourne.

“Seven charges were for entering into an agreement for the provision of sexual services by a child; another seven were for committing an indecent act in the presence of a child, and another six were for sexual penetration of a child. The other charges were procuring a child for sex, grooming a child for sex and transmitting child pornography.” A report said.

John Finnin held a top-secret security clearance from the Federal Government and used his “diplomatic status and access to Australian embassies around the world to traffic in young children for sex.”

He’s known to have sodomized Aussie, New Zealand and American children as young as 13. Anything short of a life sentence for the “sodomy-face” just won’t do. However, it’s unlikely that a “valuable asset” like him would be sent to prison for too long, if at all [regardless of the court trial and sentencing!]

Austrade refused to answer nine questions put by the Herald, including who was in the room when Finnin was informed of the police investigation.

Austrade did not deny any of the allegations, some of which were referred to in court and others by Finnin himself in interviews with the Herald.

Instead it issued a short, general statement defending its position. ‘‘Austrade demands the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour of its employees both in Australia and overseas.

‘‘Any allegations of illegal activity by employees are referred to relevant authorities. If Austrade received allegations as asserted, they would have been referred to the relevant authority, and any further comment would be a matter for that authority.’’

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2 Responses to “Aussie of the Week: John Finnin”

  1. Marcey said

    john is NOT an aussie …. he is irish

  2. Ross Barnett said

    If Finnin was engaged in illegal activity in Germany and Holland, why were no charges laid in those countries? Finnin was in a position to give evidence at the Cole Royal Commission into the AWB bribes – could it be that someone wanted him silenced? . . Is ASIS (a division of DFAT) in a position to hack email accounts and plant false evidence? . . there is smell here.

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