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Posted by te2ataria on August 8, 2009

sent by the ‘gnome of Abernaby’ [aka, Aussie Ace01]

The tall tales of Martian goblins as told by the gnome of Abernaby

Aussie security services foil plot to kidnap roos

The Australian federal government has just announced that their secret agents have uncovered and foiled a plot by “Martian goblin teroorists,” described as a “task force” with connection to “galactic mad-hatters,” to “catch as many Australian kangaroos as they could” before they are themselves “caught,” or “shooed off” with wooden crosses, and fly them to an unknowns [unspecified] destination near Mars.

faulkner and rudd
Defence Minister John Faulkner and Rudd (AAP). Image may be subject to copyright.

Is it true Minister?

If they say that what they are saying is true, then I’m saying what they are saying! Capice?

Kevin Rudd has keyed New Zealand PM, John Brief, who reportedly gasped with absolute horror.

When the Daily telegraph asked Mr Rudd, if the whole thing was a CIA plot, designed to discredit Martian goblins, the prime minister reportedly gritted his teeth, mouthed a 4-letter word, but otherwise refused to answer.

Ms Rein
The Prime Minister’s wife, Therese Rein, has been discharged from a far north Queensland hospital after being treated for an upset stomach. (Getty Images: Phil Walter, file photo). Image may be subject to copyright.

Meanwhile, Ms Rein, the wife of Australian PM, who has just left Cairns Base Hospital after developing gastritis while trying to down a roast leg of roo for breakfast with a single bottle of rum, was said to be unavailable for comments.

Either the Aussies believe the tall tales, or else the govt has to justify why they throw so much money at their “anti-galactic mad-hatters” defence programme.

Meanwhile, Mr Key is consulting kiwi astrologers to find out why his nose grows bigger, not just every time he lies, but whenever Mr Rudd lies, too!

ABC reported:

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says the Cairns Base Hospital is a prime example of a health facility in need of resources to cope with growing demand.

AMA Queensland president Dr Mason Stevenson says Cairns has one of the busiest emergency departments in the state and among the longest wait times for elective surgery.

Alas, the money is needed for a more urgent and noble cause [them ‘roonappers’ are ruthless] than treating the ever sick and bloody geriatrics. We are fighting a galactic war in multiple fronts, if you didn’t know!

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