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JohnKey: Wanted Alive For ‘War’ Crimes

Posted by te2ataria on August 10, 2009


sent by a reader in sewage city [Wellington]

JohnKey Sends SAS Assassins to Kill Afghan Women and Children: Reports

We hope the same fate, as the one you’ve imposed upon the defenseless people of Afghanistan, befalls you, your wife and kids!

Meanwhile, there must be a court in this world that would try you and your gangster government for ‘war’ crimes and crimes against humanity!

war criminal

Here’s a suggested inscription for your headstone, after the court disposes of you like they did Sadman Hussein:

I was a cowboy, on a steel horse
But I wanted to play God, of course
I so desperately wanted to kill the Afghans in biles
Then, suddenly, I was wanted  alive to stand trials

In the Hague, sometimes I slept, often something kept me awake for days
And the people I met always didn’t like my ways
Sometimes you told the days by the bottle that you drank
And times when you’re all alone, the sound in your head was a firing tank

I sent SAS assassins loaded with six shooters on their backs
I told them to rape and murder and cut the ragheads like hacks
I told them to play for keeps, and prayed they could not all have made it back
I had seen a million faces who didn’t deserve to live, not even in a shack

Original photo and lyrics may be subject to copyright!

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4 Responses to “JohnKey: Wanted Alive For ‘War’ Crimes”

  1. te2ataria said

    SAS base picketed

    22/08/2009 17:16:02

    Around 70 people have picketed the SAS training base in Papakura this afternoon, protesting at the decision to send troops back to Afghanistan.

    The government recently announced the return of the elite SAS to Afghanistan.

    Global Peace and Justice spokesperson Mike Treen says the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has supported a corrupt government which is controlled by tribal warlords. He says continuing the occupation is only going to make matters worse and sending the SAS compounds the error of having any military there.

    Mr Treen says the protest south of Auckland this afternoon was well supported by passing motorists.


  2. Deborah Kean said

    Your site is interesting! I am reading now…

  3. John S said

    John Key = money grabbing, self centered, egotistical cunt.

    How did NZ’ers make the mistake of voting for this twat into power.

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