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New Zealand Kills Another Visiting Indian

Posted by te2ataria on August 12, 2009

Welcome to NZ: Tourists Killing Fields!

Another Indian tourist killed in a car crash in New Zealand

An Indian tourist was reportedly killed in a car crash near Gisborne on Friday.

“Ayjay Singh, 23, died when a blue Subaru Legacy WRX he was travelling in hit a concrete shed on the northern side of Makaraka, near Pilmer Rd about 9.45pm.” NZPA said.

Gisborne police reportedly contacted Interpol and the New Zealand High Commission to notify the victim’s  family.

“Police were looking at reports the car clipped another as it attempted to overtake near the Pilmer Rd intersection, before it went out of control and hit the shed.”

Based on personal experience, similar incidents reported by friends and acquaintances, countless personal observations and numerous reports of similar incidents that have occurred previously, the Moderator believes that Mr Singh was intentionally forced out of the road in an act of homicide, which was probably racially motivated.

It is understood that a family member will fly to New Zealand to take Mr Singh’s body back to India in a body bag [see 36″ x 90″ sample featured in this photo.]

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