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Fonterra Kills, Kills, Kills

Posted by te2ataria on August 14, 2009

sent by a reader

Fonterra Crushes 2nd Employee to Death

And it’s NOT just the innocent Chinese babies that Fonterra kills

Known for the mass-murder of Chinese babies, Fonterra has killed again. Fonterra-sanlu tainted milk products killed at least a dozen or so Chinese babies [the actual figures are a state secret] last year and sickened as many as one half to a million other infants.

Fonterra has just killed another employee at its plant in Edendale, Southland, this morning, at least the second one this year. The victim’s body was found crushed to death in an elevator shaft.

fonterra d4  ODT
Fonterra D4 project manager Dean Shilvock [unsuccessfully] oversees construction of the fourth milk drier at the company’s Edendale dairy factory in Southland [where an employees was crushed to death this morning.] Photo by Neal Wallace/ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

[It’s seemingly ordinary people like Shaftlock in New Zealand, who don’t give a kidney stone who lives or who dies as a result of their actions.]

“An ambulance communications spokesman said it received a report at 11.08am of a worker gone missing in an elevator shaft.” Southland Times reported.

The ambulance services, after they eventually arrive at the scene, said the victim had died from a “crushing injury,” a company spokesman was quoted as saying.

“A Fonterra spokeswoman said the man was a contractor working on installing the plant’s ED4 drier, as part of a $212 million expansion due to be commissioned in the next two weeks.”

“Our thoughts are with the contractors family, colleagues and friends at this terrible time,” she said.

The victim was [at least] the second Fonterra employee to be killed at work this year, South land times said. “Theodorus Rangihu Blake, 52, of New Plymouth, was crushed to death at the company’s Hawera, Taranaki, plant in January.”

News Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2753576/Man-crushed-to-death-at-Fonterra-plant

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