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You Want to Commit Suicide?

Posted by te2ataria on August 15, 2009

Come Ski in S. Alps with Experienced Guides

Dead Clients and Dead Ski Guides Vouch for Our Reputation! Come take the plunge in New Zealand!

OK! It may cost you two arms and two legs, but your death is guaranteed. Ski New Zealand, and you are guaranteed to die a cold, suffocating and unforgettable death in the high mountains. Don’t worry, you won’t be rescued! [Rescued? Are you frigging kidding me?]

The third reported death in the Southern Alps, was that of “an experienced ski guide” yesterday.

The guide was killed about 4pm yesterday in the Ragged Range, west of Methven, where an Australian tourist was killed by an avalanche in the same place exactly three weeks ago.

The heli-ski guide, 38, worked for Methven Heliski, the people who took Australian Llynden Riethmuller to his ski trip death on July 24.

“Police were still contacting family and had not released the guide’s name last night.” Reports said.

There was a lot of he said, she said, by various people including Methven Heliski managing director Bryan Carter: “We are devastated. It’s just terrible that this has happened.” [Would that affect the company’s bottom line, you old fraud?]

The guide was taking 4 mindless tourists to the area, one of the whom was treated at Ashburton Hospital for injuries, and the other three being looked after by Victim Support wet nannies at a Methven hotel.

“Mountain Safety Council programme manager Steve Schreiber said the avalanche risk was ‘considerable,’ ranked in the middle of a five-level danger scale, which meant a human-triggered avalanche was “probable” and an avalanche caused by natural activity was ‘possible’.”

“We forecast before the first avalanche that things were unstable and we were proven right,” he said.

“It’s been a dangerous year worldwide. There have been big events in other parts of the world.

“These things are a result of the weather, and certainly the weather has been quite active this winter.”

Another reported avalanche fatality in the South Island occurred on August 2, 2009 when a 30-year-old snowboarder was killed near the Coronet Peak ski area.

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