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New Zealand Kills 2 More Mexican Students

Posted by te2ataria on August 21, 2009

Inquest on the homicides 20 Months Later!

First, a Word on the Meaning of Freedom of Press in New Zealand:

Freedom of press in New Zealand means their right to choose NOT to report incidents [or bury them among other news  ‘surreptitiously,’ in a way that no one hears about it,] that might harm the financial interests of their parent companies/ sponsors/ advertising clients, against the public and foreign visitors’ interest.

The account  of  this double negligent homicides only came to our attention because it was reported ‘again,’ this time widely; the father of one  victim couldn’t let go! Otherwise, details of the double homicides would have been buried with the victims  like so many other murder/killing/ negligent homicide cases have been in New Zealand.

How were the two Mexicans students killed?

Student pilots Juan Carlos Cruz Felix, 21, and Erick Garcia Marques, 18, were killed when their Piper Cherokee crashed near Lake Coleridge on January 16, 2008, according to The Press.

The two students had been training at the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand in Christchurch [just a mouthful, long name to impress foreign students,] said The Press.

The deaths  were ‘school’s fault’

The father of one of two Mexican pilots killed when their plane crashed has blamed the flying school for their deaths, an inquest was told yesterday.

Andres Garcia, the father of the younger victim,  and an experienced commercial pilot himself, has blamed the flying school for the death of his son and the other pilot, in a letter which was read at the inquest yesterday.

Two of the things you can rightly accuse kiwis of without hesitation…

Two of the things you can accuse kiwi of without any hesitation, especially those individuals with a military background who work as instructors at flying schools (also diving, parachuting… schools) are:

1. The ‘instructors’ are often unprofessional, unqualified, ex-military individuals who non-the-less reap the benefits of having a military background.

2. They are extremely racist because of their military training, and couldn’t care less about the safety of their ‘non-white’ students.

[NOTE: They train NZ soldiers to kill ‘non-whites’; it makes little difference to them killing an Afghan national in Afghanistan or in New Zealand.]

Back to Mr Garcia’s Letter

In his letter, Mr Garcia has blamed the academy for  not warning students of the dangers of flying in a mountainous range, allowing two inexperienced friends fly together and leaving them without supervision.

“I believe that not enough stress is put on the dangerous conditions when flying in this kind of terrain,” Mr Garcia wrote.

“So therefore they believe it is an easy task, when in fact, as a 28-year veteran of flying both in the Mexican Air Force and as a commercial pilot, I know of the dangers of such terrain.

“In my opinion, it is the school’s fault … I do not understand why student pilots are encouraged to fly together when training because they can be distracted from what they should be doing, especially if they are friends.”

Expert witness Keith Mitchell said: “I believe the academy has a responsibility to look after its students and manage its assets,” he said. “The amount of control it has has to be at the highest level it can achieve.

“Complacency can creep in over a period of time. In some areas, that has probably happened.”

The Press had tried to contact the academy executives,  but it said they were unavailable for comment yesterday.

If Mr Garcia hadn’t bothered to write to the inquest, the news of his son’s death, and his friend’s, would never have been made widely public.

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