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Stalin Turning in His Grave with Envy

Posted by te2ataria on August 24, 2009

Farm Animal Compassion Void Syndrome

Let’s Hope this is one of those last minute reprieve tearjerkers to show the world pakeha are benevolent [sic] not the EVIL doers we know them to be!

North Korea has more compassion than the heartless b*stards in NZ establishment.

A sick Filipina mother of two NZ-born children married to a kiwi husband has been told she must get out the country because her illness is too costly.

Here’s the full report, which makes you want to kick out every pakeha out of the country in a hurry!

Sick mum ordered to leave NZ

An ailing Filipina mother of two New Zealand-born children has been told she must leave the country because of her illness, a move her Kiwi husband says will “sign her death warrant”.

Immigration New Zealand has turned down the residency application of Evangeline Acero Stanners and ordered her to leave when her work permit expires in January – despite her husband being a New Zealander, The New Zealand Herald reported.

Mrs Stanners, who lives in Christchurch with her husband and children, aged two and six months, was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease during her second pregnancy last year.

“If I have to leave my children, I know it might be the last time that I will see them, ever,” she said.

“As a mother, my fight to stay alive is so that I can be here for them.

“Immigration is tearing our family apart. If I have to go back to the Philippines, I am surely going to die – I’d rather die with my family beside me.”

Immigration has been told Mrs Stanners has only 15 per cent kidney function and will need either a transplant or dialysis.

A New Zealand citizen or resident can sponsor a spouse or partner for residency, subject to meeting health requirements.

Mrs Stanners was “likely to impose significant costs or demands on New Zealand’s health services”, Immigration said.

Husband Richard Stanners said dialysis treatment would cost about $65,000 a year and sending his wife to the Philippines would “be as good as signing her death warrant”.

Wigram MP Jim Anderton has written to Associate Immigration Minister Kate Wilkinson requesting a medical waiver.

Ms Wilkinson said she would look into the matter but “could not guarantee a favourable outcome”. NZPA ,  copyright stuff NZ

Dear pakeha in transit: YOUR time to get out will come sooner than you think!

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