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Something for Nothing: A Perceived kiwi Birthright

Posted by te2ataria on August 29, 2009

Getting something for nothing seems to be a perceived kiwi birthright

And with that mentality goes lying, cheating, thieving, denial  and ultimately  murder!

Liza Hunter-Galvan
Liza Hunter-Galvan was yesterday suspended for two years, after a second ‘B’ sample tested positive for EPO. Photo / Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.

She received her two-year drug suspension for “a deliberate act of cheating,” Nz herald said.

Liza Hunter-Galvan, 40,  who had no option but to admit to the offense, since she was caught cheating, admitted using the banned drug erythropoietin (EPO), but  claimed she did not realize the drug was illegal (!)

[The average cheating athlete, when caught using banned substances, are usually advised not to say: “Show me on athlete, who doesn’t use performance enhancers!”]

“The Sports Tribunal yesterday suspended the Olympic and Commonwealth Games athlete for two years, after a second “B” sample tested positive for EPO, a natural hormone that regulates the production of red blood cells.” Report said.

Artificial EPO boosts the number of red blood cells and enhances athletes’ performance in endurance sports like marathon .

Hunter-Galvan is the first New Zealand athlete who was “careless enough” to be caught using banned substances  since the “pole vaulter Denis Petouchinsky tested positive for the steroid stanozolol and was stripped of the silver medal he won at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur [and was banned from athletics for four years.]”

It’s taught the two-year suspension, at her age, could mean the end of her substance-assisted athlethics career.

Dick Quax, a former Olympic silver medalist was quoted as saying it was “sad a New Zealand athlete has chosen to cheat.”

It would have been more appropriate for him to say it was “sad a New Zealand athlete was caught cheating.”

“If you’re going to take drugs, it’s inevitable with the testing that goes on that you’re going to get caught.”

“Quax thought it was a good lesson for all athletes that drug use was wrong.” Report said. [Then why did… ]

What Quax is probably saying is: “Beware of Cheap stuff!” Unless you have top bucks, forget using the cheap, easily detected drugs.

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