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Kippah and Toupée Cabinet Plan Final Assault

Posted by te2ataria on August 31, 2009

sent by a reader in NY [Edited by TEAA]

“$100 billion of untapped minerals,” that’s how the international money cartel sees New Zealand

“Stocktaking minerals” on Crown-owned conservation land was a “long way away” from mining the land, says PM of New Zealand, John Key.

Gerry Brownnose, NZ’s Energy and Resources Minister announced last week that the [Kippah and Toupée] government was planning to stocktake mineral resources in conservation land, which are supposed to be protected under the Crown Minerals Act.

The untapped minerals are reportedly worth about US$100 billion, some 70 percent of which are buried under conservation land.

“We certainly have no intention of digging up the Crown’s conservation estate. This is a stocktake, which is perfectly reasonable,” Mr Brownnose said.

Mr Key, too, has started his sales pitch saying  concessions were sometimes given for mining on conservation land.

“Under modern mining techniques it’s not these big open cast wounds on the landscape that results, it’s a surgical incision in the land,” Key told NewstalkZB.

“Some of these debates [about mining] are a little ahead of themselves.

“Let’s just understand what’s there.”

Paul Majurey, a lawyer acting for Marutuahu iwi confederation, said the stocktake had Treaty implications.

“Tribes have claims over conservation land and mineral wealth but the assets had not been on the negotiating table before, he told the New Zealand Herald.” NZPA reported

“Any commercialisation could change that.”

“When we finally get a chance to negotiate with the Crown those are two big-ticket items that are going to be on the table.” Majurey said.

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2 Responses to “Kippah and Toupée Cabinet Plan Final Assault”

  1. JT said

    The U.S. had many of these in the last administration. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=145676

    It started in the 1980s and just kept increasing. Guess NZ is next.

    Some dual nationals are more equal than others.

    So for Americans who feel uncomfortable with that influence over their national affairs, it is clear that NZ is not the place to escape to.

    • te2ataria said

      The Israeli-American dual nationals aren’t morally or ideologically advanced people; quite the opposite. They’re callous and destructive! The entire gang is a large mafia organization, hence their financial strength. They’re inspired by their spiritual fathers, people like Meyer Lansky (born Meyer Suchomlanski). In fact the gambling-prostitution-drugs-racketeering-extortion-assassination empire Lansky created has gone from strength to strength and today like a giant, all powerful umbrella protects the dual nationals.

      Ever wondered how many US Senators they have on the payroll, for example?

      “So for Americans who feel uncomfortable with that influence over their national affairs, it is clear that NZ is not the place to escape to.”

      Americans need education, lots of it. pakeha must ask themselves “why should I commit any atrocity in the name of the folks with dual Israeli nationality.”

      And rest of the world will pay an even bigger price for their fears.

      Thanks for the links. I’ll send them to the US people who wrote:
      U.S. Defense System Riddled With Big Israeli Holes

      You don’t necessarily have to hold an Israeli passport to be considered as a dual Israeli national.

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