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Massive Earthquakes: New Zealand Could Be Next

Posted by te2ataria on September 30, 2009

For the original entery click on the link below:

Massive Earthquake Measuring up to 8.4 Mw Strikes Samoa Islands Region

FEWW has forecasted that “Up to 3 Additional Large EQs Could Strike in the Pacific Ring of Fire in 2009,” the next one of which could strike New Zealand.

The large earthquake generated  1.6-meter  waves in American Samoa, Apia and Pago Pago. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (NOAA/NWS/PTWC) issued a tsunami warning which has since been canceled.

Regarding the casualties, FEWW said:

According to local news, at least 4 villages were wiped off, leaving more than 40 dead and up to a 100 injured. Most of the casualties are believe to be children. More casualties are expected as local reports are received.

ABC New Online quoted one of its readers as saying:

“My family own the Taufua Beach Fales and we have confirmation that nine members of our family have perished, four of them children and many more missing.

“The tourists haven’t been accounted for either.”

The writer says their family along the shorelines of Aleipata have taken refuge on higher ground.

“We feel so helpless and our hearts are aching for our families who have perished. My grandfather TAUFUA who the beach fales are named after also perished. There are reports from family that alot of elderly and children are missing.

“Please keep your prayers alive. Although we have been badly affected, our prayers are with everyone else in Samoa/Amercian Samoa who have lost loved ones.”

Samoan man Sione Taotua, who lives in Broadmeadow NSW, and who has been trying to reach family members in Samoa  out of concern after this morning’s earthquake said that dozens of people have been killed and entire villages have been swept away by the tsunami waves.

“I tried to contact my wife and kid but there’s no answer. It seems that the line is not connected,” he told ABC News Online.

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“Highly poisonous fumigant” washed up on Christchurch beach

Posted by te2ataria on September 29, 2009


From North To South, and East to West Deadly Poisons Are Being Washed Up on New Zealand Beaches

NZ Beach

First came this:

Lethal Coastal Waters Kill Deadly Fish!

Steer Clear of Deadly Fish on New Zealand Beaches: Poison from Dead Fish Piling Up on New Zealand Beaches Can Kill You in 60 minutes

Large piles of deadly porcupine fish have been found washed up on the Petone foreshore, Wellington, New Zealand, prompting a warning to the public to steer clear of them.  Photo: PHIL REID/The Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

And now This:

Second toxic canister washes up on Christchurch beach

A second canister containing highly toxic pellets has been found washed up on a Christchurch beach.

The canister was found on New Brighton Beach near the North Beach Surf Life Saving building on September 15 and handed over to police today.

A Christchurch City Council spokeswoman said tonight tests of the pellets inside the original canister indicated that they were of a highly poisonous fumigant which releases a toxic chemical when exposed to water.

The second canister had now been collected by the council’s hazardous substances staff, and a preliminary inspection indicated the pellets were the same chemical in the first canister.

The spokeswoman said that anyone finding a canister should secure the area without touching the container, and immediately contact the council or the Fire Service.

The canisters which have been found are approximately 25 centimetres high and grey in colour, and the pellets are also grey. —NZPA
Source: http://tvnz.co.nz/content/3039696

NZ police have not revealed whether the dead bodies recently found on New Zealand beaches, as well as numerous dead marine animals including a rare blue whale, are related to the poisons!

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100-percent inhumanity

Posted by te2ataria on September 29, 2009

sent by a reader

100 % Pure Shame

To those folks who still buy meat and dairy products from New Zealand:

First: Shame on you for participating in 100% animal torture.

Second: Have you any idea where the meat you are eating comes from?

dead calves - NZ
Dead calves photographed outside one of the Crafar Farms’ sheds. Photo: interest.co.nz. Image may be subject to copyright.

Another Fonterra Seal of Shame

The following video below obtained by www.interest.co.nz shows dozens of calves starving and near death at Crafar Farms’ Benneydale dairy farm between Tokoroa and Te Kuiti earlier this month.

Take a look [Warning: Image are shocking]:

Crafar Farms pleaded guilty to 56 charges of neglecting dozens of dead and dying cows at one of its Hawkes Bay farms in September 2006, but was fined just NZ$200 and allowed to continue operating, Hawkes Bay Today reported.

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You Vicious Bitch!

Posted by te2ataria on September 28, 2009

The Vicious, ‘Flesh-eating’ pakeha Women …

“I bit down on her finger. It was instinct and wasn’t deliberate.” —The flesh-eating woman, Donna Gillie

No, it’s not just the rugby louts; old pakeha female are often every bite as vicious!

Beatrice Manumua - Photo Northern Advocate
Beatrice Manumua. Photo: Northern Advocate. Image may be subject to copyright.

A Northland woman lost a finger when her neighbor’s bit it off during a dispute over a lawnmower.

Details of the bizarre confrontation between Donna Gillie and Beatrice Manumua emerged in the Whangarei District Court yesterday where Gillie pleaded guilty to a charge of assault.

The two old women who “live two doors from each other in a cul-de-sac off Smeaton Drive, in Raumanga, Whangarei,” apparently have a history of animosity between them, “but it was a request by Gillie to use Mrs Manumua’s lawnmower that sparked the finger-biting fiasco.” The Northern Advocate reported.

Like a  vicious animal, Gillie bit off Mrs Manumua’s little finger on February 27, 2009, just  two days before Manumua’s 60th birthday.

Mrs Manumua says her finger was bitten off because she refused to loan her lawnmower.

She says she can remember pain shooting through her hand when Gillie bit off  the tip of her pinkie on the left hand.

“My finger was jagged and yucky looking. She bit it  off and just spat it out on the grass.

“Blood was pouring out everywhere.”

The fingertip was recovered, put on ice in a child’s lunchbox and taken by Mrs Manumua in the ambulance to Whangarei hospital.

She refused to have her finger sewn back on because, she says, it was already turning black.

Her finger was amputated at the next knuckle and stitched the next day.

“I’m pretty self-conscious about it because it’s damn ugly,” Mrs Manumua said.

Yesterday in the Whangarei District Court, police withdrew a charge of wounding with intent to injure and laid a charge of assault to which Gillie pleaded guilty.

The tipsy-brain Judge ruled that “Gillie was initially not the aggressor and she had been chased up the driveway and grabbed from behind by Mrs Manumua.”

His ruling came despite the fact that “Gillie had an extensive criminal record and was  serving 12 months’ supervision which was to finish in April next year.” The NA reported.

Gillie, who has a 2-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, said she bit off her neighbor’s finger because she had scratched her face and was clawing at her  mouth. “I bit down on her finger. It was instinct and wasn’t deliberate.”

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SAS Ladies Cry Foul

Posted by te2ataria on September 27, 2009

sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]  and edited by TEAA

Yes, Ladies, It’s your Turn in the Barrel on Wednesdays!

Didn’t anyone tell SAS they are being used as cannon fodder?

This week’s capital ‘S’ for stupidity must go to the SAS commander for not realizing that her ladies were being used as the sacrificial lamb in Afghanistan!

Members of New Zealand’s Special Air Service have expressed grave concerns about the dangers of the mission they have been given in their latest deployment to Afghanistan.

One of their war pimps [commanders] is on record as saying that  some of his girls were “extremely uneasy about the combination of an increasingly deadly insurgency and the high-risk missions.”

The commanders’ comments come at a time of record deaths for US forces and their allies in Afghanistan. In recent weeks American and Nato commanders have openly discussed the possibility the conflict may be lost. On Thursday, five US soldiers died in three incidents in Afghanistan; a total of 769 Americans have died in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan and Uzbekistan since the US invaded in 2001. …  six Italian soldiers were killed earlier this month when their convoy was hit by a car bomb in Kabul previously regarded as one of the country’s few areas of relative safety.

Without releasing any details, the Sunday Star-Times has said that the new asSASsination missions are “far more dangerous than that carried out on deployments between 2001 and 2005.”

The unit’s latest mission, approved by Prime Minister John Key, will see SAS men in close-quarter battle in urban areas. Close-quarter battle is one of the most complex and hazardous areas of special operations, often leading to intense firefights at very short range. Soldiers from other special forces have been killed on such missions in Iraq and this month in Afghanistan.

We are also told that:

Previous SAS deployments, by contrast, have focused on long-range patrols and rural reconnaissance. The SAS also took prisoners during “snatch and grab” operations, which led to controversy after revelations they were transferred to US custody at Kandahar, where torture was occurring. The Star-Times has learnt the government has signed a secret agreement with Afghanistan to protect the latest SAS contingent and other soldiers from legal implications of complicity in torture.

New Zealand violated the Geneva Convention, laws against torture and  committed war crimes when our “elite” assassins, the so-called SAS troops,  handed over 50-70 Afghan prisoners to the Americans at a detention center in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan in 2002.

Meanwhile, a report by General Stanley McChrystal, America’s top commander in Afghanistan, which was leaked to the Washington Post, has concluded that failing to quash insurgents within a year “risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible”.

Would the New Zealand Assassins make any difference to the outcome of the US  lost war of occupation of Afghanistan?

Former New Zealand diplomat Terence O’Brien said there was no evidence special forces would make a difference. “There’s no assessment of what they’re doing. It’s all covered up under the rubric of security.”

How could John Key be so ruthless as to commit NZ troops to a lost war?

O’Brien said Key wanted to curry favour with the US, but could have done so without sending the SAS to Afghanistan. Committing to the current deployment was like being stuck to a tar baby. “We’re in an absolute bugger’s muddle now,” O’Brien said. “We’re there, and the question is, how to get out.”

War Criminal John Key must resign NOW and hand himself in to the International Court of Justice to be tried  for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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World’s Dumbest Laws

Posted by te2ataria on September 26, 2009

Sent by a reader

World’s Dumbest [and most Corrupt] Pollution Law and Permit Upheld by World’s Worst Sewage Judge!

“On average, 197 million litres of effluent is discharged into the drain each year.” [That’s about 650 tons per day, at the usual rate, and 3,000 tons per day in October 2007.]

Armed with 40-year-old discharge permit, contractors pumped millions of gallons “of condom and tampon-laden effluent into a Horowhenua drain,” a report said.

The sewage Judge Brian Dwyer sitting in Palmerston North District Court declared that the polluters were not breaking the law.

Pumping effluent into Stansell’s Drain to lower Shannon’s oxidation ponds for maintenance works was “expressly allowed” within the plant’s one-page permit, Judge Brian Dwyer told the Palmerston North District Court yesterday.

The Manawatu Standard reported:

Shannon’s sewerage plant still operates under a permit granted in 1970 by the Pollution Advisory Council under 1963 regulations. It does not stipulate restrictions on rate, volume, method or point of discharge…

Tatana Contracting, Downer Edi Works and Horowhenua District Council had been charged “for discharging untreated human sewage into the drain, which flows into the Mangaore Stream that feeds into the Manawatu River, between October 2 and 4, 2007.”

The Judge dismissed the case. However, the Horowhenua District Council had already pleaded guilty for their role.

Tatana company director Johnston Mac Tatana reportedly said “it’s a relief to be all over.” Downer Edi Works did not respond.

Flowing through  Palmerston North,  the Manawatu River, enters the Tasman Sea at Foxton Beach, leaving a trail of infected garbage behind.

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When NZ Killed the Vietnamese Man

Posted by te2ataria on September 25, 2009

They didn’t use NZ-brewed kiwi-flavored Agent Orange this time to kill the Vietnamese man !

Thuong Si Nguyen, 32, and father of two young kids, was hacked to death with swords in Papatoetoe on August 27.

Police said they have arrested two Auckland men, aged 27 and 34, this morning and charged them with Mr Nguyen’s murder.

No one else was being sought in relation to the death.

The victim’s family returned his ashes to Vietnam earlier this month.

Note: The news of this slaying only became available a month after the event.


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Korean Teen Gets 18 Months

Posted by te2ataria on September 24, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

Tae Won Chung, the Korean student who stabbed his racist kiwi teacher, has been Jailed  for 18 months.

Had he been a pakeha murdering a black woman he would have probably received a lesser sentence.

The 17-year-old Korean student, Tae Wong Chung, stabbed his racist teacher after he insulted the Korean race.  Photo: JOHN SELKIRK. Image may be subject to copyright.

Why such long sentence for an act closely connected with the young Korean victim’s defense of national honor?

The answer of course is to do with New Zealand’s stagnant economy and the role of the fleecing judge in creating work within his corrupt industry. The government [toilet] spies had already submitted their report to the judge on the financial status of  Chung senior. [Dishonorable mention for the Korean Diplomatic Mission in New Zealand.]

 The evil, racist, ‘fleecing’ Judge Roderick Joyce had already raised the stakes by frightening Chung senior, saying that junior’s attack on his teacher had been “gravely reckless and could have proved lethal.”

The scumbag teacher didn’t disappoint, either. He too had got the message that Chung’s father is a wealthy man, or has good credit. He complained about, “deep knife wounds to my back which caused damage to my spine.”

He walked in and out of the courtroom “with a visible limp,” saying that  he had spent six weeks in hospital after the knife attack and his back still hurt a lot. [Well try some aspirins, or better still keep your racist mouth shut, next time, if you can’t cope with pain.]

“He told the court of the lasting image of Chung ‘standing straddled across me in the class with his bloody knife.'”Media reported. [I thought he was about to cut my head off, like we did to his fellow countryman!]

The student’s father, Ki Chang Chung, said he had difficulty finding words to apologise for what his son did.

“When I sent my son to New Zealand I was full of dreams but I stand here today because of his unacceptable, extreme behaviour. For his behaviour, justice has to be done and he deserves to be punished.”

Asking the fleecing Judge Joyce for leniency because of his son’s young age, he said: “As a parent I am really depressed and sad because his future is unsafe”.

The Fleecing Begins

Chung’s lawyers looked on in horror, when the felt the honest man could ruin their day. What no costly appeal?

They had been signaled by the judge from day 1 that Chung senior was a cash bovine and could be milked all the way to the court of appeals, possibly beyond. Yes, they too  had whiffed the smell of money all along. They said they would appeal the sentence.

This is just one of the ways in which New Zealand makes its invisible earnings.

Outside court, David Jones QC told media that a bail application would be heard at the Auckland District Court tomorrow morning.

It would be interesting to find out how much the legal theatrical has cost Chung senior thus far. Our guess? 60 – 70K including  fines and ‘out of pocket expenses.’

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‘Boobs on Tanks’: Selling War in Afghanistan to NZers

Posted by te2ataria on September 23, 2009

sent by a reader

One in Five New Zealanders is Born into Poverty

Let them Eat ‘Boobs’:  John Key [the Fairy Queen]

The desperate establishment uses enlarged breasts to sell the War in Afghanistan to dumbass kiwis, despite prevalent national poverty

tanks and boobs auckland 09
Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank during the Boobs on Bikes parade along Queen Street today. Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

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New Zealand Kills 3 Vanuatuans

Posted by te2ataria on September 23, 2009

Only one death reported so far

A 58-year-old Vanuatuan woman was killed and two others received near-fatal injuries   after a van carrying a party five  rolled in the Waikato area earlier today.

The group, part of a larger group of 17, were heading to Auckland airport to travel home, when the incident happened at Ngatea, 23km southwest of Thames, about 8am, police said. Media reported.

The group had worked as kiwifruit pickers in New Zealand since about April 2009, and were on their way back  to their country when the incident occurred.

According to the report, another vehicle wa involved in the incident, which occurred on the State Death Road  [Highway] 2.

The woman died at the scene and two others with serious injuries were taken to Thames Hospital initially then flown to Waikato Hospital.

It’s believed both of the injured workers have since passed away, according to a source with access to Waikato Hospital.

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NZ Bathtub Navy Boat: FBKP – BNB1

Posted by te2ataria on September 22, 2009

sent by a reader in sewage city (Wellington)

Today’s Top Photo

1 in 5 New Zealander is born to poverty

NZ Bathtub Navy Boat: F**k the Bloody Kids in Poverty, or FBKP- BNB1

New Zealand government has spent$500 million on Project Protector, buying four 340-ton, 55-meter bathtub patrol vessels, FBKP- BNB1 [aka, Roiti]  “F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty – BNB2 [aka Pukaki,]  F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty – BNB3 [aka Hawea,] and F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty- BNB4  [aka Titanic Taupo.] Image may be subject to copyright.

One expert was quoted as saying that “the vessels will protect our waters” from mutant “killer dolphin” babies whose brains are affected by rat poison dropped on them by … the government.

Nevertheless, NZ govt has spent $2,277 on behalf of every kid living in abject poverty to protect them from  sea monsters and maritime enemies such as China, Myanmar, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan …  whose soldiers lurk in our coastal waters.

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Collective kiwi Evil Karma Strikes Irish Publican

Posted by te2ataria on September 22, 2009

One Again, Collective kiwi Evil Karma (CKEK), aka the Curse of Hinenui-te-pō, Strikes a Foreigner

kiwi woman named as Ilana James, from Waikato, New Zealand,  finally collected her Irish husband’s body from a Laos river three days after he was drowned.

Michael O’Sullivan, 39, an Irish publican, “got into difficulty after a river ‘tubing’ ride with his wife Ilana James, 29, and 18 other holidaymakers.” NZ advertising media reported.

“Mr O’Sullivan and Ms James from Raglan, had been enjoying a belated honeymoon backpacking around Asia after marrying last November, the Evening Herald in Dublin reported. ”

They couple had planned their “Asian honeymoon,” which ended in a tragedy, “to renew their vows in the presence of Mrs O’Sullivan’s mother in New Zealand.”

The couple went on the “tubing adventure” on the Nam Xong river in Vang Vieng, in the north of Laos, last Thursday.

Their “tub” was capsized in the river, “and locals had to use ropes and sticks to rescue them.”

Mr O’Sullivan was the only “adventurer” not to be rescued. His body was finally recovered on Monday, about 36 hours after he was drowned.

Mr O’Sullivan’s New Zealand Death Clock had started ticking the moment he met his future kiwi wife in England.
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Jewish Students Spoil Oktoberfest Party

Posted by te2ataria on September 21, 2009

sent by an “outraged” Jewish reader [edited by TEAA]

Jewish Students Donned in Nazi Uniforms Spoil Oktoberfest Party at Lincoln University

A group of Jewish students in Christchurch dressed as Nazis and concentration camp inmates to spoil the Oktoberfest Party at Lincoln University.

“The small group caused outrage when they turned up to a Lincoln University Oktoberfest party on Friday night. They wore Nazi apparel and were heiling Hitler and using slogans like ‘Sieg Heil’ and ‘Hitler’s my boi’.” Media reported.

Lincoln University Students Association president Megan Harte says their actions were tasteless and inappropriate. She is not surprised about the reaction from other students.

“Lincoln University is not a racist place. It has about 40 percent international students . . . this is not something that’s symbolic of most Lincoln University Students.”

Ms Harte is embarrassed for the students who wore the costumes, but says it is more of an issue around education and acceptability than the students expressing any racist tenancies.

“Got to remember that most of these students are 18 or 19 and they don’t necessarily know the symbolic nature of what they’ve done. I think that the students who complained had every right to do so.”

Ms Harte says the matter is now being dealt with by the halls of residence.

What Ms Harte probably doesn’t know, or leaves out, is the fact that such anti-Germanic activities conducted by Zionist Jewish communities are long-standing, and many similar “attacks” regularly occur throughout the world. These outrages are meant to  strip the Germanic people of any claim to racial culture, or vestiges of civilization, voiding and removing their national identity. The blueprint for these events are designed in Israel. The events are carefully planned by skilled bands of “adults” and staged  [acted out] by the more impressionable younger members, in this case probably 18 or 19 year-old freshmen.

Jewish Council Proclaims another ‘Fatwa’

The party [which was infested by false flag antisemitism,] has been called an “abhorrent demonstration of ignorance”, by the Jewish Council of New Zealand.

[Note: Jewish Council of New Zealand has objected to the “party,” NOT the “party spoilers.”]

New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman [wielding the holocaust cudgel] said such trivialisation of the Holocaust was disappointing.

“It is not the first time and I doubt it will be the last either. In most of the cases we’ve found in New Zealand, it’s generally through a degree of ignorance that this sort of behaviour eventuates.”

Lincoln vice-chancellor Roger Field said:

“If some of the claims that have been made are correct, then I think some of the behaviour seems to be quite unacceptable.”

[A couple of patsies, who joined in unwittingly, would probably be made to shoulder the blame.]

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More Proof kiwi Antisocial Behavior Gene Related

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2009

The Scumbag Brothers Prove kiwi  Thuggery Has Genetic Roots

Two kiwi brothers who battered their partners were sent to prison, “with both being sentenced on the same day.”

Joseph Reily Grace, 31, of New Plymouth, received a two-year prison sentence for ” injuring with intent, assaulting a child, threatening to kill, willful damage and breaching a protection order,” the Taranaki Daily News said .

His younger sibling, Osborne Grace, 30, of Bell Block, was jailed for two-years  and four months for battering his partner.

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He Survived the Extreme Perils of North Sea

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2009

Only to be Mowed Down by a Drunken Old Witch in New Zealand

Frank van Kampen, 46, worked on oil rigs in the North Sea for many years before going to New Zealand to work for the Department of Conservation.

Later,  he trained to be a teacher;  got married and had a first baby with his wife only 10 weeks ago.

He was killed when a drunken 70-year- old female crashed into him from behind. The fatal collision occurred on State Highway 1, New Zealand’s narrowest Death Road.

A colleague of van Kampen who witnessed the crash  described the way the 70-year-old female was driving long before she crashed into the victim:

“She was totally out of it, she was absolutely blotto,” he said. “She was all over the road. She nearly ran into me a couple of times.

“I looked up and Frank was there and she ran straight into him. I think he died instantly.”

He described the woman as “a menace” saying that he hoped she would be jailed for killing van Kampen. “Her actions along the road before she hit Frank were just unbelievable.”

The incompetent police, which invariably fails to prevent such accidents, said the drunken female driver driving the station wagon that killed van Kampen failed a breath test. “Her licence has been suspended and she is likely to face charges once the serious crash unit completes its investigation.” Media reports said.

[Boy, isn’t that a relief for poor van Kampen; only if the police could see how him right now, jumping with joy at the news!]

If only van Kampen knew his NZ Death Clock had started ticking, the moment he left the offshore oil rigs  near the coast of Scotland.

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