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NZers help drive demand for sex and labour slaves

Posted by te2ataria on September 2, 2009

sent by a reader in Wellington [Edited by TEAA]

New Zealand hosts as many as ¼ million sex and labor slaves

  • One in 10 sex slaves worldwide work in New Zealand [and Australia,]  or in ‘prison-brothels’ on various pacific Islands owned or protected by New Zealand [and Australia.]
  • Nearly every single kiwi fruit, apple, tomato…  grown in New Zealand is picked by a labor slave

NZers accused over child pornography

A major conference on human trafficking starts in Wellington today, with one of the organisers alleging New Zealanders are helping drive demand for sex and labour slaves.The Salvation Army is hosting the three-day Pacific Trafficking in Persons Forum, and Salvation Army justice advocate Chris Frazer said that recession is feeding the global supply of sex and labour slaves.

Deteriorating household living standards in countries where traffickers source their victims are making the impoverished more vulnerable to profiteering traffickers, Ms Frazer said.

A recent report released by anti-child sex trafficking network ECPAT and The Body Shop highlighted the increasing vulnerability of children and young people being coerced or conned into prostitution or the production of child pornography.

Ms Frazer said New Zealanders who surf the internet for pornography were likely to be contributing to misery of those trafficked for the production of pornography, and most New Zealand homes would contain items or components of products that had been produced by slave labour.

Products from industries as diverse as clothing, sports shoes, coffee, chocolate, sugar, fireworks, glassware, jewellery and mobile phones and laptops had been found to have been made with slave labour.

“These are not one-off crimes against mainly children and women – the victims suffer day after day, year after year and the damage to their lives is often permanent,” she said.

The evidence for trafficked labour in the Pacific was anecdotal but significant, and it was time for a Pacific focus on the issue, she said.

Prostitutes Collective national coordinator Catherine Healy said people often claimed there was human trafficking in New Zealand but her organisation had not found evidence of this.

“We’re the only organisation working hands-on nationwide with sex workers and we’re not seeing any evidence of trafficking,” she said.

Ms Healy said the 2009 US report Trafficking in Persons defined a person as “trafficked” if they are working as a prostitute and aged younger than 18, and New Zealand had scored badly on this scale.

The American research said Fiji was a source country for children trafficked for the purposes of labour and commercial sexual exploitation, and a destination country for women from a number of countries trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation.

More than 21 Pacific nations are represented at the forum, including Fiji, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-L’este and Western Samoa.

The forum, co-hosted by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Pacific Immigration Directors’ Conference, is being held at the Quality Hotel and includes speakers from government departments and non-government organisations from the Pacific region as well as UN and law enforcement agencies.

Copyright NZPA.

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2 Responses to “NZers help drive demand for sex and labour slaves”

  1. Hippynz said

    what a load of crap, there are no sex and labor slaves in New Zealand because there are reliable legal systems in place to deal with it. Anyone can go to police on labour department at no cost to them and it is not corrupt like other countries.

    [what a load of crap, indeed. NZ police and judiciary are among the most corrupt in OECD. Moderator J.]

  2. Jenny H. said

    Thank you for being the only source on to tell the truth about slavery in New Zealand, especially at a time when it was so unpopular…
    Jenny H.

    Chained to a bed and servicing 50 clients a day: life as a sex slave

    Likely ‘thousands’ of migrant slaves in New Zealand: Expert

    New report says NZ ‘destination’ for forced labour, sex trafficking

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