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NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers’ Pose with Bomb in Afghanistan

Posted by te2ataria on September 5, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

What are the similarities between female Israeli teens, and NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers?’

1. Both pose with the bombs!
2. Both provide comfort for the male soldiers.

Hours after another NATO air strike killed 90 people in Afghanistan, most of whom where civilians, the New Zealand military HQ leaked photos of kiwi ‘Comfort Soldiers’ posing with a bomb.

The photo is very similar to the Israeli military PsyOp photo below:

israeli teens sign bombs to be dropped on Arab kids
Female Israeli teens signing bombs before they were dropped on Arab kids. Photo Afp. Image may be subject to copyright.

bomb and nz army fags
New Zealand ‘comfort Soldiers’ in Afghanistan were photographed  posing next to a large bomb, just hours after another NATO air strike killed about 90 people, mostly civilians. Photo: NZ Herald/handout.

NZ soldiers are reportedly based at Bagram, and have been in Afghanistan for about four months. The bomb has been decorated with Demon energy drink stickers displaying the company’s “no limit no laws” logo.

According to an American war veteran, now an antiwar activist, the main role of the NZ ‘Comfort Soldiers’ in Afghanistan and elsewhere is to provide ‘sexual favors’ [playing ladies] for the more aggressive, masculine soldiers from other NATO countries.

One thing we learn from this, however, is that the scenario for the massacre of both the Palestinians and Afghans is written by the same ‘policymakers’ in Tel Aviv.

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NZ Swine Flu Carrier Dies in Canada

Posted by te2ataria on September 5, 2009

sent by a reader in Calgary

One of the NZers Who Carried the Swine Flu Virus to Canada Died!

Alberta’s chief medical officer said the New Zealand man developed the disease before arriving in Canada.

The NZer came to Calgary for WorldSkills 2009, an event where young people from around the world attend to show off their talents. He was reportedly related to a female competitor in the New Zealand team.

The dead man arrived in Calgary on August 28 and became sick the next day, and died on Thursday September 3, the chief medical officer said.

New Zealand team has 17 competitors, but it’s not known how many of them may be swine flu carriers.

It would be prudent for the authorities to quarantine the New Zealand team members, their advisers, and all other visitors from New Zealand.

The New Zealand team should NOT be awarded any kind of prize for spreading the swine flu virus in Canada.

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