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Another Asian Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on September 7, 2009

Japanese male, Masashi Hayama, 22, was most probably victim of racial murder

Just a day after their media release concerning the disappearance of the victim, New Zealand police farce issued the following bulletin:

Body Found On Rocks At Tawhirinui Peninsula

6 September, 2009 – 17:14

Rodney Police say a man’s body has been found washed up on rocks at Tawhirinui Peninsula today.

The discovery was made by a spear fisherman at about 11.45am this morning, Sunday 6 September 2009 in Christian Bay, on the Tawhirinui Peninsula.

The deceased body has been identified as being that of a 22 year old Asian male who was last seen at the Orewa Beach Holiday camp at about midnight on Tuesday 1 September 2009.

Police began searching for the young man after he was reported missing by his family on Wednesday.

Police are notifying friends and relatives of the deceased, some of whom are residing overseas.

An autopsy will be carried out tomorrow and the circumstances surrounding the man’s death will be determined by the Coroner.

There are no suspicious circumstances related to the man’s disappearance or the discovery of his deceased body.


Kevin Loughlin
Communications Manager
Waitematä Police District Headquarters |Takapuna North Shore City

As this blogger had anticipated:

1. There was little chance of finding the Mr Hayama alive.

2.  Police, which had preempted everyone by commenting on the state of the victim’s mind, describing “his recent behaviour as erratic,” said: “There are no suspicious circumstances related to the man’s disappearance or the discovery of his deceased body.”

Judging by, (i) waves of racially motivated Asian murders in the  country,  (ii) similarity of the ways in which these  murders are carried out in New Zealand and (iii) the wording of the initial missing persons’ bulletin,  police must have known that the victim was already dead at the time of posting the notice.

Let’s hope Mr Hayama’s family conduct their own investigation into his death, which, in all probability, was a racial murder.

Mr Hayama was  the 1,603rd foreigner to be killed in New Zealand since January 1, 2000. [The death toll is the lowest possible estimate based on an statistical model which uses all of the available data.]

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20 Responses to “Another Asian Killed in New Zealand”

  1. […] Another Asian Killed in New Zealand […]

  2. Genevieve said

    [Comment withheld. TEAA]

    • te2ataria said

      Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, we have no way of confirming the veracity of your statement. Further, your defense of the police adds more suspicion to the cause of death.

  3. Genevieve said

    [Edited. Moderator.]

    • te2ataria said

      Your comment was edited because it doesn’t take into account racial murder as the most probable cause of death. Based on previous cases, this moderator, and several pakeha contributors, believe the victim was a target of racial murder.

  4. Genevieve said

    I apologise if I seemed abrupt-I’m upset about my friend and I feel you may have misinterpreted my message. Having looked at this website a bit more I’m curious…..this appears to be some sort of hate website squarely aimed at New Zealand……you make NZ sound worse than all the third world countries put together. I’ll admit I’m not always particularly proud of it myself a times, it’s quite embarrassing really. Where in the world are you? Are you a New Zealander? generally we kiwi’s aren’t patriotic in the way Americans or Australians are. We can be quite self-deprecating really. And you seem to know a awful lot about NZ. Most other people around the world (outside of NZ) don’t even know it exists let alone pinpoint it on a map.

  5. resident of 1080ville said

    The problem with New Zealand is that it markets itself as a pure and safe place – a getaway from everything bad in the rest of the world. The marketing is deceptive and slick, and there is a lot of money behind it, too. And a lot of money at stake. NZ lives off of tourism and migration because its productive citizens leave in droves for other places where they can make something of themselves. For so many people to be fooled by this marketing, be tricked into coming here, and find themselves stuck in bad circumstances, a victim of the system and culture here, is a sad thing. There are a few “NZ exposing” type sites on the Net. More than you would think for such an innocent sweet little nation like this. Wonder why. Puzzling, eh. People feel the need to get the word out, that’s why.

    I don’t know the person who runs this website, but I figure that NZ did this person wrong somehow and the person sure does a good job of letting others know what they are in for if they come here! Kudos for turning your situation whatever it is) into a platform for educating other people.

  6. te2ataria said

    YOUR honest and informed comment is appreciated.

  7. Tash said

    Te Ataria you seem to be a hater on NZ or is it on the pakeha system??? I c u rep the tino ranga-tira-tanga flag, which is a represent of the maori nation so it cant be against NZ itself ?? But im confussed on whats your kaupapa about???
    Masashi was a friend of myn and the way i c it, Is we trust the police with our lives, we are lead to believe that what they do is the right thing at all times… WELL GET FUCKED PIGS COZ IF YOU DID YOUR JOB THEN SUSH WULDNT OF BEEN IN THE CASKET…There is so much speculation that is going on, when the hell are we going to know the truth!!!!!!

    • te2ataria said

      Tash – I’m sorry about your friend, Masashi. As for the truth, we’ll probably never know for sure. However, there’s enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that he was victim of foul play, most probably a racist murder.

      There are too many evil forces operating within our land, most which are invisible [unbelievable] to most of us, but they exist nevertheless.

      As for my kaupapa [philosophy,] it’s quite clear and simple: Aotearoa [New Zealand] is my [Maori] ancestral land. I want it back; I want all of it, and I want it F*cking NOW!
      Kia Ora

  8. H said

    And no, I do not mean tough because of being soft but because of seeing the future! Because of knowing what freedom is, slavery is known to be a bad thing!

    • te2ataria said

      Have you heard the ones about freedom and slavery by the famous writer, Goethe

      This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew.


      None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.

  9. H said

    Why do you say racial, aren’t such tensions always cultural and/or political? People consider Asians as cold and uncaring, while Asians maybe think the same of others? why are they not vegetarian? Like if things go toward the Asian direction, we will all have a tough time on this globe. If NZ is a good place they resist evil, and it is always easier to see evil in other cultures, just like it is so very difficult for usa to appear convincing in the eyes of all the others: after all we all have some kind of cultural wisdom and that of usa is different from ours. If you are used to freedom, like most Euroepans are, the Asian influence can be really tough on you!

    • te2ataria said

      “Why do you say racial, aren’t such tensions always cultural and/or political?”
      Are you serious? take a look at the “scoreboard” and you’ll see why!

      “why are they not vegetarian?”

      You know very little about Asians. Most Indians, and many other Asians are uncompromising vegetarians.

      “Like if things go toward the Asian direction, we will all have a tough time on this globe.”

      That’s a particularly racist comment for anyone to make.

      “If you are used to freedom, like most Euroepans are, the Asian influence can be really tough on you!”

      Are you kidding me? Europeans are free? You mean they’re free like NZers are?

  10. Raven said

    [Unintelligent message. Disallowed. Moderator]

  11. Genevieve said

  12. […] Another Asian Killed in New Zealand […]

  13. Emma said

    Where and what basis can you honestly say this was probably a racial related murder, or even a murder? I can’t believe you are even able to write something like that.. ! I’m not disagreeing with what your aim of this whole blog thing is… but jesus. Some harsh words for something thats not proven.

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