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New Zealand Kills Yet Another Aussie

Posted by te2ataria on September 14, 2009

Australian Neurosurgeon Killed in Unmarked, Dangerous Ski Area

Australian neurosurgeon Stan Siejka, 51, from Tasmania was killed after he fell into one of New Zealand’s tourist black holes, Porters ski area, near Canterbury, on Wednesday September 11.

Stan Siejka
Stan Siejka, 51, from Tasmania. Dr Siejka’s NZ Death clock, which started ticking the moment he planned his holiday in New Zealand, finally stopped at Christchurch Hospital’s intensive care unit. Dr Siejka was an intelligent person by any standard, but it remains a mystery why he chose New Zealand as a holiday destination.

Dr Siejka was the only neurologist working at the Launceston General Hospital and will be sadly missed.

Tasmania’s Acting Premier and Health Minister, Lara Giddings, was reported as making the following statement:

Dr was a highly skilled neurologist and his dedication to medicine, his patients, the LGH and northern Tasmania, in general, will be sorely missed.

I understand Dr Siejka was a Tasmanian graduate and undertook his specialist training interstate and in Canada.

His service to the LGH spanned almost 20 years and at one time he provided outreach services to patients in Southern Tasmania as the only neurologist in the state.
Dr Siejka was a dedicated professional – something his patients no doubt would know too well.

His death is a terrible tragedy for his family, friends and colleagues, and my thoughts and best wishes are with them at this very difficult time.

As for the New Zealand authorities, they couldn’t of course give a damn. In their eyes, the “unlucky” Siejka was just a “bloody stupid tourist” who should have known better.

Dr Siejka’s family should hold New Zealand PM (acting also as Tourism Minster) and NZ govt responsible for his negligent death, and demand death compensation on a par with  Israeli tourists who fall victim to NZ tourism.

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