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The Day of the Scumbags

Posted by te2ataria on September 15, 2009

Scumbag pakeha Murderer Weatherston Gets only 18 Years

Clayton Weatherston, 33, the well-connected psycho killer, a member of pakeha elite, received only 18 years for the frenzied murder.

Weatherston was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 18 years for stabbing Sophie Elliott to death 216 times, and mutilating her body afterward  in the bedroom of her Dunedin, New Zealand,  home on January 9, 2008.

Mark my words: He’d be out in less than 6 years time!

Sophie Elliott’s death sentence meant her life was taken away permanently with no chance of parole—EVER!

How heinous  a crime must pakeha elite commit, before they could receive a life-means-life sentence?

Perhaps justice Judith Potter, who must have been torn between her various allegiances </sarcasm>, could  answer that!

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Who Killed Annie Le?

News of murder of Annie Le, the Vietnamese woman who was killed at Yale University a few days ago,  coincided with the sentencing of scumbag Weatherston, which in turn followed a number of high profile murders committed by scumbag pakeha.

Instinctively, you know her murderer was either a pakeha, or someone with an identical psychopathology. Will wait and see!

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A Pair of Scumbags Confess to Ripping off Birds’ Heads

The most immediate thought that comes to mind is: What sort of lowlife [other than pakeha] would commit despicable acts  like that?

Two men have pleaded guilty to killing more than 30 birds at a South Canterbury aviary. Jonathan Fleming and Simiona John admitted they ripped the heads off parrots, galahs and other exotic birds at the Temuka Bird Zoo last month. A third accused, Michael Kircaldie, has not yet entered a plea.

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7 Responses to “The Day of the Scumbags”

  1. A New Zealander said

    This is shocking. ”the scumbag pakeha”. Why don’t you leave out the pakeha bit? All races commit heinous crimes. Pakeha, Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asians, Europeans, Americans….

    It’s the human race as one, not just a single race. Why are you so hell bent on singling out what the Pakeha have done in the headlines?

    If you want to get into it, I can gladly drag up many murders and foul crimes committed by Maori, or any other race on this earth.

    Get a life, and learn to deal with the foul world ALL HUMANS have created, not just a single race!

    • te2ataria said

      Is this a comment or rhetoric?

      Just when did Maori attack, say, Holland, Ireland or Britain?

      Which of the crimes against humanity were committed by Maori or other of world’s indigenous people?

      Which of the world’s global wars or reginal conflicts were started by Maori, Inuits, Aborigines …?

      Do all historian take an oath to be as disingenuous [downright unintelligent liars] as Homer?

  2. A New Zealander said

    Lets look at the gangs of New Zealand then, most being of Maori or Polynesian decent. What about all the crimes and killings they have committed?

    If you want to single out a race and its pitfalls fine, but to ignore the crimes of your own kind is just contradictory.

    This is why we need to stop focusing on the blame and work towards solutions to make New Zealand a better place for all that live here.

    • te2ataria said

      “Lets look at the gangs of New Zealand …”

      Yes let’s look at the gangs of New Zealand. The biggest gangs in New Zealand are [in descending order of power]
      1. The International Bankers who manipulate our lives
      2. Corporation, their executives and wealthy shareholders
      3. The politicians
      4. The Judiciary
      5. The New Zealand Military [Rape Army, Navy…]
      6. The New Zealand Police Farce
      7. And so on …

      Can you tell me which one of “Polynesian gangs” are more powerful than any of the above?

      If people of Polynesian decent commit any crimes, it’s because their lands have been stolen from them and they are forced into poverty. Others have lifestyles imposed on them that they know nothing about, or care for much!

      “If you want to single out a race and its pitfalls fine …”
      Collectively, there’s just one group of people who have committed major crimes on our land: pakeha.

      “This is why we need to stop focusing on the blame and work towards solutions to make New Zealand a better place for all that live here.”

      This is about a “solution!” Please return our stolen land. If you then decide you can live like us, we’ll help you settle in!

  3. A New Zealander said

    Why would I want to live like ”you”?

    Not for me thanks.

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