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NZ Prime Minister Murders 3 More Brits, One Baby

Posted by te2ataria on September 17, 2009

sent by a reader

Why was it murder? Why John Key stands accused?

John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, kills 3 more British tourists, one of them a three year old child.

Car Crash MARTIN DE RUYTER-The Nelson Mail
This young girl was one of the victims of a recent car crash in New Zealand. Photo: MARTIN DE RUYTER/ The Nelson Mail. Image may be subject to copyright.

The three English tourists who were killed in a crash in Christchurch yesterday were:

1. Sera Eades, 60,

2. Her granddaughter Iva Harper, aged 3

3. Her cousin Valerie Susan Bryan, 68.

Mrs Eades’s husband, Geoff Eades, was driving the car, which went out of control colliding with a power pole in Christchurch suburb of New Brighton about 6.20pm, last night.

Mr Eades was in a stable condition in Christchurch Public Hospital, according to New Brighton police.

The Eades family came from Derbyshire, England. Mrs Bryan came from the village of Castle Donnington, a report said.

They had been in NZ for a few days before they were killed, police said.

Car Crash 2 MARTIN DE RUYTER-The Nelson Mail
New Zealand: Defective cars, deadly roads, drunk drivers, drugged drivers, assassin drivers, ex-military killer drivers, kamikaze drivers, “boy racers,” suicide drivers, fatal car crashes. Photo: MARTIN DE RUYTER/ The Nelson Mail. Image may be subject to copyright.

How John Key commits mass murder?

Firstly, both as the prime minster and tourism minister of New Zealand, John Key spends tens of millions of dollars luring foreign tourists into the country. New Zealand is a deadly destination for tourism.

Secondly, New Zealand roads are the deadliest among OECD countries. Most every tourist is unaware of this fact.

Thirdly, the tourists are left to the the mercy of fate, one  decided by  a bunch of alcoholic, drugged and otherwise unfit “drivers” on the roads. For example, teenage girls as young as 13, on a hormonal rush, under the influence of banned substances and with more alcohol in their blood than even most adults can handle,  are let loose on deadly New Zealand roads. Most every tourist is unaware of this fact, too.

Fourthly, nearly all second-hand cars, especially the rental cars, and some new ones that are sold in New Zealand are defective. Car dealers import defective cars from other countries because they are cheaper than roadworthy cars. None of the tourists we have spoken to was aware of this fact, either.

However, Mr Key is fully aware of all the above-stated facts. Yet he has taken NO step to ensure  the safety of foreign tourists who are lured into this country as “cash cows.” In fact, foreign visitors are

Twice More Likely to Get Killed in NZ in 2009-10 than last year.

In all likelihood the police and corporate media will blame Mr Eades for the crash. Given the extent of his personal tragedy he would be a soft target and and accommodating one for shouldering the blame.

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5 Responses to “NZ Prime Minister Murders 3 More Brits, One Baby”

  1. Beth G. said


    What farce! What injustice! New Zealand media and your police force are truly evil. Look at the way they are treating this poor guy, Geoff Eades. They are tearing him up, stabbing him in the gut and heart.

    I think he became “fare game” as soon as they realized his wife was black.

    I read somewhere that he sustained a broken ankle and punctured lung in the crash. Add to it the shock and pain of losing three family members, and you’ll see why he is saying it was his fault.

    It’s a natural reaction. The only way he can cope with the extreme trauma following the loss of three family members is by accepting the guilt for their deaths, even though he knows deep within him that he wasn’t at fault.

    My best friend drowned while on a holiday with her family. We were both thirteen at the time, and I couldn’t stop crying for days on end. Twenty-five years on, I haven’t been able to come to terms with her death, and every now and then, though not as much as before, still blame myself for her death.

    In fact, the grief has dominated my life. Why did I let her go on holiday? Why didn’t I go with her to stop her drowning? And more unending questions.

    The fact is I wasn’t even asked to go with them, and my family wouldn’t have let me gone had I been invited.

    Geoff, if you ever read this, please accept my condolences on the loss of your wife, granddaughter and cousin. And please remember that it wasn’t your fault, and you mustn’t let the false guilt ruin the rest of your life.


  2. kirsty said

    having been to nz myself planning to emmigrate there i watched the adverts on tv trying to get drivers to slow down but to be honest will it really work with a load of teenagers i didnt drive but my husband a well experinced car and lorry driver felt uneasy at times drivers there speed all the time even on small windey country roads he kept having to pull over to let 6 or 7 cars fly past him even though he was doing the speed limit we also had a rented car and if reading this before we went i would have asked more questions about the car because we travelled alot around nz and that could have been me and my husband i feel so sorry for goeff as he will live with this the rest of his life even though it wasnt his fault i cannot imagine what it would feel like

  3. te2ataria said

    Most foreigners I speak with generally agree that life seems to have less meaning, less quality and less value placed on it here in New Zealand than it has in most other places on the planet.

    Before finalizing your immigration plans, be sure to do a thorough research. I know very many Brits who came here full of enthusiasms, but escaped this country within a few months, having suffered financial, emotional and in some cases personal losses.

    See also: https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2009/05/09/a-warning-to-new-zealand-visitors/

    Our hearts go with Goeff for his enormous loss and pain. This moderator and blog contributors believe he accepted responsibility because that was the only way he could cope with the pain.

    New Zealand is very DANGEROUS tourist destination.

  4. PD said

    I have never encountered so many frighteningly bad drivers in one place, and have traveled all over the world. Drink driving, overtaking on blind curves or with little space to spare, hoons at all hours of the day and night. Killing fields, these roads. The Government finds plenty to spend on a new rugby stadium but has none to spare on safety features for the roads? Drug testing begun on the drivers of tourist buses revealed they were often under the influence (meth, dak). Public knickers in twist. We must do something about this! If this matter was handled the way everything else is handled in Godzone, they “solved the problem” by generating negatives on driver drug tests by pre-alerting drivers sufficiently in advance of drug test days to ensure that the results would be negative! Public then reacquires habitual smug smile about national effectiveness. Tourist dollars are protected. All is well.

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