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Korean Teen Gets 18 Months

Posted by te2ataria on September 24, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

Tae Won Chung, the Korean student who stabbed his racist kiwi teacher, has been Jailed  for 18 months.

Had he been a pakeha murdering a black woman he would have probably received a lesser sentence.

The 17-year-old Korean student, Tae Wong Chung, stabbed his racist teacher after he insulted the Korean race.  Photo: JOHN SELKIRK. Image may be subject to copyright.

Why such long sentence for an act closely connected with the young Korean victim’s defense of national honor?

The answer of course is to do with New Zealand’s stagnant economy and the role of the fleecing judge in creating work within his corrupt industry. The government [toilet] spies had already submitted their report to the judge on the financial status of  Chung senior. [Dishonorable mention for the Korean Diplomatic Mission in New Zealand.]

 The evil, racist, ‘fleecing’ Judge Roderick Joyce had already raised the stakes by frightening Chung senior, saying that junior’s attack on his teacher had been “gravely reckless and could have proved lethal.”

The scumbag teacher didn’t disappoint, either. He too had got the message that Chung’s father is a wealthy man, or has good credit. He complained about, “deep knife wounds to my back which caused damage to my spine.”

He walked in and out of the courtroom “with a visible limp,” saying that  he had spent six weeks in hospital after the knife attack and his back still hurt a lot. [Well try some aspirins, or better still keep your racist mouth shut, next time, if you can’t cope with pain.]

“He told the court of the lasting image of Chung ‘standing straddled across me in the class with his bloody knife.'”Media reported. [I thought he was about to cut my head off, like we did to his fellow countryman!]

The student’s father, Ki Chang Chung, said he had difficulty finding words to apologise for what his son did.

“When I sent my son to New Zealand I was full of dreams but I stand here today because of his unacceptable, extreme behaviour. For his behaviour, justice has to be done and he deserves to be punished.”

Asking the fleecing Judge Joyce for leniency because of his son’s young age, he said: “As a parent I am really depressed and sad because his future is unsafe”.

The Fleecing Begins

Chung’s lawyers looked on in horror, when the felt the honest man could ruin their day. What no costly appeal?

They had been signaled by the judge from day 1 that Chung senior was a cash bovine and could be milked all the way to the court of appeals, possibly beyond. Yes, they too  had whiffed the smell of money all along. They said they would appeal the sentence.

This is just one of the ways in which New Zealand makes its invisible earnings.

Outside court, David Jones QC told media that a bail application would be heard at the Auckland District Court tomorrow morning.

It would be interesting to find out how much the legal theatrical has cost Chung senior thus far. Our guess? 60 – 70K including  fines and ‘out of pocket expenses.’

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6 Responses to “Korean Teen Gets 18 Months”

  1. A teacher who taunts his student, in the way this teacher taunted Tae Wong Chung, is asking for trouble. (And no, that does not mean that I condone knife attacks.)

    • te2ataria said

      The knife attack was extreme, but you have to understand the circumstances and consider all the factors that led to it:
      – He’s a teenager
      – He cannot express himself in English
      – He’s marooned in a racist, anti-Asian country, where he is racially taunted on at least a daily basis
      – He feels threatened, cornered, bullied, ridiculed and abused
      – He has live with the ghost of Jae Hyeon Kim who was beheaded by a kiwi in 2003

      Frankly, the average person under these conditions might have looked for a more serious weapon to “even the score.”

  2. Added to which, Korea has a long history of occupation and abuse by the Japanese. Although Tae Wong Chung, and other young Koreans, has not personally experienced this occupation, which sought to eliminate the Korean language and even Korean names, you can be sure that it has contributed to his psychological makeup.

  3. anonymous said

    i personally know both the teacher, and the student i sat in class with tae i was taught by david warren. David warren is a complete racist assholes, he often makes remarks about korean war and dying balh blah blah, i agree with the commenter above that although i dont condone the stabbing, this is blown way out of proportion, the child is eighteen and he goes to jail for 18months? u get less for rapping or robbing a bank. Mr lewis brent is lying through his teeth, i just hope he too does get caught up in them

    • te2ataria said

      Thanks for your input, anonymous.

      We have always believed that to be the case. It’s very unfortunate that your classmate, rather than the racist scumbag teacher, Warren, has been victimized.

      If you feel strongly about the issue, start up an on-line petition [you may be able to do one anonymously,] asking for his sentence to be quashed. New Zealand judiciary truly suck, don’t they!

  4. English teacher said

    Several of my students have told me how racist and unpleasant David Warren is. He was back at school within a very short time, fully supported by the Principal.

    Although I do not condone this action in any way, and deplore the inflammatory and rather unintelligent article above, I feel deeply sorry for Tae Won Chung and agree with Te2ataria.

    Does anyone know where Tae is serving his sentence?

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