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World’s Dumbest Laws

Posted by te2ataria on September 26, 2009

Sent by a reader

World’s Dumbest [and most Corrupt] Pollution Law and Permit Upheld by World’s Worst Sewage Judge!

“On average, 197 million litres of effluent is discharged into the drain each year.” [That’s about 650 tons per day, at the usual rate, and 3,000 tons per day in October 2007.]

Armed with 40-year-old discharge permit, contractors pumped millions of gallons “of condom and tampon-laden effluent into a Horowhenua drain,” a report said.

The sewage Judge Brian Dwyer sitting in Palmerston North District Court declared that the polluters were not breaking the law.

Pumping effluent into Stansell’s Drain to lower Shannon’s oxidation ponds for maintenance works was “expressly allowed” within the plant’s one-page permit, Judge Brian Dwyer told the Palmerston North District Court yesterday.

The Manawatu Standard reported:

Shannon’s sewerage plant still operates under a permit granted in 1970 by the Pollution Advisory Council under 1963 regulations. It does not stipulate restrictions on rate, volume, method or point of discharge…

Tatana Contracting, Downer Edi Works and Horowhenua District Council had been charged “for discharging untreated human sewage into the drain, which flows into the Mangaore Stream that feeds into the Manawatu River, between October 2 and 4, 2007.”

The Judge dismissed the case. However, the Horowhenua District Council had already pleaded guilty for their role.

Tatana company director Johnston Mac Tatana reportedly said “it’s a relief to be all over.” Downer Edi Works did not respond.

Flowing through  Palmerston North,  the Manawatu River, enters the Tasman Sea at Foxton Beach, leaving a trail of infected garbage behind.

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