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Massive Earthquakes: New Zealand Could Be Next

Posted by te2ataria on September 30, 2009

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Massive Earthquake Measuring up to 8.4 Mw Strikes Samoa Islands Region

FEWW has forecasted that “Up to 3 Additional Large EQs Could Strike in the Pacific Ring of Fire in 2009,” the next one of which could strike New Zealand.

The large earthquake generated  1.6-meter  waves in American Samoa, Apia and Pago Pago. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (NOAA/NWS/PTWC) issued a tsunami warning which has since been canceled.

Regarding the casualties, FEWW said:

According to local news, at least 4 villages were wiped off, leaving more than 40 dead and up to a 100 injured. Most of the casualties are believe to be children. More casualties are expected as local reports are received.

ABC New Online quoted one of its readers as saying:

“My family own the Taufua Beach Fales and we have confirmation that nine members of our family have perished, four of them children and many more missing.

“The tourists haven’t been accounted for either.”

The writer says their family along the shorelines of Aleipata have taken refuge on higher ground.

“We feel so helpless and our hearts are aching for our families who have perished. My grandfather TAUFUA who the beach fales are named after also perished. There are reports from family that alot of elderly and children are missing.

“Please keep your prayers alive. Although we have been badly affected, our prayers are with everyone else in Samoa/Amercian Samoa who have lost loved ones.”

Samoan man Sione Taotua, who lives in Broadmeadow NSW, and who has been trying to reach family members in Samoa  out of concern after this morning’s earthquake said that dozens of people have been killed and entire villages have been swept away by the tsunami waves.

“I tried to contact my wife and kid but there’s no answer. It seems that the line is not connected,” he told ABC News Online.

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