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Another Indian Student Missing in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 5, 2009

Indian Student Missing in New Zealand, Presumed “Murdered.”

Another Victim of New Zealand Racism!

Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an AUT student has been missing for 4 days.

Srikanth RayadurgamMISSING PRESUMED “MURDERED.”  Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an Auckland University of Technology (AUT)  student, was last seen by his family around midday on October 1 when he left his Mt Albert home, Auckland, New Zealand.

He was last seen by his when he left his Mt Albert home about midday on October 1, 2009, and was reported missing  at 10 pm by family members who called the police.

The victim’s wallet was discovered by a cyclist near Westhaven Marina, St Mary’s Bay, around 8am the following day.

The incompetent New Zealand Police are still searching for any trace of of Mr Rayadurgam.

“When the missing man’s family heard of the discovery they visited the marina and uncovered further personal items, including Mr Rayadurgam’s backpack and some items of clothing.” A report said.

The police say his disappearance was particularly concerning because there was “nothing to suggest Mr Rayadurgam was unhappy or unwell.”

They have asked “anyone with information about the case or  anyone who saw anything suspicious around the Curran St end – under the Harbour Bridge – of Westhaven Marina is asked to contact Police immediately.”

Here’s the information they need, as if they don’t know already:

In all likelihood Mr Rayadurgam was yet another victim of racially-motivated foul play.


The police choice of tense is particularly interesting:

Mr Rayadurgam LIVED with his sister and HAD no other family in New Zealand.”

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36 Responses to “Another Indian Student Missing in New Zealand”

  1. varunm said

    [Suspected misinformation. Edited. I don’t believe you are telling the truth about who you are! First prove to me and the readers who you really are, then send a detailed account of what you think has happened to the victim, and I’ll reconsider. Moderator]

  2. varunm said


    If this does not stop we will take further and take legal action

  3. Kartik said

    Indian Student Missing in New Zealand, Presumed “Murdered.”….Please do not come up with a statement that says he is presumed MURDERED without any evidence…. He is MISSING the police has not come up with a statement that says he is presumed MURDERED…..

  4. vijay said

    i am his class mate , i knew this guy for last 8 months, but really concerned if he still exists else where can a person vanish in such a tiny country.it sounds bad but we have to live with the truth.or he is acting like a Jab we met shahid kapur

  5. sony said

    How do you know he is mundered, dont assume things by urself & post it on web for ur satiafaction, imagine whats going in the minds of people who love srikanth, think about the family & friends before u write, find the truth & then u write.

    • te2ataria said

      First, our hearts go with the family of Mr Srikanth Rayadurgam at this difficult time. What we write here is based on our life experience in this country. With that being said, we still hope we are wrong. However, it seems like you haven’t read the content of this blog.

      If you know he hasn’t been murdered, or where he is, please let the police know. Don’t also forget to drop us a line at this blog.

  6. Kiwifulla said

    “What we write here is based on our life experience in this country.”. Most people who go missing, aren’t murdered.

    • papabear said

      Even if what you say were true, and you haven’t offered any evidence to back the validity of your statement, it would be tantamount to a fallacy, applying a general “rule” to specific cases.

      Based on the information and references I have read on this blog, I would say that in all probability the Moderator(s) are correct in presuming the victim was
      (i) no longer alive, and
      (ii) murdered because of his skin colour.

      When perfectly normal, healthy, committed, responsible, happy-go-lucky Indian/Asian/”colored” persons disappear without a trace, in New Zealand [or Australia,] and their personal belongings are found scattered over a large area the next day, there’s a very high degree of probability that they may have fallen victim to racially-motivated foul play.

      The victim has now been missing for eight days!

  7. Praveen said

    [Edited. If you have nothing intelligent to say … repeat “silence is golden!” Moderator]

  8. te2ataria said

    When an Asian or other “colored” person goes missing in New Zealand, and their personal items are found scattered in various areas, there’s 99.9 percent probability that they are murdered.

  9. te2ataria said

    Divers find no trace of missing student

    Thu, 8 Oct 2009

    Police divers searching for an Indian student missing for a week from Auckland failed to find any trace of him yesterday.

    Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, was reported missing after he did not return to his sister’s home at Mt Albert on October 1.

    Police said he was not suicidal, had no known enemies and his disappearance was of increasing concern.

    Divers yesterday searched part of Waitemata Harbour, but had not found any further information about where he was, acting Detective Senior Sergeant Joe Aumua said.

    “The team searched the area of the harbour nearest to Westhaven Marina from about 10am to 5.30pm in both high and low tides, but to no avail.”

    Mr Rayadurgam had not accessed his bank account since the afternoon of Thursday October 1, Mr Aumua said.

    “Further, his mobile phone, which was recovered along with other personal items at the Curran St end of Westhaven Marina early on Friday the 2nd, has not been used for any out-going calls since the previous evening.”

    Police had spoken to Mr Rayadurgam’s colleagues, family, friends and acquaintances but discovered no clues as to why he disappeared.

    Police want to hear from anyone with information, in particular officers wanted to hear about suspicious behaviour around Curran St and Westhaven Marina overnight on Wednesday September 30, Mr Aumua said.

    Mr Rayadurgam lived with his sister and had no other family in New Zealand.

    He arrived in the country this year to study at the Auckland University of Technology. © Allied Press Limited 2007.


  10. sony said

    [Comment withheld awaiting clarification. Moderator]

  11. te2ataria said

    Police fears grow for missing student
    “Police say they cannot rule out foul play over the disappearance of an Indian student a week ago.”

    Police already know what happend to him, they are just playing dumb!

  12. te2ataria said

    As expected, the blithering NZ police farce [or the evil b*stards] are now looking for a patsy (-ies) to pin the “murder” on them for a case of “mugging gone too far!”

    Missing student may have been attacked – police

    Missing Indian student Srikanth Rayadurgam may have been attacked for the $250 he took out of a money machine in central Auckland the day he disappeared, police say.

    They said they had no evidence the 23-year-old was dead but fears for his safety grew daily.

    He was last seen on CCTV withdrawing the $250 from a money machine on October 1 and the next day some of his property, including a shoe without a lace, his wallet, cellphone, jacket and backpack, were found at Westhaven Marina. His backpack and jacket were in the water.

    His bank accounts and cellphone had not been used since he vanished and his wallet was empty except for $10 which would not have been seen by someone rifling through the wallet.

    Detective Sergeant Joe Aumua, from Avondale police, said Mr Rayadurgam had no apparent enemies and was not depressed or suicidal.

    “As far as we know he was just a happy-go-lucky guy who really had no issues. It’s a mystery,” he said.

    He was committed to his studies at the Auckland University of Technology.

    Security camera footage showed him taking money out of a National Bank money machine in Queen St at 2.17pm on October 1, about two hours after he left his home in Mt Albert to go the AUT.

    [Previously they said no money had been taken from his account since the day before he disappeared!]

    He failed to attend classes and his property was found the next day.

    Mr Aumua said there was no sign he was being forced to withdraw the money.

    Police divers spent most of the day on Wednesday searching the harbour area where his property was found.

    Police have appealed for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious around the Curran St end of the Westhaven Marina on the night of October 1 to come forward. © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited


  13. curious said

    Is it just me or did this guy not get half as much publicity as the little girl now missing? Aisling? She’s all over the radio tv and even msn… i only heard about Srikant from students at AUT…
    I know she’s younger and her parents are here and stuff but still…

    • te2ataria said

      Funny you should say that because I was about to post the following media update. With that being said, the police’s “body language” is quite revealing. The chances are they’ve already recovered the body, and are now looking for a patsy, “the usual suspect,” to pin the murder on.

      Missing student’s family not happy with police search -NZPA
      A missing Indian student’s family say Auckland police diverted resources to search for two-year-old Aisling Symes, leaving them to look for Srikanth Rayadurgam on their own.

      Mr Rayadurgam, 23, disappeared on his way to class at the Auckland University of Technology eight days ago. Aisling went missing in West Auckland on Monday evening.

      The Kakanoor family told 3News they have been left to search for Mr Rayadurgam on their own, and questioned whether it was because of the colour of their skin.

      Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Joe Aumua of Avondale police told One News the two cases did not have the same officers working on them.

      “The inquiry out west is a separate inquiry. This inquiry is being dealt with by the Avondale police station and I’m happy with the resources that we have,” he said.

      Mr Rayadurgam’s brother-in-law Nageesh Kakanoor found his backpack, mobile phone and his left shoe scattered along the waterfront.

      Mr Kakanoor and his wife Padam said Mr Rayadurgam had no enemies and was not suicidal, but police acted far too slowly.

      They said when police divers were finally called to search the harbour they were suddenly pulled off the case to join the search for Aisling.

      Mr Kakanoor and his wife questioned why one missing person’s case was more important than another.

      “I honestly don’t know, to tell you. Is it because of the brown skin?”

      Ms Kakanoor told 3News she had every sympathy for the Symes family, but every life should be treated equally.
      © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited

  14. lordofblackppl said

  15. Diya said

    It’s really mysterious how a person can just disappear without any trace. I hope police looked after the case more effectively. Aisling is all over the news and front page on NZ Herald for days now. It’s disappointing to see this case is not even in front page. I believe it must be the skin colour that made this case not interesting to police. If he was white male just think about the publicity it would have received. Extremely disappointing to see how police handled this case.

    • te2ataria said

      Hi Diya
      I take it you don’t live in this country, and probably haven’t read about previous murder cases of colored students/tourists.
      – South Korean tourist’s head chopped off with spade

      – Proudly Killed in New Zealand [Most recent toll only!]

      There are so many wealthy people in India who could easily start up private colleges and universities to accommodate the students who travel to “ANZAC” countries.

      It’s difficult for the average NZer, who has previously been trained by the New Zealand military on how to kill colored people with maximum prejudice, to switch back from “Kill Mode” to “Don’t Kill Mode” when they come back from places like Afghanistan and meet “brown,” “black,” “yellow” … people on the streets of New Zealand.

  16. te2ataria said

    Anyone following this thread may find the following links useful because of a vast amount of information, analysis and 100 percent correct predictions:

    The Multi-billion Dollar ‘International Student’ Recruitment Racket

    New Zealand Racial Stinkpot Boils Again

    Fate of Foreign Students in New Zealand

    Another foreign student kidnapped, beaten and robbed in NZ

    https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2008/08/16/asian-students-in-nz-killed-robbed-or-used-for-porn-movies/ Asian Students in NZ: Killed, Kidnapped, Robbed, or Used for Porn Movies

    Another foreign student kidnapped, beaten and robbed in NZ

    Another Foreign Student Killed in New Zealand

    To All Foreign Parents Who Send Their Kids to NZ

    To All Foreign Diplomats, Embassy and Consulate Staff in New Zealand:
    YOU are put on notice henceforth that YOU are jointly responsible, together with the NZ perpetrators, for any harm inflicted on YOUR fellow nationals who may be visiting/ studying in New Zealand. YOU have for too long masked the truth about the depth of racism in New Zealand, for personal interests, hiding the severity of violent crimes perpetrated by New Zealanders against YOUR fellow citizens.

  17. DG said

    [DG- What are you trying to say? If you focus on the issues, we might have something to discuss. Moderator]

  18. te2ataria said


    “23/3/97 Marlon Downes (20) Royal Mail worker who was found hanged from a ventilation grille by his shoelaces in Harlesden police station…”

  19. Pradeep Kumar said

    I’m one of his cousin, I live in Qatar. I’m very eagerly waiting to hear about his presence. I don’t see any updates in the news feeds for almost a week. If some one can update it will be great.

    Thank you!!

  20. te2ataria said

    Body at Waitemata May Be Missing Student

  21. […] Another Indian Student Missing in New Zealand […]

  22. lesley said

    I read this with interest. Thank you.

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