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24th Most Dishonest New Zealand Lawyer Reinstated

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2009

sent by a reader, edited by TEAA

The 24th Most Crooked New Zealand Lawyer, Who Had Been Struck Off, Has Been Reinstated!

Michael Guest, a former district court judge, and a high profile lawyer, who represented David Bain at his first murder trial, has been reinstated to the High Court [puke] roll of barristers and solicitors, after having been struck-off

Scumbag Guest was struck off in 2001 for two counts of professional misconduct. He had taken money from a client even though she had been granted legal aid.

The decision to reinstate him to the bar followed a disciplinary tribunal in July in which Mr Guest presented 178 “letters of support” from mayors, professors, business leaders, a former minister of the Crown, a bishop, principals, doctors, dentists and lawyers. NZPA reported.

Had he committed rape, sodomy and murder, he would have been reinstated if he had  at least 300 “letters of support” from mayors, professors, business leaders, a former minister of the Crown, a bishop, principals, doctors, dentists and lawyers

The tribunal described him as a “clever, capable, flawed lawyer” [how about cunning, dishonest, and thieving b*stard, too] who appeared to have been “confident to the point of over-confidence”, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Here’s the part that brought tears to the tribunal members’ eyes:

The tribunal said it understood the “traumatic impact” of being struck off and the “natural human reaction to engage in self-justification and minimisation”, but reinstatement required applicants to acknowledge their wrongdoing “fully and unambiguously”.

“In the end, we have been satisfied that Mr Guest understands, accepts and does not argue with his past serious wrongdoing.”

The tribunal imposed several restriction in granting Mr Guest’s reinstatement which included reimbursing $30,000 to New Zealand Law Society by 2013, practising only as a barrister, and not receiving money directly from clients.

Mr Guest, also a Dunedin city councillor, described the decision as a “black cloud” being lifted.

I bet he did!

“The outcome, I find, is wonderful. Wonderful. I can get back into harness again doing the professional job that I think I was fairly good at.

He said his “first love and duty” was local body politics and he had every intention of standing for the council at next year’s election.

Wouldn’t he make a  fine prime minister, even the first president of the proposed republic?

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US Choice of Ambassador for Poxyland: “Appropriate”

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2009

sent by a reader

Gay lawyer to be confirmed next US ambassador to NZ

A pedophile or someone with “animal experience” would have felt even more at home among the elite circles here!

The US Senate is set to confirm Mr David Huebner, an openly gay lawyer, as the next ambassador to New Zealand.

The appointment, which is  Obama administration’s first appointment of an openly gay ambassador, has reportedly generated publicity in the United States.

A lawyer based in Shanghai,  Mr Huebner is currently acting as general counsel for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Although the US embassy in Wellington has not confirmed the appointment, the Associated Press reported  the appointment saying it was expected to be announced later today.

Mr Huebner will replace former restauranteur Bill McCormick, who returned to Washington in January. Since then, the post has been filled by Charge d’Affaires – David Keegan until August and currently Robert Clarke. Advertising Media said.

Mr Huebner is expected to fill the role of the USA ambassador for Samoa, too.

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