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Eight More Tourists are Missing in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 13, 2009

8 Kayakers believed to be foreign tourists are missing in heavy seas off the Otago coast, New Zealand

And the Authorities reaction?

They called off a half-hearted corpse recovery search!

A helicopter briefly searched the coastline near the entrance to Otago Harbour, and headed back to its base when it failed to find any trace of the missing eight, who were spotted heading out on Sunday at Kaka Point.

“Search authorities said today without new information there was little else they could do but have appealed for information from anyone who knew the people or that they were safe and well.” A report said.

No one had been reported missing, police said.

Perhaps, they never existed. Besides, we can’t afford the costs. Search, search, search… every time a bloody stupid tourist, or eight, goes missing.

Balclutha police said the eight could have landed safely and be unaware of the fuss they had caused.

So they did exist, but they must be okay, surely, no one can survive the seas here. And since no one has found any corpses since Sunday…

“They may have made it back to their destination, to the beach, and gone on their way oblivious to the fact that there was a search operation in relation to them,” said Senior Sergeant Richard Whitmore.

“They could also be tourists who came down to this area to do what they did and now they are on the road travelling elsewhere. They may not be listening to radios, watching TVs, reading papers, who knows?”

It was “unwise” to go out in those conditions, Mr Whitmore added.

And because they were so “bloody stupid,” they don’t deserve a proper burial, hey?

Kaka Point locals who reported the eight people to rescue authorities said a strong southwesterly wind was blowing and the waves were peaking at about five metres.

Rescue Coordination Center has asked anyone who finds fresh corpses to contact the police.

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