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Aisling Symes and Fictitious Filipino

Posted by te2ataria on October 16, 2009

sent by a local reader [edited by TEAA]

Do You Really Believe The Police Crap

  • Why Does New Zealand Police Farce Treat the Public As If  They Are Mentally Challenged?

  • Isn’t it interesting that the racist police’s choice of “Asian Suspect” circled one of the poorest and least represented Asian races [NO offense intended] to avoid backfire?

Aisling SymesMr Davey, why did you let me drown?

Previously you read:  Aisling Symes: Tragedy of Negligence and Incompetence

Aisling Symes, 2, a victim of her parents’ negligence and the epic police incompetence. Instead of searching the next-door property, where they might have found her alive, NZ Police trumped up a bizarre scenario saying they believed she was abducted by an Asian woman. Their top officer, Inspector Davey, went as far as telling members of the public: ”There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others – and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is.”

Remember how the “Asian Suspect” was described?

She was in her 30s, about 165cm tall with a medium build, long straight black hair and reportedly wearing black socks with black sandals. …  She was wearing a black crew neck top, with three-quarter length sleeves, three-quarter length blue jeans, black leather sandals and black socks. … The woman had a black and grey medium sized dog on a lead.  …  She was directly behind the missing child. … She was last  seen at 5.30pm with an Asian  woman. … Police begin a search.


The word ‘black’ was repeated 7 times in the description of the female Asian [Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others,] who is wearing a double servings of leather sandals and socks!

It’s interesting how the racist police forgot to include FILIPINO in their list of “several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’.”

Inspector daveyI make NO apology for NOT doing what you think I should have done. I have a higher, divine duty to save my people from the “Asian Plague!”


Revealed: Secret of Aisling suspect


The mysterious Asian woman seen with Aisling Symes was mentally unwell and has a history of trying to lure children into cars with lollies.

Was the “suspect” ever arrested, charged with or even cautioned with on a single incident of  abduction, attempted abduction, or any related crimes she committed previously?  Did she suffer from the same mental disease [sic] that afflicted the Japanese male,  Mr Masashi Hayama?

The Herald has learned the woman was from the Philippines, had a dog and fitted the general description given by the 9-year-old who saw her approach the toddler just after 5pm last Monday week.

Did Aisling Symes take a tour of the area before going back to the neighboring house where she was drowned? Isn’t it remarkable that a 9-year-old could provide such detailed description of the “suspect?”

When a large-scale search did not find the 2-year-old, police believed she might have been the victim of an “opportunistic abduction.”

How many other 2-yo kids have ever been abducted by Asian women in

a) Longburn Rd,
b) Henderson,
c) West Auckland,
d) New Zealand ?

On Monday night, Aisling’s body was found in a stormwater pipe close to the house of her deceased grandparents in Longburn Rd.

Police then said they had located the Asian woman, but refused to identify her.

Isn’t RACISM the act of stereotyping billions of people, accusing them of committing a crime, which their sole “suspect” didn’t even commit? What did Inspector Davey really had in mind? Lynching a dozen Asian women before he rescued Aisling from a Chinese opium den?

Detectives spoke to the woman on Tuesday night, and Mr Davey said police were “satisfied she’s unable to help us further”.

Couldn’t she have lied? How and on what basis were they “satisfied” that she hadn’t abducted Aisling Symes, at least temporarily, and didn’t drown her?

He refused to discuss the conversation and said the woman was no longer part of the investigation.

That’s it? A baby is killed because he didn’t look thoroughly where he should have, and he now refuses to answer question? This police state has no capo?

“We had to cover all possible scenarios, including abduction, and tease out all lines of inquiry, including sightings of an Asian woman in the area.”

Wasn’t your first job to look in all the places that little 2-year-old fall and invariably drown, before considering the least probable causes, for which you had to create a Fictitious Filipino?

Mr Davey said police valued their relationship with the Asian community, but locating the woman was “a necessary part of trying to find Aisling”.

Have you ever wondered what little Aisling’s thoughts might have been, or how she was begging someone to pull her out of the drain before she drowned?

AislingI was there, right under your feet, begging you to come and save me, Mr Davey!

Mr Davey said police valued their relationship with the Asian community, but locating the woman was “a necessary part of trying to find Aisling”.

Exactly, at what stage of the investigation [sic] did the background information on the “Asian Suspect” become available?

Mr Davey, you may think you have brownnosed your way out of this one, but what will you do the next time we catch you picking on Maori or Asians?

BUT you could, for a change, act honorably:

Resign, Mr Davey, or better still, put yourself and the rest of your gang out of this embarrassing misery!

Then again, that’s a tall order because YOU were born void of courage and lacking in honor!

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11 Responses to “Aisling Symes and Fictitious Filipino”

  1. Wayne said

    You are right on the money. If this Filpino woman really is as dodgy as they claim – she should be taken off the streets. Sounds like an ass cover job on the part of the NZ Police ‘Farce.’

    Thing about this country is if that Inspector Davy had not been white, he would have been made a laughing stock for his obvious stuff-up (deserved I must say).

    But because he is white, everyone is saying what a splendid job he did. This dog’s breakfast of an investigation is a ‘splendid job’ and they “could not have done anymore.” So Inspector Davy will probably go on to better and brigther things. But anyone who is not white, be they Maori, or Polynesian, or Asian, better get things right 100% of the time. Otherwise they will come down on you like a ton of bricks and say you are not up to it.

    That’s what’s sickening about the whole thing. Whites can be totally useless, produce major cock ups, and yet they will not be punished for it. Like Air NZ executives can lose billions and keep their jobs. But if a coloured person makes one mistake – that proves not only that the person making the mistake is useless, but his entire race is as well.

    Its a fucked up racist society.

  2. Wayne said

    The thing is Aisling was probably alive for several hours from the time she disappeared. That is horrific. At the time she was most likely not 36 m down the length of the drain.

    All these useless cops could do was shine a torch down a few metres and then give the all clear.

    And that blockhead Davey, declares that he is absolutely confident that the kid is not in the area – when the most obvious place still hasn’t being checked.

    Appalling police work. The guy should be sacked. But instead he will probably get a promotion.

  3. Wayne said

    If this woman really exists – one who lures little kids into her car with lollies – surely the cops should warn everyone about her – what about the local residents – they still have no peace of mind because apparently there is this mentally unstable, crazy woman wandering around with sweets to give their kids.

    But the way the cops have just released her back into the community with a simple statement saying how she is ‘no longer part of the inquiry’ shows either they are (1) breathtakingly negligent (again) or (2) this woman is not a danger at all, or perhaps may well not even exist.

    My bet is on (2). This is an ass-cover job for Inspector Davey.

    • te2ataria said

      Let’s look at it in an entirely different light. If the 9-year-old witness [sic,] who the police claim provided the description of the Fictitious Filipino hasn’t been identified, and he/she should receive a bravery award for providing such detailed description of the “Asian Suspect,” then the rest of the logical elements fall neatly into place.

  4. Wayne said

    Yes, that description, more than a few people found strangely over-detailed – even for an adult witness. For a nine year old, it would simply be impossible – unless he or she had photographic memory. A strange case. And if the Filipino really does exist, and is mentally unstable, and has a history of luring kids with lollies – surely that would mean that there is some possibility of her actually having something to do with Aisling Symes death? At least this should be investigated and explored more. But no, the cops seem certain that she is of no more assistance to the inquiry.

    This is 99% because she simply does not exist.

    • te2ataria said

      Let’s climb up one logical step beyond the point where the Fictitious Filipino is introduced into the police’s farcical scenario, for a moment. I’m convinced nearly 100 percent that the 9-yo witness doesn’t exist. The logic flow chart from there on should be easier to follow…

      Police could be using the description of a patsy [not necessarily a Filipino woman] that they have on file [kept for a rainy day] who previously might have acted strangely [not necessarily criminally] with kids is some way, and who could be readily intimidated to take the blame for just about any crime… However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the patsy lives anywhere near Henderson.

      Someone who cared sufficiently about Aisling Symes must get a court order forcing the police to reveal the identity of the “Asian Suspect” and the “9-yo witness,” both of whom should be interviewed by a panel representing a full spectrum of interested parties—the public, victim’s family, the govt [sic,] Filipino community, the larger Asian community, political parties [sic,] judiciary [sic,] police complaint authority [sic,] human rights commission [sic,] save the children this and the other organizations …

  5. hardlinemarxist said

    [What’s the source of your information? TEAA the Moderator]

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