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John Key Goes to Japan

Posted by te2ataria on October 28, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

Headline: ‘Key courts Japanese tourists in Tokyo’

Prime Minister John Key donned his tourism minister’s hat in central Tokyo today to promote the rugby World Cup and try to boost flagging numbers of Japanese visitors to New Zealand.

key in Tokyo
Notice the lying dishonest eyes. Wandering eyes and body language reveal everything about the fraud. JohnKey caught on camera lying to the Japanese people in Tokyo. Photo: NZherald. Image may be subject to copyright.

Key attended the formal opening of Tourism New Zealand’s giant inflatable rugby ball in front of the Tokyo Tower… a 25m long, 17m wide and 13m high inflatable ball [yes bigger than the size of his ugly nose.] Japan is New Zealand’s fifth largest market for visitor arrivals.

On a per-person basis, Japanese are highest spending visitors with spending an average $4,698 per trip, compared with Australia at ($2,372), the US ($3,552) and the UK ($4006).  But arrivals from Japan have been declining since 2004. [Perhaps because Japanese tourists are sick and tired of being defecated on.]

Source: NZPA;  Yahoo News and others; http://www.guide2.co.nz/politics/news/key-courts-japanese-tourists-in-tokyo/11/12113 a

Top 10 things John Key should say to lure the Japanese to New Zealand

Kayo Matsuzawa, 29,  was murdered in New Zealand, on September 11, 1998. Kayo was born in a small fishing village in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. She has been described by her family and friends as a vibrant and outgoing young woman who loved making lots of friends. Her naked and partially decomposed body was found in a locked cupboard near the stairwell of the Centrecourt building in downtown Auckland 10 days later. Her killer has never been caught.

# 10. If you’re too afraid of traveling to New Zealand, please consider making a donation of about NZ$4,698 to my government.

# 9. Fewer foreigners are killed in New Zealand than Iraq.

# 8. If Japanese women traveled in groups of eight or more they would be less likely to get mugged,  raped or murdered while visiting New Zealand.

# 7. If anyone in New Zealand asked you where you came from, don’t tell them you’re Japanese.

# 6. In the last 12 months, New Zealanders have murdered, raped, maimed … more Chinese, Koreans, Thais and Filipinos than Japanese visitors.

# 5. If Japanese tourists didn’t resist while they are being raped or mugged, they’d be less likely to receive serious injuries, or murdered.

# 4. More Japanese are murdered, killed on the roads, raped …  in Japan than in New Zealand.

# 3. It was an Aussie who killed Kayo Matsuzawa.

# 2. Less than 10 percent of Japanese visitors are murdered, killed on our roads, left in the snow to die, gang-raped, mugged, seriously assaulted or robbed in New Zealand.

# 1. You’re more likely to be killed while flying to our [sic] country  on an Air New Zealand plane, than being murdered by Kayo Matsuzawa’s killer.

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Investing in New Zealand?

Posted by te2ataria on October 28, 2009

sent by a former investor

You Ought to Have Your Head Examined!

IF you’re so stupid as to invest in New Zealand securities, buy NZ dollar, or invest in New Zealand companies, then you deserve losing everything

Between Bernie Madoff and New Zealand, the former would have been a safer investment risk.

A US court has ordered two New Zealand incorporated companies to pay US$40 million (NZ$53.3 million) to 200 US

As Fake as Sir Ed! Your NZ dollar may soon be worth about 20 percent of its current “value.”

The company, First Capital Savings & Loan,  is owned by an entity called Overseas Capital, most likely a shell company purchased on-line for about $250, which has a director in Panama  but it’s ultimately owned by a Tauranga woman, Joan-Lesley Hansford-Jensen, a former prostitute, turned investment banker.

Investors had filed a federal law suit alleging losses of US$40 million over investments with Lowrance and his company, according to the Associated Press.

The shell companies come with a sole director, in this case  Jeff Lowrance.  Overseas Capital and another New Zealand incorporated company, Swiss Providence – now struck off – are defendants in the case.

The investors had opened overseas foreign currency exchange accounts with hopes of 7 per cent monthly returns. They say Lowrance and his company failed to make live market trades, transferred money from one client’s account to another to keep up the appearance of earnings, and used proceeds for personal gain and other business ventures, including an alternative newspaper Lowrance started called USA Tomorrow.

Wanda Howey-Fox, who represents the investors, told AP the scheme was “a small version” of a Bernard Madoff-style Ponzi scheme.

She said some investors opened accounts with US$10,000 and others put in as much as US$750,000.

Chief Judge Karen Schreier of the US District Court in South Dakota ruled in favor of the investors on their claims of  “fraud in the inducement, fraudulent mismanagement of accounts, and breach of contract.”

As Lowrance and his associated entities have not responded to the claims, the investors were entitled to “entry of default judgment in their favor”, the judge said, signaling that investors to also apply for costs and  damages.

Thank you ma’am but how would you recover the money?

The original lawsuit sought interest, US$50 million from Lowrance, US$50 million from his other business entities and US$150 million in punitive damages.


The Herald spoke to Hansford-Jensen’s husband, Darryl Jensen, a Tauranga taxi firm owner, in March.

Mr Jensen said he was responsible for setting up the companies his wife was a director of. He was aware of First Capital Savings & Loan but could not say what it did.

To The Mentally-Retarded Investors:

TEAA Sez: There’s no great magic to investing wisely. Count the number of boxes of poisoned kiwi fruits, and the number of sheep with atypical scrapie, then ask yourself who/where the hell they’re gonna find the 7% interest rate to pay you …

New Zealand Investment Scene is a Sovereign Version of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC

And don’t go around telling everyone we didn’t inform you!

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NZ sheep found with atypical scrapie

Posted by te2ataria on October 28, 2009

Aa European reader helped with this page

Global Food Safety Alert  Bulletin # 31 –

Warning: Do NOT Consume NZ Meat or Dairy Products

Deadly New Zealand Meat and Farm Produce Enter Nightmare Level

Belgian Food Scientists Find NZ Sheep with Atypical Scrapie

Atypical scrapie, also known as Nor 98, a brain condition, has been found by Belgian food specialist in a sheep’s brain reportedly sent from New Zealand for tests.

New Zealand biosecurity “food safety and trade officials” say atypical scrapie is not exactly the same as the classical scrapie brain disease.

They said there were no implications for human health, or livestock “wastage” and there should not be any trade repercussions — as long as there was no confusion between the brain disease, classical scrapie, which is not found in New Zealand, and the condition, atypical scrapie.

[However, the blog challenges the New Zealand biosecurity officials to eat parts of the infected animals on a live TV show to prove their point!]

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry principal international adviser on animal health Dr Stuart MacDiarmid said the detection did not change New Zealand’s status of being scrapie-free.

[If that doesn’t, then nothing would!!]

“Every country that has conducted sufficient surveillance for atypical scrapie/Nor 98 has found it in their flocks,” he said.

This included most countries in Scandinavia and the European Union, Britain, and North America.

“There is no evidence that atypical scrapie/Nor 98 can be transmitted naturally to other animals or to people, or that it in any way affects people,” he said.

However, the disease has been transmitted between species in laboratory tests when infected tissue was injected into another animal’s brain.

Earlier this year it was reported two Cheviot sheep sent to Britain as part of a New Zealand flock, and a ewe born to two other Cheviots in the “closed” flock and kept from contact with overseas sheep, had developed atypical scrapie.

In February 2009 the British scientists reported that the disease most likely originated from within the New Zealand flock, which meant that New Zealand animals most probably had the atypical scrapie.

Source: NZPA via Yahoo News/ other informed sources

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