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Sick NZers Make Fun of British Woman They Killed

Posted by te2ataria on October 21, 2009

Sent by Tami in Wales

Remember Emily Jordan?

First the cowards at the Mad [and pathetically stupid] Dog River Boarding company denied guilt, now this …

emily jordan

Previous Posts on Emily’s Death:

T-shirt appalls victim’s father

BEN HEATHER in Queenstown – The Southland Times A Mad Dog River Boarding guide was given a T-shirt appearing to mock the death of British tourist Emily Jordan, who drowned on a Mad Dog trip last year.

Photographs of the T-shirt were viewed on Mad Dog owner Brad McLeod’s Facebook page, showing grinning guide Jonathan “Bam Bam” Strickland accepting the T-shirt at the company’s Christmas party in Queenstown last year.

The pictures show the T-shirt bearing the slogan “Bam Bams River Kill Bar & Grill, river kills em, bam bam drills em” and features three women in bikinis.

[It’s not immediately clear which two other women they are referring to, but perhaps the NZ police should take their thumbs out of their **** and investigate. Moderator]

Emily Jordan, 21, died in April last year when she was stuck under a rock while river boarding on the Kawarau River with Mad Dog. In August, company owner Brad McLeod pleaded guilty to a health and safety charge relating to her death, professing his remorse in court.

mad and pathetically stupid satff‘IN HOUSE JOKE’: One of the photos viewed on Mad Dog owner Brad Mcleod’s Facebook page showing staff member Jonathan “Bam Bam” Strickland late last year with a T-shirt that has offended the father of a British tourist who died on a trip with the company.

Yesterday, Miss Jordan’s father Chris Jordan told The Southland Times he was appalled the T-shirt had been printed and the photographs put on a public website.

“It’s just appalling. They are making fun of my daughter’s death.”

Mr McLeod clearly showed no remorse and his business should be shut down, Mr Jordan said.

“I think they’ve been given enough rope. Someone has got to say enough is enough.”

Mr Jordan has repeatedly criticised a lack of regulation in the adventure tourism industry in New Zealand. His letter to Prime Minister John Key after the trial led to a Government review of the adventure tourism industry. © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited


Clearly, to Mr Mcleod, Emily was “just a stupid, British cow, who couldn’t ‘hack it’ in 2 feet of water!”

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CEO of NZ Post another Dual Israeli National?

Posted by te2ataria on October 21, 2009

Brian Roche Takes Top Job at NZ Post

Wednesday, 21 October 2009
Press Release: Trans Tasman Political Letter

Brian Roche Takes Top Job at State-Owned NZ Post

The Trans Tasman Political Newsletter reports Brian Roche, a senior partner in accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, will be named this week as group CEO of state-owned NZ Post. He will fill the vacancy left by John Allen who left in June to become chief executive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

NZ Post is one of the state’s biggest businesses with assets over $11bn, and operating revenue of $1.2bn a year. Net surplus last year fell to $71m from $110m. The group has 12,000 employees.

Source: http://www.scoop.co.nz/

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Another American Woman Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 20, 2009

How NZ’s Dolphin Watch EcoTours Make Dolphins Hate Humans

A 27-year-old American woman was killed today while swimming with dolphins in Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand.

american woman killed in New Zealand
The husband of the 27-year-old U.S. woman who was killed in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand,  embraces his mother as his wife’s body is placed into an ambulance at Waikawa Marina near Picton. Photo: DEREK FLYNN/Marlborough Express. Image may be subject to copyright.

Local police said the woman was on a ‘Dolphin Watch EcoTours’ trip with her family. She was swimming among dolphins when other swimmers noticed she was floating face down.

A doctor among the tourists on the trip performed CPR and workers from a nearby New Zealand King Salmon Te Pangu farm provided oxygen.

By the time the tourist boat arrived at Waikawa Marina, the woman had already died.

The woman’s body and her family have also since been taken from the scene.

Like so many victims of New Zealand Eco-Tourism [eco-terrorism,] her cold body will be returned home in a cold body bag.


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Jewish Congress doing “win-win” game again!

Posted by te2ataria on October 20, 2009

Sent by a Jewish reader [edited by TEAA]

If at First Your False-Flag Backfires … Try, Try Again, Desperately …

What’s keeping Nazism alive? The Holocaust Industry and its ubiquitous war-porn museums, or a few foolish pupils from Auckland?

Still reeling from the shock of having their false-flag “Antisemitic” stunt exposed at the Oktoberfest Party earlier, the Jewish congress attempted at yet another “pro-Hitler” burst of sentiment by a couple of foolish pupils from the infamous Auckland Grammar.

This is how the 3-step “name them, forcefully shame them, get genuine-remorse out of them,” antisemitic brainwash con-game is choreographed:

Step One: Carefully select your chicks “goose or gander.” Dare them, intimidate them, or otherwise make them do something stupid like posing in front of a swastika in a swastika museum, wear Nazi uniforms, sing “Hitler’s my boi,” etc,  and never mind that they have absolutely no idea what any of it means because the larger audience you are playing to won’t have the faintest clue, either. Make sure the whole world hears about it through your global media network.

Step Two: Have the “survivors,” sympathizers, and brownnosers publicly rebuke them, shame them, even threaten them with unspecified but scary action. Make them apologize, again and again… and some more. Don’t accept their apology. Repeat last move. Make them apologize “in writing and in person.”

Step Three: Declare to the world that the “antisemitic” subjects are now broken and tamed…

Museum spokeswoman Karen Mason said the meeting was an emotional engagement said the boys appeared to show genuine remorse.

And make sure the whole population wet their pants in fear of being even accidentally associated with these social lepers:

She [Museum spokeswoman Karen Mason] said the country would have learned a lesson from this.

What will they do to them now? Will they circumcise the “Nazi worshiping” pupils?

Auckland Grammar principal John Morris told the reporters that the incident had happened in early 2009, however the school only learned of the photos last Friday after a “former pupil” viewed them on Facebook. Mr Morris said there was “absolutely no justification for the immature and unthinking actions of the boys”.

The pupils’ families were told yesterday and the boys will face unspecified disciplinary action.

Get the nearest “holocaust survivor” to ram the wooden Swastika in the heart of the antisemitic vampires

Holocaust Museum director Inge Woolf wants a meeting between the pupils and Holocaust survivors such as herself. [Oh what coincidence!]

What if the Auckland Holocaust Museum were to burn down to the ground with all of its objectionable Nazi paraphernalia and holocaust war-porn turned to white ash, so as to prevent all other future generations “worshiping Nazi symbols?”

Who is keeping Nazism alive? The Holocaust Industry and its ubiquitous war-porn museums, or a few foolish pupils from Auckland Grammar?

“It might seem a long time [ago] to them, but it’s still in the lifetime of young survivors.”

Ms Woolf fled from Vienna when the Nazis invaded, and came to New Zealand in 1958 after her family were killed in the Holocaust.

“It’s very upsetting for anyone that understands how terrible the Nazis were. We certainly don’t want that here in New Zealand – it’s not the way the New Zealand society behaves,” she said.

Mr de Bres said the behavior was totally inappropriate. “As an Auckland Grammar old boy I feel somewhat ashamed and I expect the school to deal with it, as they appear to be doing.”

He encouraged schools to use the Holocaust Centre to educate pupils about the war.

“It’s a kind of thing that certainly ought to be taught and, you know, in a sense there’s a failure when students take it this lightly.”

Secondary Principals Association president Peter Gall said the Holocaust was included in the social science curriculum but not every school covered it.

Returned and Services Association national president Robin Klitscher said the boys’ actions were disgusting. “Above all it’s profoundly ignorant and I think that is probably what causes the greatest offence.”

Mr de Bres, Klitcher,  Gall, Morris, take your heads out of your backsides. Encourage schools to educate their pupils  about the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, which are happening here and now, instead of feeding them more of this Holocaust war porn.

For more than 60 years Nazis in Germany, if there were/are any alive, haven’t killed a single Jew. The Israeli occupation forces, and Israeli-led military action through other world powers, on the other hand, have been responsible for the massacres of millions of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and others throughout the world.

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Nailed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 19, 2009

Sent by a reader (somehow your Moderator missed this one)

Graphic Content

If you thought this level of kiwi cruelty is isolated, think again!

nailed in New Zealand -
X-ray of a cat killed by a dozen nails fired from a nailgun in Christchurch, New Zealand. Image released by (SPCA). Photo: Stuff NZ.

X-ray of tortured cat. The animal suffered tremendous pain as it was repeatedly shot in the head by a nailgun in New Zealand.

The pussycat was found dead in Sparks Road,  Hoon Hay, Christchurch, in September with 12 x 3 1/3 inch (85-millimeter)  nails in its skull.

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  • See also blog content for numerous incidents of animal abuse in NZ that have not been indexed.

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The World’s Dumbest Prosecutor

Posted by te2ataria on October 18, 2009

sent by a reader rofl [profanities removed by TEAA]

New Zealand Prosecutors the Dumbest in the World

‘I would never have my genitals pierced,’ thought Alice, ‘unless of course I wanted to be touched inappropriately.’

Your honor, the defendant touched the plaintiff’s genitals inappropriately as he proceeded to perform urethral piercing on her at the victim’s request!

Assuming the ‘victim’ didn’t intend to catch two fish with one lure [readers excuse the olefactory reference,] paying only once for receiving two services, how could anyone have her genitals pierced without the said flesh being touched ‘inappropriately.’

Oh, and there was one jury who was even dumber than the prosecutor:

Here’s the story for anyone who might have otherwise thought perhaps New Zealand prosecutors are intelligent people:

Body piercer acquitted of indecent assault

A French body piercer has been acquitted on charges of inappropriately touching two female Nelson clients.

Vincent Jean Delebecque, 25, was facing three charges of indecent assault, two involving one woman and a third involving another.

He was last night acquitted by a jury after a two-day trial.

The Crown had alleged that Delebecque touched the women inappropriately while working as a body piercer at Gizmos in Nelson.

The Crown said Delebecque put his hand down a 16-year-old’s pants while she was getting a piercing done in a tattoo on her hip in March, and that he indecently assaulted a 24-year-old woman who went to Gizmos to get her genitals pierced in April.

Defence lawyer Tony Bamford said in his closing that the complaints against Delebecque had to be seen in context.

Mr Bamford said Delebecque denied that the first alleged incident happened. However, the second witness was having a very intimate procedure done, and he had to touch her in an intimate place to carry it out.

The complainant had never had a piercing of that type done before and did not know what to expect, Mr Bamford said.

He said the alleged indecent had to be seen in context. The reason for the touching was to show her the different purposes of the jewellery.

The next alleged incident of inappropriate touching involving that witness was accidental, he said.

Crown prosecutor Craig Stevenson told the jury Delebecque’s behaviour was unprofessional and illegal.

Mr Stevenson said the similarities between the two complainants, who were unknown to each other, made their allegations more reliable.

In summing up, Judge Tony Zohrab said that while body piercing was likely to be something the jurors were not too familiar with, they needed to put aside any prejudice they had over the complainants getting piercings, and the accused choosing it as a career.

The jury was sent out to deliberate at 5pm last night, and returned its verdicts four hours later.

Delebecque was found not guilty on two charges – the single charge against the now-17-year-old and one against the 24-year-old – by an 11 to one majority, while the third not guilty verdict was unanimous.

It is the first time a majority verdict has been reached in Nelson since that option was introduced.  © 2009 Fairfax New Zealand Limited


Vincent Jean Delebecque’s ‘surgery’ phone hasn’t stopped ringing since his acquittal.

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Smart Japanese Pupils Stay Out of New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 17, 2009

Smart Japanese Schools Don’t Send Their Pupils to New Zealand

There’s always a small minority in Japan who f**k things up for everyone else in their country!

Previously the blog highlighted the reasons why Japanese Students Say “NO!” to New Zealand Homestay

Thousands of Japanese homestay students have so far canceled winter trips to New Zealand, reportedly due to the flu scare.

Well they were the smart guys. Now enter the not-so-smart school authorities from the Yokohama Jogakuin Girls’ School

Not only they risked the health and safety of their pupils by sending them to New Zealand, they will have also posed a serious threat to the health and security of an entire nation. The return of these kids could cause another outbreak of swine flu in their country.

The school employees who were responsible for this stupid and potentially fatal mistake should be prosecuted for negligence.

Here’s the immediate outcome of what the unintelligent Japanese school authorities in Yokohama did:


Fifty Japanese students, aged about 15, are now known to have been quarantined in a Christchurch hotel with suspected swine flu.

Main News Story:

Five Japanese school girls diagnosed with swine flu

Copyright The Press – October 17, 2009
Five Japanese schoolgirls visiting Christchurch have been diagnosed with swine flu.

The pupils were among a group of 213 from Yokohama Jogakuin Girls’ School taking part in activities with Avonside Girls’ High School and Rangi Ruru Girls’ School this week.
Japanese schoolgirls NZ
Japanese pupils seen wearing flu masks after their peers diagnosed with swine flu in Christchurch, New Zealand, yesterday. KIRK HARGREAVES/The Press.

Canterbury medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey said about 35 girls had mild flu-like symptoms.

“Not all will be swabbed as it can be assumed that this is a swine-flu cluster,” he said.

All the pupils were prescribed Tamiflu, and those with symptoms would remain in isolation for 72 hours, Humphrey said.

“The teachers that have brought the girls to New Zealand have been very responsible in the way they have responded to the situation and are taking infection-control precautions very seriously.”

The group will leave Christchurch on Tuesday.http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2973441/Pupils-diagnosed-with-swine-flu/

Smart Japanese Schools Don’t Conspire Against Their Nation by Sending Their Pupils to New Zealand

Links to Best Information Available on Swine Flu:

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New Zealand IS a Fascist State!

Posted by te2ataria on October 16, 2009

sent by pious pakeha T.C.

New Zealand is more than Just a Police State: It’s a Fascist Police State

A ridiculous poll, answered by mostly pathetic people, is posted on a main yahoo forum asking the usual readers to comment on whether “New Zealand heading for a police state.”

Why, NOOOO! Whoever gave you that idea???

There’s just one reader, railrev59, who doesn’t seem to have his head stuck between his legs:

Probably most people on this site are too young to remember the waterfront workers’ strike of 1951, but the simple fact is that NZ has been a police state since the legislation of that time – which, I believe, has never been repealed.

Anyone who doesn’t remember, here’s link

Or see bottom of the page.

NZ heading for a police state?

Newstalk ZB October 16, 2009, 7:15 am  http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/6225235/nz-heading-for-a-police-state/2/

Civil libertarians are unhappy about proposed new search and surveillance laws and claim they could lead to a police state.

Parliament’s justice and electoral committee is considering the Search and Surveillance Bill, which will bring all such activities under a single piece of legislation. It widens the provision for searches without a warrant and increases covert investigative powers of agencies such as the Commerce Commission.

Civil Liberties spokesman Michael Bott says the law is supposedly about human freedom, but endorses a reduction in the right to silence and the use of the coercive power of the State to extract information from people still presumed innocent.

He claims the legislation will result in an authoritarian society and predicts New Zealand will increasingly become a police state with a government which is not concerned about protecting individual New Zealanders.

Mr Bott says the Government should be ashamed of the legislation.

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The New Zealand docks dispute

For five months since the 17th of February, 1951, New Zealand was in the throes of one of the longest and bitterest Trade Union struggles in its history.

The struggle commenced with the lock-out of the Waterside Workers (Dockers) and the imposing of the “Waterfront Strike Emergency Regulations” and their amendments, 1951. The miners, the Wellington freezing workers, the New Zealand Federated Seamen’s Union struck as a protest against the Emergency Regulations.

The miners, freezing workers and the federated seamen had no wage dispute and they ignored the advice of their Union National Officers to remain at work. On February 8th the employers of waterfront labour offered 4½d. an hour wage rise following the Arbitration Court award of a 15 per cent increase.

On February 10th watersiders at Wellington and at New Plymouth ceased working overtime as a protest against the employers’ offer. The workers claimed that 4½d an hour was only 9 per cent increase in a forty-hour week and that their ability to work overtime had been included when the wage rise was computed. The employers argued that the rise offered was exactly in line with the 15 per cent Arbitration Court award.

The employers began dismissing men on the 15th of February for refusing to work overtime. Workers alleged that they had been locked out and stated that they were willing to work the forty-hour week. Employers replied that refusal to work overtime was a breach of the agreement. On February 19th the Government issued an ultimatum calling on the watersiders to resume normal work including overtime and to place their wage claim before the Waterfront Authority, failing that, the Waterfront Commission would be suspended.

The same day, the waterside workers saw displayed on the engagement boards a notice to the effect that if they were not prepared to work overtime they were not to lift their discs (sign on for work). Meetings of watersiders at all ports on that day rejected the Government ultimatum. The workers claimed that the position was an “open lock-out by the employers” and a “calculated attack” on Trade Unionism and the forty-hour week.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand declared a state of emergency on February 22nd. The Government issued sweeping emergency regulations on February 23rd, giving power to suspend all awards, use members of the armed forces on the waterfront, extend the powers of the police, deal with any person who incited or aided the continuance of the dispute, place all union funds in the hands of the receiver, etc.

A Waterfront Strike Notice was issued ordering all watersiders back to work on Monday, February 26th, or to suffer a “declared strike” under the regulations. On that Monday, meetings of watersiders in all ports rejected this ultimatum. The following day the Government ordered servicemen on to the waterfront at Wellington and Auckland, and the New Zealand coast seamen walked off all ships being worked by servicemen.

Some Wellington Harbour Board employees were suspended for refusing to assist the servicemen, and meetings of seamen, drivers and others were held everywhere. The Trade Union Congress called on the Government to resign. The Federation of Labour affiliations recommended the calling of a compulsory conference between the disputing parties. Over a thousand workers employed on hydro-electric plants at Waikato ceased work.

All Waikato underground mines and some West coast mines were idle. The Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants instructed all branches not to handle any material on the waterfront that was normally handled by the watersiders. Freezing workers at Ngahauranga, the Gear Meat Workers at Petone and at several other centres stopped work. The Golden Bay Cement Works closed down. The Government de-registered the New Zealand Waterside Workers’ Union on February 28th, and the Parliamentary Labour Party called on the Government to arrange a compulsory conference between the parties.

On March 1st receivers moved into the Waterside Workers’ Union offices throughout the country. Bank accounts amounting to £20,000 were taken over. The Federation of Labour announced that it had done “everything that it could be expected to do within reason”, the Union could only blame itself for its position. On March 5th all mines in the Greymouth district had come to a standstill. The Wellington Drivers’ Union took a ballot and decided not to work with the troops at the waterfront. By April 10th the Government had used everything in the bag to force the watersiders back to work.

Emergency Regulations, all the Anti-Trade Union legislation brought down by the Labour Government with a few embellishments by the present Nationalist Government. It was made an offence to discuss the Emergency Regulations at any meeting, even the leader of the opposition was refused permission to do so. But the watersiders, the miners, the freezing workers and the seamen stood firm. On two occasions members of the Watersiders’ Union were sent cards to sign if they wished to return to work under the new conditions and as members of new Unions that had been registered, but very few took advantage of the offer. The majority showed remarkable determination to preserve their Union and to support their elected representatives.

The Government refused to negotiate on any grounds that would enable the old Union to return on a National basis or to negotiate with any deputation that included the old Union’s president and secretary, H. Barnes and T. Hill. If the workers had been prepared to sacrifice these two, a settlement might have been brought about. These two men were branded as the trouble makers and the old Communist bogey was thrashed until it became a joke. It was a Communist plan, cried the Government, and the watersiders were dupes. Seventy-five per cent of the members of the old Union were ex-servicemen from the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars and it is ironical that these men, who supposedly went away to destroy the Nazi monster in the last war, should return to face another one with similar earmarks as soon as they demanded a little more of the wealth that the working class produces, in order to maintain their already miserable living standard, or a little of the “new order” that they were promised whilst they were fighting their masters’ enemies.

They have the new order, but it is worse than the old one. Socialists have maintained through both wars that the common enemy of the workers in every land is Capitalism and not their fellow workers of a different nationality. Throughout the struggle the Parliamentary Labour Party in New Zealand sat on the fence, and the Labour politicians were subtle as usual.. At first they made no complaint against the Emergency Regulations or anti-Trade-Union regulations which their own party had used when it was the Government. Mr. Nash, the leader of the Opposition, said at a meeting in Hamilton that “he was in favour of applying regulations in any easy and not in a rigorous way as long as this did not tend to prolong the strike”, and that the Labour Party “would have had no hesitation in using its powers to ensure that essential supplies were delivered to hospitals and homes”.

He said that he did not like to see freedom of speech curtailed or officials given the right to open private correspondence. Neither could he agree to the clause in the regulation which made it an offence to give food to assist watersiders’ wives and children. (Evening Post, Wellington, 30.3.1951.) The Labour politicians claimed that they were neither for nor against the locked-out and striking Unions, but with the unflagging determination of these Unions to continue the struggle, the Labour men took the opportunity to get in and reap the spoils of the workers’ fight.

The Import Supply Bill was debated in the House of Representatives, 26.6.1951, and the Labour Party politicians used the chance to debate the industrial situation generally. They expressed concern at the state of the country, urged a settlement of the strife and, with an eye to the future, they put in a good case for themselves. The Government speaker, in reply, quoted from a pamphlet entitled “Statements concerning recent disputes affecting waterfront work” issued by the Minister of Labour in the past Labour Government. Therein the cause of the waterfront disputes was attributed to the attitude of “Barnes and Hill” on the various waterfront Commissions, and to the machinations of the Communists. This dispute gives the Labour Party a good weapon with which to fight the next election. It will be able to adopt the attitude of “we told you so” and to blame the Nationalist Government for all the workers’ problems.

The Federation of Labour played a vile part in the dispute, giving the Nationalist Government every aid to crush the watersiders and their allies. Even the Labour Party had to snub them. Thus is demonstrated the futility of compulsory unionism to the workers. When the National Government brought in its Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Amendment Act, there was in it a threat to compulsory unionism. The officials of the Federation of Labour immediately dashed to the rescue and convinced Mr. Holland of the value of compulsory unionism, pointing out that “the Federation has yet to find any sections of the employers who object to its continuance” (Southern Cross, 3.11.1950). Without compulsory unionism the officials would lose their mainstay and the power they wield. They have now proved its value to the Government. Lack of knowledge and apathy of the members is of great assistance to these leaders of the Federation, as it is to all leaders.

The promise of support from the railwaymen seems to have been lost in transit and the strikers have rather a poor opinion of their brothers on the railways who failed to comply with the resolve “not to handle any material on the waterfront normally handled by watersiders”. The Government precipitated this struggle at a bad time for the employing class in New Zealand. It was at the height of the exporting season, thereby costing them an immense sum. The determination of the men, the active part played by the young members who were getting their first taste of such a struggle, and the support of wives who went out to work to help their menfolk continue the fight, are deserving of the applause of workers everywhere. On July 11th the seamen, cooks and stewards who had been on strike in sympathy with the watersiders, returned to work and the National Council of the Waterside Workers’ Union recommended branches in all ports to return to work.

The New Zealand Government is to seek an early dissolution of Parliament to test public opinion on its handling of the dispute. The leader of the opposition has charged the Government with fascism, dictatorship, opening mails, tapping telephones, suppression of free speech and freedom of assembly and other actions foreign to democratic government. This is denied by the Prime Minister (Manchester Guardian, 12.7.1951).

The outstanding lesson to be learned from this working-class struggle in New Zealand is that working conditions bitterly fought for and won through struggle on the industrial battlefield over the years can be wiped out, comparatively speaking, in a few minutes by those who control the political machinery. The political weapon is the dominant one and whilst it remains in the hands of the capitalist class no amount of struggle will free the workers from the yoke of capital. The same determined and heroic effort as our New Zealand fellow workers have recently waged, if directed towards gaining control of the political machine with a view to ending the wages system would solve all their economic problems. If only they would raise the cry, “Abolish the wages system” instead of making a modest demand for a tiny wage increase, then they would be heading towards a system free from lock-outs, strikes, poverty, atomic wars, ill housing, dictatorship, over-work and the host of other evils which beset them.

(This account of the recent New Zealand struggle has been compiled from information and material supplied by Comrade R. Everson of the Socialist Party of New Zealand.) OVERSEAS SECRETARY, SPGB (Socialist Standard, September 1951)

 Source: http://www.worldsocialism.org/nz/auckland/waterfront.htm

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Aisling Symes and Fictitious Filipino

Posted by te2ataria on October 16, 2009

sent by a local reader [edited by TEAA]

Do You Really Believe The Police Crap

  • Why Does New Zealand Police Farce Treat the Public As If  They Are Mentally Challenged?

  • Isn’t it interesting that the racist police’s choice of “Asian Suspect” circled one of the poorest and least represented Asian races [NO offense intended] to avoid backfire?

Aisling SymesMr Davey, why did you let me drown?

Previously you read:  Aisling Symes: Tragedy of Negligence and Incompetence

Aisling Symes, 2, a victim of her parents’ negligence and the epic police incompetence. Instead of searching the next-door property, where they might have found her alive, NZ Police trumped up a bizarre scenario saying they believed she was abducted by an Asian woman. Their top officer, Inspector Davey, went as far as telling members of the public: ”There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others – and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is.”

Remember how the “Asian Suspect” was described?

She was in her 30s, about 165cm tall with a medium build, long straight black hair and reportedly wearing black socks with black sandals. …  She was wearing a black crew neck top, with three-quarter length sleeves, three-quarter length blue jeans, black leather sandals and black socks. … The woman had a black and grey medium sized dog on a lead.  …  She was directly behind the missing child. … She was last  seen at 5.30pm with an Asian  woman. … Police begin a search.


The word ‘black’ was repeated 7 times in the description of the female Asian [Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others,] who is wearing a double servings of leather sandals and socks!

It’s interesting how the racist police forgot to include FILIPINO in their list of “several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’.”

Inspector daveyI make NO apology for NOT doing what you think I should have done. I have a higher, divine duty to save my people from the “Asian Plague!”


Revealed: Secret of Aisling suspect


The mysterious Asian woman seen with Aisling Symes was mentally unwell and has a history of trying to lure children into cars with lollies.

Was the “suspect” ever arrested, charged with or even cautioned with on a single incident of  abduction, attempted abduction, or any related crimes she committed previously?  Did she suffer from the same mental disease [sic] that afflicted the Japanese male,  Mr Masashi Hayama?

The Herald has learned the woman was from the Philippines, had a dog and fitted the general description given by the 9-year-old who saw her approach the toddler just after 5pm last Monday week.

Did Aisling Symes take a tour of the area before going back to the neighboring house where she was drowned? Isn’t it remarkable that a 9-year-old could provide such detailed description of the “suspect?”

When a large-scale search did not find the 2-year-old, police believed she might have been the victim of an “opportunistic abduction.”

How many other 2-yo kids have ever been abducted by Asian women in

a) Longburn Rd,
b) Henderson,
c) West Auckland,
d) New Zealand ?

On Monday night, Aisling’s body was found in a stormwater pipe close to the house of her deceased grandparents in Longburn Rd.

Police then said they had located the Asian woman, but refused to identify her.

Isn’t RACISM the act of stereotyping billions of people, accusing them of committing a crime, which their sole “suspect” didn’t even commit? What did Inspector Davey really had in mind? Lynching a dozen Asian women before he rescued Aisling from a Chinese opium den?

Detectives spoke to the woman on Tuesday night, and Mr Davey said police were “satisfied she’s unable to help us further”.

Couldn’t she have lied? How and on what basis were they “satisfied” that she hadn’t abducted Aisling Symes, at least temporarily, and didn’t drown her?

He refused to discuss the conversation and said the woman was no longer part of the investigation.

That’s it? A baby is killed because he didn’t look thoroughly where he should have, and he now refuses to answer question? This police state has no capo?

“We had to cover all possible scenarios, including abduction, and tease out all lines of inquiry, including sightings of an Asian woman in the area.”

Wasn’t your first job to look in all the places that little 2-year-old fall and invariably drown, before considering the least probable causes, for which you had to create a Fictitious Filipino?

Mr Davey said police valued their relationship with the Asian community, but locating the woman was “a necessary part of trying to find Aisling”.

Have you ever wondered what little Aisling’s thoughts might have been, or how she was begging someone to pull her out of the drain before she drowned?

AislingI was there, right under your feet, begging you to come and save me, Mr Davey!

Mr Davey said police valued their relationship with the Asian community, but locating the woman was “a necessary part of trying to find Aisling”.

Exactly, at what stage of the investigation [sic] did the background information on the “Asian Suspect” become available?

Mr Davey, you may think you have brownnosed your way out of this one, but what will you do the next time we catch you picking on Maori or Asians?

BUT you could, for a change, act honorably:

Resign, Mr Davey, or better still, put yourself and the rest of your gang out of this embarrassing misery!

Then again, that’s a tall order because YOU were born void of courage and lacking in honor!

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Air NZ won’t apologize to Erebus families for negligent homicide

Posted by te2ataria on October 15, 2009

sent by a reader

Unscrupulous Air New Zealand chief to use 30th anniversary of Erebus disaster as publicity stunt

Rob Fyfe the unscrupulous chief of Air New Zealand will say sorry to the families of Air NZ victims in the Erebus crash as the airline commemorates 30th anniversary of the disaster, but not for the airline’s negligence that lead to multiple homicide.

Before and After

BEFORE: Mt Erebus aircraft, ZK-NZP, seen at London Heathrow Airport in 1977

Wind Air New Zealand Flight 901
AFTER: Wreckage of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on the side of Mount Erebus, Antarctica.

The crash occurred as a result of pilot incompetence and ground support error.

The apology will be the first to families of the 257 people who died when the airline’s DC-10 crashed into Mt Erebus in Antarctica on November 28, 1979, during a sightseeing flight.

The possibility that Air NZ plane was used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers cannot be ruled out. See new entry added Nov. 15, 2009 :

How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …

Rob Fyfe will also be  the unveiling a sculpture at the airline’s head office in Auckland on Friday.

[Note the “apology” is neither for the pilot error nor the airline bungle that led to the crash killing so many people and condemned many more of their family members to lifelong suffering as a result of losing their loved ones; it’s  for the way the families were treated after the crash.]

“But he would not go as far as apologising for the [crash] itself or the subsequent controversial investigations.” Dominion Post said.

Air New Zealand would not reveal what would be said, referring instead to a statement earlier this week that Mr Fyfe would “speak directly about the lessons learned from the Erebus tragedy and the way in which the airline interacted with the families in the aftermath of the [crash.]”

Aircraft aren’t designed to plunge into mountainsides!

The families of victims were deceived, intimidated, even physically threatened to the extent that no one has ever filed a claim against Air New Zealand.

Where Will the Chief Conman Hide When the Next Air New Zealand Plane Crashes?

Nationalities of Air New Zealand Erebus Crash Victims

  • New Zealand: 200
  • Japan: 24
  • United States: 22
  • United Kingdom: 6
  • Canada: 2
  • Australia: 1
  • France: 1
  • Switzerland: 1

The probability remains that the next major air disaster would occur as a result of an Air New Zealand Airbus crashing into the sea [with a certainty of 0.74]

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AFTERTHOUGHT: Why did Sir Edmund Hillary, who was scheduled to act as the guide for the doomed flight 901, cancel his engagement at the last moment, asking Peter Mulgrew, his friend and climbing companion, to stand in as guide?

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Two More Foreign Tourists Viciously Attacked in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 15, 2009

Two More German Tourists Viciously Beaten and Robbed in Paihia, the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

The Germans, aged 19 and 23, were beaten about the head and robbed near Paihia School early this morning by at least three Caucasian attackers.

The muggers stole the tourists’ passports, cash, German driver’s licenses, and other personal possessions.

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board chairman Paul Gorringe says he was disappointed by the attack because his people won’t have as many tourists to fleece, in the future.

In fact there have been reports of tourists attacks in the Bay of Islands for the last three years. However most of these reports are censored by the news

Mr Gorringe was reported as saying that attacks on tourists could just as easily happen in the main street of Auckland. And of course the attacks do happen on tourists not only in the main street of Auckland, but in all parts of the country.


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A People Obsessed with Child Sex

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2009

sent by a parent in Auckland

Joshua Drummond, editor of the Waikato Student Union (WSU) magazine Nexus:

The magazine likes to push boundaries

The magazine published the “jokes” about  having “sex with infants,” “incest” and “abortion,” printed on the puzzle page of its August issue.

Although, the jokes were  described as “absolutely shocking” by a few people, they indicate the zeitgeist of New Zealand, especially its university-educated middle class.

Okay, there were about a half dozen people who expressed their disgust, but that was about it.

“Appalling and disgusting doesn’t even describe it,” said Parentline chief executive Cathy Holland.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”

“A concerned member of the public had dropped a copy of the magazine into Parentline’s Hamilton headquarters,” she was reported as saying.

“It concerns me greatly that this material is published, uncensored, with little checks and balances by either the student union or the university.

“This type of editorial is even worse than pornography and I wonder at the mentality of students to even think that this rubbish is acceptable,” Mrs Holland said.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”
[Solid proof, if anyone needed, that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.]

A teaching student said the jokes were “disgusting and sick”.

“I don’t know who in their right mind would find them funny, unless they are paedophiles themselves,” she wrote.
[She, too, hits the nail on the head.]

Most student magazines focus their jokes on making fun of colored students, with the Chinese often being the butt of their jokes.

In April, 2006, Victoria University’s Salient magazine published the “Top Five Species to be wary of,”  with the Chinese being listed as number 3, Waikato Times reported.

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Aisling Symes: Tragedy of Negligence and Incompetence

Posted by te2ataria on October 13, 2009

sent by a pious pakeha

Death NO Mystery


How Far Could a Two-Year Old Walk in One Minute?

Aisling Symes
Aisling Symes, 2, a victim of her parents negligence and the epic police incompetence. Instead of searching the next-door property, where they might have found her alive, NZ Police trumped up a bizarre scenario saying they believed she was abducted by an Asian woman. Their top officer, Inspector Davey
, went as far as telling members of the public: “There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others – and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is.”

MONDAY [Oct 5, 2009] Aisling Symes, 2, is allowed to “wander off” from a house in Longburn Rd in the Auckland suburb of Henderson into the big, dangerous world outside in freezing temperatures.

Police said Aisling was with her parents who were cleaning her grandparents’ vacant house when she vanished into thin air.

“They were just tidying up the premises and they just turned around and Aisling had gone, she had just wandered off,” Inspector Gary Davey told Radio New Zealand.

She is finally reported missing presumably by her careless parents, Angela and Alan.

The West Auckland police’s first reaction is to pin the disappearance on the Asians [Note: the usual suspect is Maori, but in this case it wouldn’t fit the “abduction-to-order” scenario.] They create a female Asian suspect.

She was in her 30s, about 165cm tall with a medium build, long straight black hair and reportedly wearing black socks with black sandals. …  She was wearing a black crew neck top, with three-quarter length sleeves, three-quarter length blue jeans, black leather sandals and black socks. … The woman had a black and grey medium sized dog on a lead.  …  She was directly behind the missing child. … She was last  seen at 5.30pm with an Asian  woman. … Police begin a search.


The word ‘black’ is repeated 7 times in the description of the female Asian [Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others,] who is wearing a double servings of leather sandals and socks!

Then Police issue appeal after appeal for the Asian woman to contact them.

More than 100 people start searching the Henderson area and the local streams looking for Aisling, the Asian woman, and the black and grey medium sized dog on a lead, instead of checking the immediate neighborhood where she was probably drowning.

TUESDAY: Fears are growing because “Aisling believed to have spent the night in the open during a storm. About 100 searchers trawl nearby waterways,” a report said.

But if they believe she was “kidnapped” by the Asian female, what makes them also believe she must have spent the night in the open?

Driven by dark forces operating in their tiny little minds, NZ Police announce that they now believe it was a case of abduction. This means the search in the streams and adjacent properties no longer continues, at least not with the same intensity.

Inspector Gary Davey, the police officer in charge of the case said police had not heard from the [fictitious] Asian woman sought [in the trumped up abduction scenario,] “urging members of the public not to limit their understanding of what Asian is.”

“There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others — and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is,” Inspector Davey said. [In fact, he was prepared to bet his pension that the abductor would be a Chinese female, a source said.]

THURSDAY: Aisling Symes’s careless parents, Alan and Angela, make an emotional appeal to the ghost abductor.

They and the Police now plead with the fictitious abductor for her safe return.

Police make yet another appeal, begging the Asian abductor  to drop Aisling off at a hospital. “If she was returned safely to a safe place the chances of her survival are greatly improved,” they say.

SATURDAY: Police finally admit they haven’t the foggiest what happened to the little girl.

SUNDAY: Inspector Gary Davey, who is as competent as a dead newt floating in a septic tank, makes a personal appeal for anyone with information about the missing girl to call him.

The broad Police Commissioner, Howard Fat, announces that a British aristocrat,  the blooming Lord Ashcroft, has offered a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the safe return of Aisling Symes.

Inspector Gary Davey finally cracks his abduction case!

MONDAY again [Oct 12, 2009] About 80 percent of New Zealand Police [farce] flock into a property backing on to the house from which Aisling wandered off, where a tiny body is found in a drain. Aisling’s parents identify the body as their child’s.

inspector gary davey
Inspector Gary Davey, Auckland Police, New Zealand. Mr Davey is as competent as a dead newt floating in a septic tank. Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Inspector Gary Davey, the police officer in charge of the case said police had not heard from the [fictitious] Asian woman sought [in the trumped up abduction scenario,] “urging members of the public not to limit their understanding of what Asian is.”  …  “There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’— Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others—and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is,” Inspector Davey said.

In fact each and everyone of the hundreds of thousands of Asians—Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several other nationalities—who live in New Zealand are still potential suspects in Mr Davey’s racist tiny little mind.

Resign, Mr Davey, or better still, put yourself out of this embarrassing misery!

The above is based on various reports from NZPA, Dominion Post and others.

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Eight More Tourists are Missing in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 13, 2009

8 Kayakers believed to be foreign tourists are missing in heavy seas off the Otago coast, New Zealand

And the Authorities reaction?

They called off a half-hearted corpse recovery search!

A helicopter briefly searched the coastline near the entrance to Otago Harbour, and headed back to its base when it failed to find any trace of the missing eight, who were spotted heading out on Sunday at Kaka Point.

“Search authorities said today without new information there was little else they could do but have appealed for information from anyone who knew the people or that they were safe and well.” A report said.

No one had been reported missing, police said.

Perhaps, they never existed. Besides, we can’t afford the costs. Search, search, search… every time a bloody stupid tourist, or eight, goes missing.

Balclutha police said the eight could have landed safely and be unaware of the fuss they had caused.

So they did exist, but they must be okay, surely, no one can survive the seas here. And since no one has found any corpses since Sunday…

“They may have made it back to their destination, to the beach, and gone on their way oblivious to the fact that there was a search operation in relation to them,” said Senior Sergeant Richard Whitmore.

“They could also be tourists who came down to this area to do what they did and now they are on the road travelling elsewhere. They may not be listening to radios, watching TVs, reading papers, who knows?”

It was “unwise” to go out in those conditions, Mr Whitmore added.

And because they were so “bloody stupid,” they don’t deserve a proper burial, hey?

Kaka Point locals who reported the eight people to rescue authorities said a strong southwesterly wind was blowing and the waves were peaking at about five metres.

Rescue Coordination Center has asked anyone who finds fresh corpses to contact the police.

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New Zealand Spits in the Face of Chinese Govt

Posted by te2ataria on October 12, 2009

sent by a reader

Chinese Students Should Boycott Auckland University

Activist to speak at university after all

Rebiya Kadeer, 62, the prominent human rights advocate and leader of the Uyghur people, is of course welcome to speak anywhere in the world.  Maori know only too well the full meaning and extent of oppression by an occupying military regime, disguised as civilian.

rebiya kadeerRebiya Kadeer, 62,is a prominent Uyghur political activist from the northwest region of Xinjiang in China. She was elected the president of the World Uyghur Congress in November 2006. Living in exile in the United States, Kadeer has been active in defending the rights of the largely Muslim Uyghur minority, who she says are systematically oppressed by the Chinese government.

Rebiya Kadeer’s meeting had originally been canceled after the Auckland university refused to allow the Greens book a lecture theater on grounds of “security concerns.” Now a two-bit law lecturer,   David Williams, says the Uighur activist’s voice must be heard and, accordingly, he has booked a classroom for the her to deliver a speech tomorrow.

New Zealand establishment loves political activists like Ms Kadeer because they can hide behind her democratic credentials. It’s no irony therefore as to why so much fuss is being made to use her as a free-speech showcase, while at the same  time systematically suppressing Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. This is nothing short of being super farcical. We are talking about a police state that sends in the paratroopers and paramilitary police to break up a gathering of a dozen people, only to criminalize them.

Overnight, they become the protector of free speech! No wonder they love Ms Kadeer so much. She is an enabler, and they are shamelessly using her political credentials to claim “normalcy” in this country. Poor Ms Kadeer. She has absolutely no idea how they are using her.

What hypocrisy, what double standards!

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