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Crook Who Bought Tonga the Doomed Ferry Was a NZer

Posted by te2ataria on November 3, 2009

sent by a disgusted pakeha [edited by TEAA]

NZer Says He Didn’t Check State of Hull When Buying Doomed Tonga Ferry

A Royal Commission of Inquiry whitewash into the sinking of the 690-ton Tongan ferry, Princess Ashika, heard from witnesses that the New Zealander who bought the boat didn’t check the state of its hull.

ashika p  1 July  2009
The Doomed Princess Ashika. Photo: Reuters, taken July 1, 2009. Image may be subject to copyright.

At least 75 people, possibly dozens more, lost their lives when the boat sank in August this year.

John Jonesse, managing director of Shipping Corporation of Polynesia (SCP) Ltd, gave evidence in Nuku’alofa, after two earlier witnesses testified to an advanced level of corrosion on the vessel, and gaping holes.

Mr Jonesse, who bought the 37-year-old ferry on behalf of the Tongan government, said he never looked into the state of the vessel’s hull.

He said his main concern was that the ferry was in a “good mechanical order” when he bought it on behalf of the Tongan government. It like buy a car without checking to see if the wheels are there.

The Royal whitewash should quit paying lip service to victims families and check the crook’s bank accounts for any large sums receive.

Pesi Fonua from Tonga’s on-line news service Matangi Tonga told Radio New Zealand International it appeared Mr Jonesse failed to seek independent advice before buying the vessel.

Questions about the ferry’s documentation had also been raised, he said.

Mr Jonesse told the commission the MV Princess Ashika was in good condition when it left Nuku’alofa on August 5 on its final voyage.

The counsel assisting the commission, Manuel Varitimos, asked if he had actually seen the evidence given by three previous witnesses, the marine engineer Mosese Fakatou and the two welders who confirmed the advanced level of corrosion, and holes on the floor and on the sides of the vessel.

Mr Jonesse said that despite the evidence of the three witnesses, which he had seen, he was adamant that the electrical and the mechanical condition of the 37-year-old ferry were in tip-top condition, which was his main concern.

Ashik aunder water
Princes Ashika sank to a depth of 110 meters about 86 Kilometers northeast of Tongan capital Nuku’alofa. ROV handout photo.

He had sighted a current survey certificate for the Ashika in the Patterson Shipping office, which had expired in June 2009, but he did not make a copy of the certificate and it had never been sighted by anyone else in Tonga.

Responding to a suggestion by Mr Varitimos that Mr Jonesse’s advice to the SCP directors that the Ashika was in good condition “was misleading and totally incorrect,” he said it was not misleading, but maybe inadequate.

Based on their trust for John Jonesse, the board members did not find it necessary to carry out a further survey of the vessel.

Responding to a suggestion by Mr Varitimos that Mr Jonesse’s advice to the SCP directors that the Ashika was in good condition “was misleading and totally incorrect”, he said it was not misleading, but maybe inadequate.

When buying an old car, you check the documentation, and get a mechanic to look it over for defects, rust, etc.  However, Mr Jonesse didn’t check for any of the documentation that should have proven the vessel was seaworthy.

According to the Lloyd’s Marine Intelligence Unit database, Princess Ashika had no current International Safety Management or International Ship and Port Facility Security code documentation.

John Jonesse bought Princess Ashika from Fiji just six weeks before it sank. Many people believe the vessel was not seaworthy.

Key individuals within the Tongan government and John Jonesse must have received a substantial “commission” for buying a rusty old boat like Princess Ashika that couldn’t even float.

Source: NZPA

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Another Top pakeha Wanted by Aussie Police

Posted by te2ataria on November 3, 2009

Thieving NZer Robert James McNeice Kept in Indonesian Jail Awaiting Extradition

McNeice, 43, was arrested in the Indonesian province of Aceh on August 12, 2008  at the request of Australian authorities. When asked what he was doing in Indonesia, he reportedly said that he was a “coffee researcher from Lincoln University (!)” 

“Oh yes,” the arresting officer had reportedly asked. “Would that be brewed or instant?” 

McNeice has since been detained at Jakarta national police headquarters. Four months ago, an Indonesian court ruled that McNeice was eligible for extradition.

McNeice is said to have ripped off two Aussies, John Symond and his nephew James, in the tune of  A$270,000 (NZ$343,00) in 2003.

It has been alleged that his “human” rights has been violated because of his 15-month detention without trial and that he “sleeps on the floor, and has suffered from a mild case of malaria, dengue fever and ongoing digestive issues from the bacteria-infected facility.”

However, the govt and their spy agency, MFAT, have let this guy down. they’ve done nothing to address the situation and ensure that he gets a speedy extradition.

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