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Yet Another Brit Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 8, 2009

British Rock Climber Killed in Central Otago, New Zealand

Matthew Byron Allison, 26, was found dead near the base of Chinaman’s Bluff, 50km northwest of Queenstown, New Zealand, yesterday.

Mr Allison’s climbing companion, James Briscall, 37, from Wanaka, was rescued without so much as a scratch, even though the two climbers were using the same rope.

The pair were said to be experienced climbers. The explanation offered is, the accident happened after a rope became entangled while the pair were making their way back down the cliff face after completing the climb.

Somehow, Mr Allison took a near 200-meter dive to the bottom, as he tried “to free the rope.”

Yet again, the Brit’s death has been described as a “freak accident.” Mr Allison’s death has been referred to the usual coroner,  blah, blah, blah … case closed.

Next visitor please!

Mr Allison was the 1,736th foreigner killed in New Zealand since 2000.

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9 Responses to “Yet Another Brit Proudly Killed in New Zealand”

  1. Laura said

    [Bitching! Edited. Moderator.]

    • te2ataria said

      If you want to say “he was a dear friend, a lively character who loved life,” and he was “a shini[n]g light to all who knew him and his loss is felt keenly,” and you say it without criticizing this blog or bitching your heart out, I’ll allow it.

      Didn’t know Matt from Adam, and have no grudges with him. In fact, it’s always a big shame when nature-loving people are lured into New Zealand and “killed,” so that Air New Zealand, faulty sports gear merchants, defective car rental outlets, flea motels, “eco-tours” operators, and all other tourist deathtraps could stay in business.

      He would have probably been still alive today had he read the contents of this blog carefully before traveling to New Zealand.

      RIP Matthew Byron Allison

  2. Jasmine said

    Matthew Was My Cousin And Im Gunna Miss You Loads Love You Forever And Ever! I Will Always Remember The Memorys I Had Of You And I Will Never Forget You xxx

  3. MARK said

    [Edited. Moderator.]

  4. te2ataria said

    Dear Sir – Had your comment conveyed a similar tone to Jasmine’s, I’d have allowed it. However, I refer you to the reply I gave Laura.

    I have reread the post and asked a number of friends to study it, too. We find it in NO way denigrating to the memory of Mr Allison.

    Mr Allison would have probably been still alive today had he read the contents of this blog carefully before traveling to New Zealand.

    TEAA and Friends

  5. MARK said

    Matt was my friend. I loved him very much. Rest In Peace my friend

  6. Jasmine said

    And Matt Was My Cousin And I Loved Him Very Much,, And Tbqh I Wish I Could Have Seen Him Before He Left For New Zealand And A Even Bigger Wish Is That He Was Still Here Now Rest In Peace Matt
    Lovee You ForEva x x x

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