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kiwi of the Week: The Necromaniac Jason Somerville

Posted by te2ataria on November 9, 2009

sent by Munro [edited by TEAA]

New Zealand: Life on the Margins of Sanity

Jason Somerville choked his wife Rebecca and neighbor Tisha Lowry to death before having sex with their corpses

kiwi of the Week: The Necromaniac Jason Somerville

Murderer Jason Paul Somerville, 33, was charged with the murder of Tisha Cecilia Lowry, 28, and  with the murder of Rebecca Sarah Chamberlain, 35. PHOTO: David Hallett/ The Press. Image may be subject tio copyright.

Murder Victim No 1. The 28 year old woman Tisha Lowry. Image may be subject to copyright.

Murder victim No 2. Rebecca Sarah Somerville , murdered in her Wainoni home, photo from her facebook page. Image may be subject to copyright.

Necromaniac murderer Jason Somerville choked his wife Rebecca Somerville and  neighbor Tisha Lowry to death before having sex with them.

Somerville, 33,  who was charged with two counts of murder after the victims’ bodies were found under the floorboards in his  Christchurch house on September 4 this year, pleaded guilty in the court this morning.

Somerville strangled Lowry until she was dead. “He then stuffed a pair of his wife’s underpants in her mouth and had sex with her.” Reports said.

“The following day, Somerville waited until his wife had gone out before again having sex with Lowry’s body, now hidden under the house.”

According to a six-page statement signed by the murder he also killed his wife by strangling her. He stuffed underpants into her mouth and proceeded  to have intercourse with her after she was dead. ‘

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4 Responses to “kiwi of the Week: The Necromaniac Jason Somerville”

  1. croxley said

    Maybe he’s just a “tool for the universe” like Brendan McMahon, another Kiwi with interesting tastes.

    • te2ataria said

      “tool for the universe,” indeed!
      For any of our foreign readers who may be wondering who, what and how, here’s a news article on Brendan McMahon:

      Rabbits case gets stranger still
      By Natasha Wallace – November 25, 2005

      His love of animals, which landed him in jail on cruelty charges, intensified after reading Genesis in the Bible.

      It became stronger still after he studied Eastern and South American mysticism. He travelled the world exploring ancient cultures, delving into the concept of the “third eye” – or non-verbal communication.

      Brendan Francis McMahon, 36, of Tamarama, who is charged with mutilating to death 17 rabbits and a guinea pig, thought he was a “tool for the universe”.

      His purpose in life was to release captive animals from pet stores, and create “safe havens” for them that were “free of predators”.

      Read more …
      Copyright © 2005. The Sydney Morning Herald.

  2. te2ataria said

    Watch out for him he would be out again!

    House of Horrors murderer jailed for life
    “Double-murderer Jason Somerville is sentenced to life imprisonment with a 23 year non-parole period for killing his wife, Rebecca Chamberlain, and neighbour, Tisha Lowry.”

  3. gary said

    [Comment disallowed because it was found to be libelous. Moderator K. ]

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