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How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …

Posted by te2ataria on November 15, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

… and New Zealand Govt Screwed the Dead Victims’ Families

Whereas an Israeli family [allegedly] received $25m for the loss of a member in New Zealand, the average Erebus victim’s family got only $25,000.

Had the case been moved to the United States the compensations would have been considerably more: “In the US life is valued very highly by juries that award damages.” Kim Murray, a junior lawyer working for the NZ govt in 1979.

  • Both Air New Zealand management and the Air New Zealand pilot who crashed the Air NZ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 were guilty of reckless misconduct.


  • The plane may have been used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers, while making it look like an accident to prevent arousing any suspicion.


Wreckage from Air New Zealand aircraft, flight TE901, littering Mt Erebus in Antarctica. The plane crashed while on a sightseeing flight, killing 257 passengers and crew. Source. Images may be subject to copyright.

  • Why did  Sir Edmund Hillary refuse to board Air New Zealand flight 901?

Maurice McGreal, a former pilot and Civil Aviation expert said: “The Erebus tragedy would never have happened if [Jack Spence] a Civil Aviation [DC-10 inspector,] scheduled to be on board that day, had made the flight.

  • Why did Jack Spence also excuse himself from flying on Air NZ flight 901?

The Mt Erebus Air NZ disaster case MUST now be re-opened outside New Zealand to find out exactly what led to the crash.

The compensation to the victims’ families must be topped up.

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8 Responses to “How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …”

  1. te2ataria said

    ‘Why’ still remains over Erebus tragedy
    Newstalk ZB November 28, 2009, 5:22 pm

    30 years on from the Erebus tragedy, a leading aviation historian says the question of ‘why’ still remains and it is clear the Erebus disaster is still as real and as controversial as it ever has been.

    Richard Waugh says between the Chippendale report, the Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Mahon report and Captain Gordon Vette’s research, Erebus is one of the best documented tragic aircraft accidents in history.

    Reverend Waugh says the question remains, how did a modern, beautiful airline go into a mountain. He says a lack of an answer is not for want of material, it is a case of where you end up on the spectrum of whether it was crew error, the airline or other factors which came together on that day.

    Reverend Waugh says from a historical perspective, all the reports together suggest the accident was not quite as simple as Mr Chippendale thought it was. He adds that the commemorative sculpture at Air New Zealand’s head office does not really cut it and we should have something which has inscribed on it the names of all 257 victims.

    The 30th anniversary of Erebus in which an Air New Zealand sightseeing flight crashed into Mt Erebus, has meanwhile been marked with ceremonies in Antarctica, Auckland and Christchurch today.

    In west Auckland a service was held where 54 of the victims are buried at Waikumete Cemetery in Glen Eden, seven others were cremated there.
    Cemetery manager Daniel Sales says the ceremony was led by the Reverend Fred Holloway, and speeches were made by mayor Bob Harvey and Air New Zealand chairman John Palmer.

    “We just want people to think that we never forget, we never forget, and the memorial’s are here for eternity and we will never forget such an awful tragedy which really just touched the whole nation.”

    A service was also held on the Antarctic ice at Scott Base to mark the Erebus tragedy. About 50 people attended, including Air New Zealand executives, relatives of victims, staff from Scott Base and McMurdo, and board members from Antarctica New Zealand.

    Air New Zealand’s general manager operations, Dave Morgan, said the airline made mistakes and let down people directly affected by the tragedy. He said that weighs heavily on current management, and he repeated the airline’s apology already made a month ago. He said sorry to those who lost a loved one, and those who did not receive compassion and support.
    A hymn was sung and tears were shed during the service, and there was much hugging and embracing when it finished.

    Moving words were spoken at the memorial for the Mt Erebus and Perpignan tragedies in Christchurch this morning. The memorial, held in an Air New Zealand hangar at Christchurch airport, coincided with the memorial at Scott Base in Antarctica.

    Reverend Lynda Patterson from Christchurch Cathedral led the service and spoke of the pain felt by all New Zealanders. She said the loss of 257 lives on Mt Erebus is stamped on the national consciousness, and left very few lives untouched.

    Reverend Patterson said lives were irrevocably changed by the two tragedies.

    The only broadcaster to cover the Erebus tragedy in Antarctica says Air New Zealand covered its tracks immediately after the crash.

    John Blumsky says Air New Zealand staff knew it was incorrect coordinates that caused the crash but took steps to protect the company. He says staff at head office shredded documents which in their opinion were not relevant to any future enquiries.

    Mr Blumsky says concern over insurance claims motivated these actions.

    Copyright details can be found at

  2. […] How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People … […]

  3. […] Two hundred and fifty-seven people were violently killed when Air New Zealand flight TE901, a DC-10 aircraft, crashed into Mt Erebus in Antarctica during a sightseeing flight on November 28, 1979. The plane took off from Auckland airport at 08:20 on 28 November, on an 11-hour turnaround sightseeing flight. But it crashed into the side of Mt. Erebus at 12:49, killing all aboard.  The real cause of the crash is still a mystery/well-guarded secret. […]

  4. Bullz said

    Air New Zealand has been named airline of the year for a second time by global aviation industry magazine Air Transport World.

    New Zealand’s national carrier also took out the top award in 2010.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/air-new-zealand-named-airline-of-the-year-20120110-1psi4.html

    They are fuckn morons. What a load of crap!

  5. te2ataria said

    Bullz –
    Obviously it didn’t occur to the “fuckn morons” that safety of the airliners are far more important than their interior design.

  6. KC said

    I visit this web site daily. Thanks!

  7. Liam said

    What are the odds flight TE901 was in fact “used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers, while making it look like an accident to prevent arousing any suspicion.”

    Is the state capable of a large-scale coverup when so many victims from multiple countries are involved?

    • Terry said

      There are far too many anomalies associated with the crash for it to pass as an “accident”. For example, two key people cancelled their plans at the last moment under suspicious circumstances and didn’t board the flight.

      As for the state’s ability to engineer “a large-scale coverup”, of course they can, and they do! Remember 9/11?

      That said, the state players’ ultimate power lies in their ability to control the narrative and hush up everyone involved, one way or the other, should leaks occur.

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