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Correction: New Zealand Among Most Corrupt Countries

Posted by te2ataria on November 18, 2009

Here We Go Again, Another Dollar-a-Lie Report by Transparency International Putz

Here’s a quiz: Find the Only FALSE Statement Below:

1. There are more cows in New Zealand than people.

2. New Zealand police force is among the most violent and corrupt police forces in the world.

3. New Zealand judiciary are among the most corrupt judiciaries in the world.

4. New Zealand is the world’s least corrupt country out of a list of 180 countries .

[Hint: The statement was repeated last year, too. See below for correct answer.]

In September 2008, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden were falsely advertised as the world’s least corrupt nations, by the same people [Transparency International.] On an ascending scale of 0  – 10,  the three countries scored 9.3, as the least corrupt countries. In 2007, New Zealand tied with Denmark and Finland for least corrupt country ranking.

In March 2009, this blog said:

The Moderator couldn’t stop laughing loud for a couple of hours, and replied

You must be bloody joking!

Transparency International, reportedly a George Soros brainchild (or is it child brain), was apparently behind that farcical misreport. [Compare with this report for legitimacy.]

Seriously, if the extreme corruption by NZ government, judiciary, military, police [and security intelligence service -sic,] NZ branches of UN organizations… the corporate fraud by companies like Fonterra … as well as the dishonest gene of perfidious pakeha could be ignored just for a moment, as impossible as it is, then of course New Zealand could appear as if it’s as little corrupted as Finland!

In case you are wondering why the Moderator indulged in a revisit, see the recent developments in the following areas:

Where Transparency International fails to back its ridiculous statement about this country being among least corrupt nations, this blog provides ample information as to why New Zealand is one the most corrupt countries in the world.

Since March this year, we have observed many other incidents of corruption all around. Search blog content. See also:

And many many more examples!

F**K Off, Transparency International

“Stemming corruption requires strong oversight by parliaments, a well-performing judiciary, independent and properly resourced audit and anti-corruption agencies, vigorous law enforcement, transparency in public budgets, revenue and aid flows, as well as space for independent media and a vibrant civil society,” said Huguette Labelle, chairwoman of Transparency International.

This blog hereby brands the discredited Transparency International as a Disinformation Pimp!

[Answer: #4. The statement ” New Zealand is the world’s least corrupt country…” is FALSE. ]

9 Responses to “Correction: New Zealand Among Most Corrupt Countries”

  1. D.R. said


    It measures public perception of corruption. If the populace is imbibing a sufficient quantity of Soma and/or the corruption is especially well “managed”, then the country will get a high rating.


    The Corruption Perceptions Index has drawn increasing criticism in the decade since its launch, leading to calls for the index to be abandoned.[6][7][8] This criticism has been directed at the quality of the Index itself, and the lack of actionable insights created from a simple country ranking.[9][10] Because corruption is willfully hidden, it is impossible to measure directly; instead proxies for corruption are used. The CPI uses an eclectic mix of third-party surveys to sample public perceptions of corruption through a variety of questions, ranging from “Do you trust the government?” to “Is corruption a big problem in your country?”

    • te2ataria said

      “If the populace is imbibing a sufficient quantity of Soma and/or the corruption is especially well ‘managed’ …”

      That’s a good analysis.
      Perhaps another way of explaining this could be this: the average citizen would behave exactly in the same way as members of the government, if they were put in a position of authority.

  2. Specs said

    There are very special Kiwis like yourself who stand heads above the rest with their refusal to allow themselves to be deluded or trampled on. They’re the ones who truly love their homeland, whatever they wish to call it and however they wish to restore it. And they’re the ones who deserve to rule it. If only.

    • te2ataria said

      If only!

      Your kind comment is appreciated. For the record, however, I don’t consider myself a kiwi. It’s not a term that I or anyone close to me invented.

      The land is to be revered, respected and cherished. The Major difference between Maori and [pious] pakeha on the issue of land is the perception of what land is: A territory to be stolen, fought for and ruled, or an extension to life — an entity like air and water without which life would be impossible.

      • Specs said

        Yes, they commodify it in the most extreme way. I don’t know how these two radically opposed frames of mind can even co-exist.

        They seem to have co-opted certain Maori attitudes and symbols in a superficial way. As a people, they do not seem to have their own soul. They are not the natural inhabitants of this area of the Earth, so maybe they left it behind when they came. But they had been Christianised long before their departure for the New World, and so lost their connection to the land as a tribe many centuries before stepping on those vessels.

        • te2ataria said

          ” I don’t know how these two radically opposed frames of mind can even co-exist.”

          Evidently, they don’t. Not naturally, at any rate.

          “As a people, they do not seem to have their own soul.”

          Institutionalized church saw to it that their souls were sucked out.

          “They are not the natural inhabitants of this area of the Earth…”


  3. Pauline said

    Dear Te2Ataria,

    You’re right as usual!

    Survey finds “alarming” level of corruption in NZ

    A global survey has revealed an “alarming” level of corruption in New Zealand with 4 percent of respondents admitting to paying a bribe in the last year.


  4. te2ataria said

    John Key, Bill English and rest of the gangsters about to rip off the taxpayers Big Time, once again.

    Quake affects big deficit
    (Newstalk ZB)
    The Government has announced a cash deficit of $15.6 billion which it says is at the outer limits of its comfort level.

    There’ll be little money in the coming years for anything with Finance Minister Bill English saying the economy’s vulnerable and can’t afford any one off shocks like another earthquake.

    Mr English delivered his Budget Policy Statement which is full of red ink and he says that means restraint all round.

    He says there’ll be no spend up in election year.
    Mr English says there can’t be a lolly scramble next year and no amount of wishful thinking will make that possible.

    EQC has built up a reserve of $16 Billion since it started operating, AND now the GANGSTERS are telling us that they have $15.6 billion cash deficit. Get it?

  5. te2ataria said

    Transparency International Finally Admits: New Zealand IS The Most Corrupt Country in the World:


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