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Correction: New Zealand Among Most Corrupt Countries

Posted by te2ataria on November 18, 2009

Here We Go Again, Another Dollar-a-Lie Report by Transparency International Putz

Here’s a quiz: Find the Only FALSE Statement Below:

1. There are more cows in New Zealand than people.

2. New Zealand police force is among the most violent and corrupt police forces in the world.

3. New Zealand judiciary are among the most corrupt judiciaries in the world.

4. New Zealand is the world’s least corrupt country out of a list of 180 countries .

[Hint: The statement was repeated last year, too. See below for correct answer.]

In September 2008, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden were falsely advertised as the world’s least corrupt nations, by the same people [Transparency International.] On an ascending scale of 0  – 10,  the three countries scored 9.3, as the least corrupt countries. In 2007, New Zealand tied with Denmark and Finland for least corrupt country ranking.

In March 2009, this blog said:

The Moderator couldn’t stop laughing loud for a couple of hours, and replied

You must be bloody joking!

Transparency International, reportedly a George Soros brainchild (or is it child brain), was apparently behind that farcical misreport. [Compare with this report for legitimacy.]

Seriously, if the extreme corruption by NZ government, judiciary, military, police [and security intelligence service -sic,] NZ branches of UN organizations… the corporate fraud by companies like Fonterra … as well as the dishonest gene of perfidious pakeha could be ignored just for a moment, as impossible as it is, then of course New Zealand could appear as if it’s as little corrupted as Finland!

In case you are wondering why the Moderator indulged in a revisit, see the recent developments in the following areas:

Where Transparency International fails to back its ridiculous statement about this country being among least corrupt nations, this blog provides ample information as to why New Zealand is one the most corrupt countries in the world.

Since March this year, we have observed many other incidents of corruption all around. Search blog content. See also:

And many many more examples!

F**K Off, Transparency International

“Stemming corruption requires strong oversight by parliaments, a well-performing judiciary, independent and properly resourced audit and anti-corruption agencies, vigorous law enforcement, transparency in public budgets, revenue and aid flows, as well as space for independent media and a vibrant civil society,” said Huguette Labelle, chairwoman of Transparency International.

This blog hereby brands the discredited Transparency International as a Disinformation Pimp!

[Answer: #4. The statement ” New Zealand is the world’s least corrupt country…” is FALSE. ]

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Another Foreigner Reported Missing in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 18, 2009

And You Thought Bermuda Triangle Was Too Far Away!

Hungarian man disappeared while kayaking in Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown police say they have been searching for a Hungarian who  disappeared while kayaking in Lake Wakatipu last Friday.

“Gellert Csaba Mudra, 41, was last seen paddling on the lake about 4.45pm Friday after hiring a kayak for one hour, Queenstown Sergeant Brian Cameron said.”

Then he rubbed the New Zealand vanishing cream all over his body, and voila!

The kayak was found floating with the paddle and lifejacket stowed inside about an hour later, and its interior was dry.

“Police have grave concerns for Mr Mudra given the light clothing worn and the relatively chilly conditions of the past few nights,” the policeman said.

Police described Mr Mudra as 185cm tall, 95kg, with short grey hair and with a “middle-aged spread.”

Mr Mudra described as an experienced kayaker was wearing wire rimmed glasses,  light blue polo shirt, beige long-sleeve woolen pullover, blue jeans and beige trainers.

At first the police said that they had not “excluded the possibility” that Mr Mudra “walked off after beaching the kayak.”

And then:

The detective said police wanted to speak with another kayaker who was in Queenstown Bay, near the Botanical Gardens, between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on Friday.

“We are pretty sure he would have seen Mr Mudra on the lake – they were only two kayakers out there at that time ,” Mr Bartlett said.

The other kayaker, also a European man, was paddling a yellow river-style craft, and driving a dark-coloured station wagon.

But finally, they changed their tune and sang the old familiar “has recently been depressed” song!

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Missing Person’s Report [Amended] by New Zealand Police Farce

Queenstown Police are appealing for help from the public in their search for a Hungarian man who went missing on Friday November 13th after failing to return a hired Kayak used in the Queenstown Bay area of Lake Wakatipu.

41yr old Gellert Csaba MUDRA, who has been living in New Zealand for the past 2 1/2 years, was last seen paddling on the Bay at about 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, having hired a Kayak for an hour.

Mr MUDRA, who was wearing a beige coloured long sleeve woollen pullover, blue jeans, beige coloured trainers and a light blue polo shirt, is an experienced Kayaker and was wearing a light blue life vest when he left the beach.

At about 6:00pm the yellow and orange Minnow brand Kayak was found floating in the middle of the Bay with the paddle tucked inside the cockpit and the Life Jacket stowed behind the seat.

The strong winds present in the area at the time indicated that the craft may have drifted from the direction of the Lake Esplanade beach area.

The interior of the Kayak was dry as was the Life Jacket.

Police and Coastguard made shoreline searches of the Queenstown Bay and Frankton Arm areas of the Lake on Friday evening and again on Saturday without locating any sign of the missing man but have not excluded the possibility that Mr MUDRA may have walked off after beaching the Kayak in the Lake Esplanade area.

Sergeant Brian Cameron of the Queenstown Police says that Police have grave concerns for Mr MUDRA given the light clothing worn and the relatively chilly conditions of the past few nights.

Mr MUDRA has lived in Queenstown together with his wife for the past 18 months and has recently been depressed about his inability to find work.

Mr MUDRA is described as being about 185cm tall with a middle aged spread weighing approximately 95kgs and has short grey hair. He is clean shaven and wears wire rimmed glasses. Mr MUDRA speaks English well but with a strong European accent.

Police will reassess their search options again on Monday morning.

Police are asking that anyone who was boating in the Queenstown Bay area at the time the Kayak was found or anyone who may have seen Mr Mudra since to contact them on 03 4411600.

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The Really Gross Visitors Who Fly to New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 17, 2009

Sent by a reader

Air travel is a significant source of the greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to the global climate change…

The visitors who fly to New Zealand are directly responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions and are therefore committing eco-terrorism.

The atrocities committed by the foreign visitors do NOT stop there. [Some of their destructive activities are cataloged on this blog. Moderator.]

So you would expect these people to be really gross and depraved individuals. And they are!

Meet Lisa Lutz, a 19-year-old female tourist.

Throw the Rabbit: Event organizer Barry Woods flings a rabbit at his Waitomo event. Photo:  Amanda Roobottom. Image may be subject to copyright.

She and a dozen or so others gathered in Waitomo on Sunday to throw rabbits.

The really sick organizer Barry Woods commented:

“Basically this was a stand against the PC brigade who think there is something wrong with what goes on in the real world.”

Yes Socrates, like war, murder, rape … and rabbit-throwing.

Then he put his environmentalist hat on his demented head:
“Why shouldn’t kids be able to see how it’s done, handle a dead animal and learn about pests which destroy the environment?”

“Miss Lutz won a trip for two on the Waitomo Riverjet and a $100 meal voucher for her throwing ability but admits to being embarrassed about the win. ‘I couldn’t believe it, I just laughed. It was very funny.’” Maryanne Twentyman of Waikato Times reported.

Let’s hope the jetboat does a Chinese somersault. EoF.

A European/UK couple on a return flight to NZ produce more CO2 than in EIGHT years of driving.

On a return flight from the United States to New Zealand, each visitor produces about 7.4 metric tons of CO2e pollution [11.1 metric tons of CO2e if flying from the US Atlantic coast]; a UK visitor produces about 17.64 metric tons of CO2.

[Note: Driving an average passenger car in the US over a year, traveling 12,500 miles (20,112 km), which burns about 581 gallons (2,200 liters) of gasoline, produces about 11,450 pounds (5.2 metric tons) of carbon dioxide. A couple on a return flight from the US to NZ produce as much CO2 as driving their car for about THREE years! A European/UK couple on a return flight to NZ produce more CO2 than in EIGHT years of driving.]

Unfortunately, three American tourists were last seen visiting the exact spot on Wellington’s Mount Victoria, where F**king “Frodo from Lord of the Rings stood looking troubled.”

Saatchi and Saatchi, the vampires of commercialism, with their corny slogans and downright dishonest tricks on “selling” New Zealand, are back, again, on the government payroll: “Our remoteness is our strength.” [Recall George Orwell’s famous slogan perpetuated by The Party: “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” ]

No Saatch & Saatch! That is false.

Your remoteness means 17.6 metric tons of CO2 pollution produced per UK visitor.

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New Zealand Govt: More Lies and Contradictions

Posted by te2ataria on November 16, 2009

sent by a reader

They Said the British Kids Were Treated Better Over Here Than in Oz!

Between 1948 and 1954 at least 549 British “child migrants” were sent to New Zealand, local news media said.

Boys from Dr Barnado’s homes for children have their first ship’s rations aboard the Largo Bay en route from Britain to Australia [dated 1923.] Photograph: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis. Source: The Guardian.  Image may be subject to copyright.

“The hundreds of children brought to New Zealand under British child migration schemes had a different fate than those sent to Australia, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says.” A report said.

“Unlike Australia, the majority of children who came here under the British migrant scheme were deliberately placed into foster care rather than into state institutions. A number of safeguards were introduced to care for the new arrivals,” she said.

But she stopped short of owning up that the same type of abuses occurred in this country, too.

In fact “the link between past and current abuse has been known for some time, and yet still our leaders wonder at the prevalence of child abuse in this country,” a commenter said.

“The New Zealand government also addressed a citizenship issue that occurred for child migrants by allowing them to apply for New Zealand citizenship at no cost.” [How awfully generous!]

Bennett’s statement came only after Kevin Rudd had finally apologized to the migrant children from Britain and Malta:

“We are sorry,” Rudd lamented. “Sorry that as children you were taken from your families and placed in institutions where so often you were abused. Sorry for the physical suffering, the emotional starvation and the cold absence of love, of tenderness, of care. Sorry for the tragedy – the absolute tragedy – of childhoods lost.”

Forgotten Australians

Rudd also apologized to the “forgotten Australians” the more than ½ million children who were placed in foster homes and orphanages between 1930 and 1970, and who were emotionally, physically and sexually abused while in state care.

Stolen Generations

Australian parliament feb 2008 Guardian Video
The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, apologized to the country’s Aboriginal population in a long-awaited speech in February 2008 at the Australian Parliament, acknowledging the “profound suffering, grief and loss” inflicted on them by decades of abuse and mistreatment. Photo: Frame grab from The Guardian Video. Image may be subject to copyright.

In February 2008 Rudd apologized to tens of thousands of Aboriginal and mixed-race children (mostly of Aboriginal mothers and European fathers), who were taken to foster homes, orphanages, or church missions between 1910 to 1970. “The ultimate purpose, it has been claimed, was the extinction of Aborigines as a distinct race.”

“For the pain, suffering and hurt of these stolen generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry,” Rudd said. “To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.

“And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.”

British Govt

The British PM Gordon Brown will offer a formal apology to the British migrant children next year. [What’s the rush, Mr Brown. Isn’t it less embarrassing if you waited long enough until everyone of them has died?]

British Government records indicate that at least 150,000 children [the true figure could be much higher] aged as young as three were forcibly removed from their parents and sent to commonwealth countries, mainly to Australia and Canada, under the so-called Child Migrant Program, between 1920 and 1967 in search of a “better life.”

“A 2001 Australian report said that between 6000 and 30,000 children from Britain and Malta, often taken from unmarried mothers or impoverished families, were sent alone to Australia as migrants during the 20th Century.” A report said.

Although the authorities claim they were acting in the children’s best interests [sic,] it’s widely believed that the migration program was intended to prevent the impoverished children from being a burden on Britain, “while supplying the receiving countries with potential workers. A 1998 British parliamentary inquiry noted that “a further motive was racist: the importation of ‘good white stock’ was seen as a desirable policy objective in the developing British Colonies.”

“A health department document drawn up for migrants’ families describes how a number of organisations, including Barnardo’s, the Salvation Army, the Children’s Society and some Catholic groups, were involved in sending children abroad.” The Guardian newspaper said.

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How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …

Posted by te2ataria on November 15, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

… and New Zealand Govt Screwed the Dead Victims’ Families

Whereas an Israeli family [allegedly] received $25m for the loss of a member in New Zealand, the average Erebus victim’s family got only $25,000.

Had the case been moved to the United States the compensations would have been considerably more: “In the US life is valued very highly by juries that award damages.” Kim Murray, a junior lawyer working for the NZ govt in 1979.

  • Both Air New Zealand management and the Air New Zealand pilot who crashed the Air NZ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 were guilty of reckless misconduct.


  • The plane may have been used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers, while making it look like an accident to prevent arousing any suspicion.


Wreckage from Air New Zealand aircraft, flight TE901, littering Mt Erebus in Antarctica. The plane crashed while on a sightseeing flight, killing 257 passengers and crew. Source. Images may be subject to copyright.

  • Why did  Sir Edmund Hillary refuse to board Air New Zealand flight 901?

Maurice McGreal, a former pilot and Civil Aviation expert said: “The Erebus tragedy would never have happened if [Jack Spence] a Civil Aviation [DC-10 inspector,] scheduled to be on board that day, had made the flight.

  • Why did Jack Spence also excuse himself from flying on Air NZ flight 901?

The Mt Erebus Air NZ disaster case MUST now be re-opened outside New Zealand to find out exactly what led to the crash.

The compensation to the victims’ families must be topped up.

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UNEP in on ‘Clean Green’ New Zealand Scam

Posted by te2ataria on November 14, 2009

UNEP dishonestly promoting New Zealand as “clean and green” despite common knowledge

You can expect tourism pimps like  Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet and Virgin Holidays promoting New Zealand as a top holiday destination, despite the road kills, extreme violence and pollution, and in the face of the environmental devastation caused by the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of foreigners on our shores, but the rubber stamping by UNEP is nothing short of scandalous.

deadly fish
Deadly fish have been found washed up on the Petone foreshore, prompting a warning to the public to steer clear of them.  Photo: PHIL REID/The Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

Here’s what Fred Pearce of The Guardian wrote in New Zealand was a friend to Middle Earth, but it’s no friend of the earth earlier:

But my prize for the most shameless two fingers to the global community goes to New Zealand, a country that sells itself round the world as ‘clean and green.’” —Fred Pearce, The Guardian.

“New Zealand secured a generous Kyoto target, which simply required it not to increase its emissions between 1990 and 2010. But the latest UN statistics show its emissions of greenhouse gases up by 22%, or a whopping 39% if you look at emissions from fuel burning alone.”

In response to which NZ Green Party co-leader Russel Norman hastily walked out of his cocoon momentarily and said:

“It looks like the rest of the world is catching on to New Zealand’s dirty little secret.”

FEWW has posted Small Country, Big ‘Dirty Little Secret’ on their blog which makes interesting reading.

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Another Asian Woman Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 13, 2009

Asian Woman Killed in Brooklyn Suburb of Wellington

Ling Phang, 42, believed to be a Malaysian national, was hit by a bus in Wellington, New Zealand, while out jogging this morning.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Brooklyn Road and Washington Ave at about 8.30 am today.

The victim, who was hit by “the Go Wellington bus,” was eventually taken to Wellington Hospital. By the time she arrived there she was in a critical condition, and reportedly died a short time later.


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Censorship in New Zealand?

Posted by te2ataria on November 13, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

So What’s New?

When a corrupt justice system disallows a father to grieve

Under instructions from the scumbag Justice Judith Potter, police forced the father of murder victim Sophie Elliott (she was stabbed 216 times) to read a heavily censored version of his victim impact statement to her killer in court.

Gil Elliott
Gil Elliott, the murder victim’s father. Photo: Sharron Bennett/ Nzh. image may be subject to copyright.

“Gil Elliott has revealed police gave him a statement with entire sections crossed out with a marker pen at the judge’s request the night before Clayton Weatherston’s sentencing.” NZHerald said.

“Gil Elliott has revealed police gave him a statement with entire sections crossed out with a marker pen at the judge’s request the night before Clayton Weatherston’s sentencing.”

Mr Elliott is understandably angry about the censorship because, he says, “most of what was taken out was innocuous in a legal sense but very important to Sophie’s family.”

Sophie Elliott
Sophie Elliott was stabbed 216 times.

A law-abiding citizen, he didn’t want to be held in contempt by just ignoring the censorship and reading the statement, anyway.

He says the statement, on which he had worked for 18 months,  didn’t contain any personal abuse nor any hint as to what sentence the murderer Weatherston should get.

“Mr Elliott was particularly disappointed he could not address some of Weatherston’s claims during the trial, particularly that Sophie attacked him first with scissors.” The report said.

“They were lies. I wanted Clayton to hear that from my mouth. I wanted his mother to hear that. I wanted the media to hear it – but they would not let me say it.” Mr Elliot said.

The Murder Weapon

murder weapon
The scumbag New Zealander, Clayton Weatherston (inset), used the knife (pictured) to  kill Sophie Elliott last year – Exhibit No.2 in the High Court at Christchurch. Photo: DEAN KOZANIC/The Press. Photo may be subject to copyright.

But that’s the whole point. If Gil Elliott was allowed to challenge the murderer’s lies, which the prosecution clearly failed to do, it would have looked even more ridiculous, leaving the evil judge without a single excuse for passing only an 18- year sentence on one of their own for the frenzied murder.

The Murderer  (another scumbag kiwi elite)

Clayton Robert Weatherston
Top pakeha scumbag. Former Otago University tutor Clayton Robert Weatherston. Weatherston was ordered to stand trial after a depositions hearing midway through last year at which 17 witnesses gave evidence. Photo: CHRIS SULLIVAN/Fairfax. Image may be subject to copyright.

“How dare Clayton Weatherston think he had the right to kill Sophie and deprive us of her future, watching her grow and mature into her chosen career. And maybe have a loving relationship with someone who respected her for who she was, not someone who could abuse and manipulate her for their own ends.” One of the passages which the evil judge censored from the impact statement read by Sophie Elliott’s father Gil at the murderer’s sentencing.

Only 18 years for 216 stabs? That’s right the evil murderer receives less than 31 days for each fatal stab wound he delivered to the victim.

The most troublesome aspect of this sham trial and fools’ sentencing charade is that the murderer would be out in less than 6 years!

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Aussie MP: NO Automatic Entry for kiwis

Posted by te2ataria on November 12, 2009

kiwis are Bad News!

Aussie MP, Kelvin Thomson, wants to limit the number of kiwis in OZ

He says there should be no automatic right of entry to Australia for [“bloody”] kiwis.

“To reach a net overseas annual migration target of 70,000, the number of automatic places available for New Zealanders needs to be restricted to the number of departures from Australia over and above 25,000,” Thomson said.

He wants to “re-negotiate” Trans-Tasman Travel arrangement so as to prevent so many New Zealanders settling in Australia. he wants New Zealanders to  compete for skilled migrant openings together with other nationalities.

According to Thompson, 47,780 Kiwis migrated to Australia in 2008-09—a near threefold increase from 16,364 just 6 years ago.

“This open-ended, uncapped program makes it impossible for Australia or New Zealand to implement a population policy and it needs to be reformed,”  Thomson said.

“He said Australia needs to get New Zealand to look at their population capacity ‘rather than simply acting as an overflow for surplus population.'” According to a report.

“Mr Thomson also proposed limiting the overall numbers of people arriving as skilled migrants, and as part of the family reunion scheme. He also proposed increasing the refugee quota.”

He believes Australia should stabilize its population at 26 million and to achieve that target migrations should be capped at 70,000 people a year.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, on the other hand,  supports a “big Australia,” opposing  limits on immigration numbers.

“I make no apology for that. I actually think it’s good news that our population is growing. I think it’s good … for our national security long term, it’s good in terms of what we can sustain as a nation,” said   Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

This blog had previously suggested in Evil Karma

A Warning to Australians:

Apartheid kiwis may be about to receive a one-finger salute from God!

To avoid a nightmare scenario, Australians are well advised to demand pakeha bring their own food and drink, and hold the lot of them in quarantine in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania!

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Ramming War Propaganda Down Your Throat

Posted by te2ataria on November 11, 2009

sent by a reader in the UK [Edited by TEAA]

The war mechanics have it in for you!

Ramming the War Dildo Down Your Throat and Up Your Tushi

Whether they are selling you war with the boobs on tanks gimmicks, the pathetic ANZAC Day way, or through the Armistice nostalgia crap, the war mechanics have you hooked by your private parts.

the war dildo - boobs on tanks
Ramming the War Dildo Up Your Tushi: By Hooks, Crooks and Massive Boobs!
Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world’s biggest breasts, sits on a tank, selling the occupation war in Afghanistan during the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade along Queen Street [September 23, 2009.] Photo by David Rowland/NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Take the latest outrage, an affront to sanity and human dignity!

Students have been asked to write speeches about war in the Cyril Bassett VC Speech Competition. The prize is a trip to Gallipoli. This time it’s a return trip. The next time, it would be one way without so much as a VC cross.

Corporal Cyril Bassett, who received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli Corporal Cyril Bassett received the VC for his bravery under fire at Gallipoli. Some of his 2,271 dead comrades got wooden crosses, and 4,752 others who were wounded got f**k all, presumably because they weren’t as brave as him.

This writer’s grandfather got £5 for losing his brother to WWII  (and NO medals).

The competition is named after the first New Zealander to win a Victoria Cross for bravery in World War I. Corporal Bassett, VC, reportedly “braved intense enemy fire at Chunuk Bair on the Gallipoli Peninsula several times to repair communications lines.”

How do we know that? War historians… ok … . Well, to be honest with you …

Why did he go to war in the first place? The Ottoman soldiers were advancing in … err… on Otago!

To tell you the truth, everybody was fighting those days. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq. Isn’t the enemy still fighting us there even today?

“It was just that I was so short that the bullets passed over me”, He later said, reluctant to talk about his VC.  “All my mates ever got were wooden crosses.”

Some 8,556 New Zealand soldiers landed at Gallipoli, of whom 2,721 were killed and 4,752 wounded. But only one man won the VC jackpot prize. Presumably, the rest of them were considered not brave enough to win a prize because they refused to risk their lives for their slave masters.

“Too bad they were slaughtered in trenches like chickens in a coop,” a certain politician might have been heard saying, “they had the option to die like real men!”

What an insult to the 7, 473 dead and wounded in the Gallipoli Campaign. They didn’t get even a lollipop consolation prize. It was almost as bad as molesting the secondary school students with the war dildo.

Why the school war speech competition?

Honorable mention for anyone who gets this one right!

[Hints: An old Chinese psychological system of influencing the mind, which was successfully reintroduced in N. Vietnam on American POWs. You become what you write about. Also a trick used by marketing firms for deep-branding.]

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Killed in New Zealand: 2nd Dutch National in 3 Days

Posted by te2ataria on November 10, 2009

Second Dutch National Killed in New Zealand in 3 Days

A 29-year-old Dutch national was killed in a 2-vehicle head-on collision north of Greymouth, New Zealand this morning.

Police earlier identified the victim of New Zealand Death Roads and defective vehicles as Helene Roosen.

Ms Roosen wrote in her on-line travel blog that she left Holland in 2007 to travel the world. She managed to stay alive in various places for two years, until arriving in Westport, New Zealand in August 2009, where her NZ Death Clock finally stopped.

Ms Roosen was reportedly applying for New Zealand residency, which she’ll no longer need.

It’s believed that her car went out of control on State Highway 6 at Rapahoe at about 8.20am, colliding head-on with a truck. She suffered fatal head and internal injuries in the “full frontal” impact crash and died at the scene, police said.

A Foreigner is Murdered/Killed in New Zealand Every Two Days  (9-year average)

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New Zealand Kills another Flying Dutchman

Posted by te2ataria on November 10, 2009

Michael Joseph Rozijn, 29, a young father from Holland, was killed after falling 60 meters onto rocks

It’s believed that Mr Rozijn was killed after falling from a tree branch onto rocks below at a cliff near Tapeka Pt, north of Russell in the Bay of Islands early Saturday morning.

“All we can say is that he has fallen and by the time the emergency services had located him he was dead,” Senior Sergeant Peter Robinson of Kerikeri police said.

Mr Robinson said the incident occurred early on Saturday, however paramedics got to him just before midnight on Saturday, a St John Ambulance spokesman said

It’s not known why it took the police and paramedics so long [nearly 24 hours] to get to him, or whether Mr Rozijn’s life could have been saved had they got to him earlier.

Mr Rozijn leaves behind a wife and a young child.

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NZers Happy with their Police Farce?

Posted by te2ataria on November 10, 2009

with thanks to the contributors for their input – TEAA

Only If an Independent Survey Says So!

On the same day that a former Christchurch policeman goes on trial for extorting free sex from a prostitute, and a criminologist asks for an investigation into low conviction rates for drink-drive police officers, an INDEPENDENT survey says 72 percent of the 8,471 people questioned said they had “full” or “quite a lot” of trust in the police.

For the foreign readers who are unfamiliar with the mafia-like conduct of the government and its police farce in New Zealand, here’s what the word INDEPENDENT could mean over here:

Definition of INDEPENDENT in New Zealand:

1. INDEPENDENT means independent of truth.
2. It also means INDEPENDENT of  proper procedure.
3. The operators are related to the ‘elite families,’ secret societies, the PM, other government ministers, various commissioners, or permanent MPs.
4. It means INDEPENDENT of, and in spite of reality.
5. Regardless of the actual findings, and recorded results.
6. Probably cost more than a few hundred thousand dollars.
7. INDEPENDENT survey was conducted outside a police charity ball.
8. Respondents didn’t speak English.
9. Surveyors made the whole thing up.
10.  Copied forged input sent in by ghost readers at Lonely Planet and  Condé Nast Traveler.

Nathan Thorose Connolly, a former Christchurch policeman, went on trial at the High Court in Christchurch today, charged with forcing a prostitute to have free sex with him on the backseat of his patrol car.

No patrol car? I’d say you’d be pushing it a bit, bro, without a backseat! [NZ Police Motorcycle, licensed under the terms of the cc-by-2.0. source:  NZ Police Motorcycle ]

Your Money, or Sex for Free!

Connolly N
The Scumbag Cop
Nathan Connolly. Source One News. Image may be subject to copyright.

Connolly, a traffic unit cop,  searched the police computer at Christchurch Central Police Station for the prostitute’s details and later pulled the woman over as she was driving home. He threatened her with a $1,000-worth of fines for driving an unwarranted and unregistered vehicle.  [In New Zealand only the car rental outlets can provide unwarranted, unregistered and defective cars for hire.]

He then drove her in his marked police car to a cemetery in Belfast area of Christchurch to have sex, instead of ticketing her.  The free sex continued for about a year.

Is Nathan Connolly the same scumbag featured also in NZ Police Farce [Brownheads] ?

Back to the forged police satisfaction survey

The survey found 79 percent of people who had had contact with the police were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of the “police service.”

According to the police magazine Ten One, the satisfaction factor was 80 percent in the previous year. [Connolly forgot to threaten the prostitute about answering surveys?]

Why Do Police Get Away with Drink Drive?

Meanwhile, a “leading criminologist,” Greg Newbold, is calling for an independent review into how more than two-thirds of police officers prosecuted for drink-driving since 2006 have escaped conviction.

The Dominion Post reported yesterday that only 31 percent of the police officers prosecuted for drink-driving have been convicted since 2006.

“The average conviction rate for drink-drivers during the same period was more than 95 per cent, compared with [only 31  per cent]  for police officers. ”

Greg Newbold was quoted as saying that  he was stunned by the low police convictions, and that he felt there should be an independent investigation to allay the public fears about the police and judicial system.

“If they [the public] think the police are getting away with crimes that the average citizen doesn’t get away with, I think it does a lot of damage to the police. It does a lot of damage to the judicial system.”

Police Minister Judith Collins said yesterday that she could not comment on the judiciary but “I would expect that each case would be presented to the courts in the same way it would for any other defendant.”

The scumbag judges who belong to various secret societies invariably let the police officers and other members of their groups  off the hook. See: A Personal Message to Judge Eddie Paul]

Police  lied when saying that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false

Dr Kim McGregor, of Rape Prevention Education, said a separate survey in 2006 found that only 9 per cent of all sexual offences were reported to the police ,”  … this contrasted with the police saying to the researchers that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false.

“Survivors are fearful of not being believed,” she said. “If that quote reflects a proportion of police views, then that is a great concern.”

Here’s an unmistakable, worsening pattern of systematic abuse by the New Zealand police force and judiciary against members of the public.

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kiwi of the Week: The Necromaniac Jason Somerville

Posted by te2ataria on November 9, 2009

sent by Munro [edited by TEAA]

New Zealand: Life on the Margins of Sanity

Jason Somerville choked his wife Rebecca and neighbor Tisha Lowry to death before having sex with their corpses

kiwi of the Week: The Necromaniac Jason Somerville

Murderer Jason Paul Somerville, 33, was charged with the murder of Tisha Cecilia Lowry, 28, and  with the murder of Rebecca Sarah Chamberlain, 35. PHOTO: David Hallett/ The Press. Image may be subject tio copyright.

Murder Victim No 1. The 28 year old woman Tisha Lowry. Image may be subject to copyright.

Murder victim No 2. Rebecca Sarah Somerville , murdered in her Wainoni home, photo from her facebook page. Image may be subject to copyright.

Necromaniac murderer Jason Somerville choked his wife Rebecca Somerville and  neighbor Tisha Lowry to death before having sex with them.

Somerville, 33,  who was charged with two counts of murder after the victims’ bodies were found under the floorboards in his  Christchurch house on September 4 this year, pleaded guilty in the court this morning.

Somerville strangled Lowry until she was dead. “He then stuffed a pair of his wife’s underpants in her mouth and had sex with her.” Reports said.

“The following day, Somerville waited until his wife had gone out before again having sex with Lowry’s body, now hidden under the house.”

According to a six-page statement signed by the murder he also killed his wife by strangling her. He stuffed underpants into her mouth and proceeded  to have intercourse with her after she was dead. ‘

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Nominating Christchurch, New Zealand as the ‘Necromaniac Capital of the World’

Cast your vote in the comments section!

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Yet Another Brit Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 8, 2009

British Rock Climber Killed in Central Otago, New Zealand

Matthew Byron Allison, 26, was found dead near the base of Chinaman’s Bluff, 50km northwest of Queenstown, New Zealand, yesterday.

Mr Allison’s climbing companion, James Briscall, 37, from Wanaka, was rescued without so much as a scratch, even though the two climbers were using the same rope.

The pair were said to be experienced climbers. The explanation offered is, the accident happened after a rope became entangled while the pair were making their way back down the cliff face after completing the climb.

Somehow, Mr Allison took a near 200-meter dive to the bottom, as he tried “to free the rope.”

Yet again, the Brit’s death has been described as a “freak accident.” Mr Allison’s death has been referred to the usual coroner,  blah, blah, blah … case closed.

Next visitor please!

Mr Allison was the 1,736th foreigner killed in New Zealand since 2000.

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