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‘Police’ Assassins Demand Permanent ID Suppression

Posted by te2ataria on December 1, 2009

Sent by a reader

Brothers in Murder

Halatau Naitoko Murderers Too Afraid to Show their Faces

If you followed the cold-blooded London assassination of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes by secret police executioners, you would know what this is about.

Menezes’s body shown lying on the floor of a London underground carriage, after he was shot at least Ten times in the head and once in the shoulder by British secret police assassins from the so-called CO19 and SO19 units. Photo: ITN. Image may be subject to copyright.

Jean Charles de Menezes was ‘mistaken’ for a terrorist and was shot at least [TEN] times in the head and once in the shoulder at close range, execution style, by at least two police executioners using hollow point bullets. A senior police source said that Menezes’s body had been ‘unrecognisable.’”

Halatau Naitoko killed because of his skin colour, too

Halatau Naitoko, 17, seen here with his daughter, Hemo, was murdered by police assassins during a pursuit of a bag snatcher.

Now the special military unit officers who shot dead Halatau Naitoko in January after chasing a petty thief who had snatched a handbag,  “are going to unprecedented lengths, including requesting to use a Darth Vader-style voice distorter in court, to keep their identity a secret.

The two assassins, identified only as Officers A81 and A84,  say they fear being ‘paraded’ before the media and Halatau Naitoko’s family, their lawyer in the High Court at Auckland said last week.

“Their lawyer proposed they be allowed to give evidence to a coronial inquest from a side-room using a ‘surrogate witness’ or use a Darth Vader-style device to disguise their voices.” A report said.

The two coward shot Mr Naitoko, 17, and killed him on a motorway in Auckland on January 23, 2009.

The inquest into Mr Naitoko’s shooting was adjourned last week to allow the two cowards to “challenge a court ruling forcing them to take the stand. Their lawyer, Todd Simmonds, said the coroner’s request would mean ‘parading them before a courtroom’ packed with media and family.”

The reality is unless the two assassins identities were kept secret, their future murder missions would be jeopardized.

“Naitoko family lawyer Colin Pidgeon QC said it was important the officers gave evidence in open court. Campaigners and experts questioned yesterday why the two officers should be given special treatment.”

“Louise Nicholas, the complainant in a rape case against three former police officers, who were all acquitted, said the two officers were obliged to ‘front up’ to the inquest.” The Dominion Post reported.

Stephanie Cook, 17, and daughter Hemo, 2, visit Halatau Naitoko’s grave every Sunday, where they sing and talk to him. Photo: Janna Dixon/ NZHerald. Image may be subject to copyright.

“They are the ones that were there as the incident played out … and the coroner and the family needs to hear all the facts.

“I appreciate that, where the armed offenders are concerned, they do have the need for anonymity but not in a situation like this … I’m sorry but these guys do need to front up for the sake of the family.”

Scott Optican, associate professor of law at the University of Auckland, was quoted by the Dominion Post as saying that  based on the presumption of open justice, the  officers should be expected to give evidence in an open court.

“The witnesses in any high-profile case are paraded in front of spectators, that’s what open justice is.”

However,  the assassins’ lawyer, Mr Simmonds, argued that an existing name suppression order was insufficient to “secure their anonymity”.

“We don’t need to see either witness or hear their natural voices in order to fully satisfy the … purposes of the coronial inquest. These officers are not on trial.”

Mr Naitoko’s widow, Stephanie Cook said she attended the hearing but found it “very hard” to stay long. She said the police shooters were “gutless” for seeking secrecy.

“If you shoot somebody you should have to face whatever comes to you. Why should they be treated any differently? Just because you are the police, the law shouldn’t change.

“Hala wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was driving past, minding his own business. He was just doing his job trying to make money for our family. Whoever shot him should stand up and be accountable like anybody else.”

The inquest was adjourned until March 1, 2010 while the matter was considered.

For a list of “The 3 Options” proposed to protect the assassins, click here.

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