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The Pointless, the Sickening and the Laughable

Posted by te2ataria on December 2, 2009

Sent by a Jewish Reader

You Guessed it Right! It’s the Corrupt New Zealand Judiciary, Again!

The Pointless:

A formal complaint has been lodged against Court of Appeal judge Justice Bill Wilson over his failure to remove himself from a case where he had a business relationship with one of the lawyers involved.

Justice Wilson sat on a 2007 case even though he was involved in a business partnership the defense lawyer, lan Galbraith QC.

The Sickening and Sad

The Supreme Court has already ruled that Justice Wilson was naughty but will not be “castrated,” or even hung by his private parts.

Attorney General Chris Finlayson reluctantly admitted that the Judicial Conduct Commissioner, [Wellington lawyer] Sir David Gascoigne, had received a complaint about the case.

The Laughable

Attorney General Chris Finlayson later added that the commissioner will determine whether the matter should be

  • Dismissed
  • Referred to the Dame Sian Seerpoohi Elias, GNZM, QC, the Israel-First, Anti-American Chief Justice, or
  • Or a Judicial Conduct panel be set up to conduct an inquiry [which might recommend circumcision instead of castration.]

The Pointless, the Sickening and the Laughable

3 Responses to “The Pointless, the Sickening and the Laughable”

  1. Laszlo said

    Despite submitting a complaint in January that a High Court Judge committed perjury to arrive at a predetermined outcome I have had no response from the JCC.This is despite it being a requirement of the Act that a complaint must be acknowledged once it is received.

    The perjury on the part of the Judge is irrefutable as the facts are clear and taken from the Courts own documents.

    Perjury by a Judge is a fit matter for the JCC to consider.

    The consistency of that Judges perverting the course of justice with further perjured findings in earlier arriving at a Decision are consistent with my complaint.

    Our experience with the New Zealand legal/local government and oversight system (Ombudsman) is that it is the most corrupt and self serving this side of Burma.

    We may be the victims and therefore have a somewhat biased view of the system,but when a Judge states black is white that bias becomes meaningless.

  2. te2ataria said

    “Our experience with the New Zealand legal/local government and oversight system (Ombudsman) is that it is the most corrupt and self serving this side of Burma.”

    A++ for observation. An English colleague once said if New Zealand was a democracy, he preferred Britain’s “Zionist Theocracy.”

  3. Chris said

    Finally one honest Justice out of the NZ Judiciary cesspit !!!
    – New Zealand High Court judge Lowell Goddard is so honest … she has been appointed as the head of a new inquiry into historical child sex abuse in England and Wales.
    Her background …

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