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kiwi soldier stabbed comrade testing murder skill

Posted by te2ataria on December 4, 2009

sent by a reader in New Zealand’s murder capital II (Christchurch)

Isn’t Murder What the Army Trained Me for?

If I Could Kill a Fellow Solider, I Could Kill Anyone for the Army!

A teenage soldier who tried to stab his sleeping comrade to death at the Tekapo Military Camp said he thought if he could murder a friend he could kill anyone Army told him.

Logan Hodgson stabbed his 19-yo comrade  several times as he lay sleeping on June 26, last year.

Sheep As Soldiers (SAS). I carry my pocket knife in my helmet, don’t you go messing around looking in my back pocket. Source. Image may be subject to copyright.

The night of the attempted murder,  Hodgson  opened the blade of his pocket knife and stood near the bunk watching his comrade sleep.

“He then tried to stab him in the throat, to sever his vocal cords and stop him crying out. He hesitated as he was about to stab and the victim stirred and rolled over.” A report said.

Hodgson stabbed the other solider in the face and arms, then ran out of the camp breaking into a rabbiters’ shack near State Highway 8, “where he stole civilian clothing, a sleeping bag, towel, biscuits, and a bottle of lemonade. He moved on and slept on the ground in a stand of trees. ”

After he was arrested the police said, “he regretted hesitating while standing over the victim and that had he not done so, he would have achieved his purpose.

“Frustrated at his hesitation, he stabbed at the victim randomly, until he awakened and cried out for help.”

Hodgson pleaded guilty today to charges of attempted murder and burglary in the High Court at Christchurch.

Calling for a pre-sentence report (was the guy deranged before signing up, or just the routine mind-control stuff), Justice Graham Panckhurst remanded Hodgson in custody for sentencing on December 16.

It’s not known how Hodgson could be sentenced, while those who trained him for murder, the NZ Military, could walk free to train more murderers.

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