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Merely reflecting the social psyche

Posted by te2ataria on December 12, 2009

We neither manufacture hatred, nor spread any

The Blog merely reflects the mayhem at the ‘animal farm’

Reader 1234 wrote:

while it is your right to express your own opinion i hope that you realize that when you spread hate, hate is all you will receive in return and eventually that hate will eat you up. have you ever thought about using the time and energy you put into writing snarky comments on the internet, on trying to implement real, beneficial change in your community?

The Blog Reply:

This website does not spread anymore hate than does the government (the upper echelons of pakeha community, military, judiciary, police, politicians, national media), if indeed any.

The blog merely reflects the activity at the “animal farm.”

For your information, 80% of the blog contributors are “pious pakeha” who are fed up with status quo, a sick system laden with oppression, tyranny and injustice.

  • NZ PM, John Key,  accelerates from $0 to $50 million (possibly $80million) in 20 years
  • Maori from abundance to abject poverty in 170 years
  • pakeha from $0 to minus ($60,000) in about 20 years
    [Bill English’s doctored figure for 2008 national debt was $45,000 per person.]

If reading this blog doesn’t help the foolish foreign tourists/ immigrants in search of paradise (who end up in the kingdom of heaven instead), my community and yours to wake up to the ground realities in New Zealand, then nothing will.

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One Response to “Merely reflecting the social psyche”

  1. W.B. said

    Wrong H word. The word is HONESTY. This country is such a sham it is beyond redemption.

    Hope the blog is secure enough to be posting on. I noticed it remembered me from last time and it never did that before!

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